Abril 6, 2007

INSOMNIAC POST: Celebrity Blogs of the Local Kind

Posted in Opinions, review, Showbiz Sa 2:40 umaga ni naksd

Well since hindi naman pasukan at Libre nga ang Dial-up ko at this time of the day. Sige, Practice sa Call Center (?) ito (???)

Earlier on my post, i have complained on the number of “New” items that show up on my Google Reader. I have Killed them and replaced with these Celebrity Blogs:

Jewel Mische:


(Feed Address: http://starstruck.igma.tv/blogs/jewel/index.php?/feeds/index.rss2 )

Surprised ako na Buhay pa itong Blogsite na ito which is hosted at igma.tv
I like what she is posting on her blogsite, the kind of info you would like to read on those kind of blogsite where celebs ang nag-popost without them getting way too personal to the point na open na masyado ang sarili nila.

sana Mai-host nya yung Blog nya on blogger or WordPress (WordPress nalang para masaya!)

KC Concepcion:


(feed address: http://kooki.multiply.com/feed.rss )

Sumikat itong blog na ito noong nag-kita sila ng Dad nya sa States (San Francisco, CA, USA).
She Posts life as a Student and i read it once in a while.

Francis Magalona


(feed address: http://francismagalona.multiply.com/feed.rss )

Dito naman, ipinopost nya about his hobbies and Music Scene happenings. Pero i want to comment on this post of his:

X-BOX 360 (http://francismagalona.multiply.com/reviews/item/48)

“E-71- 3 Rings of Death…I’ve had my first (Nov 2005) machine conk out on me in less than a year, got mine Jan of 2006 and the machine died, Dec of the same year. So after constant hanging and no-playing (I’ve played with this machine less than 15 times) it suddenly said E-71 on the tv screen.”

Click on the link to the original post for more. Basically, true nga yung mga cases na “sirain” ang XBOX 360. Even With 2 machines that he bought, sira! Hintayin ko nga kung ano ang mangyayari sa XBOX 360 ng cousin ko somewhere else if it also breaks (if tama ang rinig ko, not the orginal XBOX which is Stable and Highly-Hackable which is another post in itself if i did a feature on one!)


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