Mayo 5, 2008

Enough already, moving on, nothing to see here, this is already an archive piece (and im talking about Miley)

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(editors note: This post was supposed to be for last week, but since new stuff happened and it would be a shame to trash what is written for that day, so i recycled it and made it relevant.)

Its day 8 for Miley’s nightmare at the Vanity Fair (Copyright by “naksd”) and the news does seem to calm down and as a result, there isnt new candids for miley taken by the photogs or ordinary folk. There is no news about her before and whats she is up to and i heard that Mickey Mouse (Disney) ordered her and the gang to stay low and dont show up until this whole thing is back to normal and we can see her again. well, last weekend or so, she went to Disney World over at Florida (will go there after i tackle Disneyland) to “participate” at the Disney Channel Games, but not as a team member of any team but just to perform her new album pieces which after this blogger finishes posting what you are reading now, will go on the net to listen to the new songs so i wont tell yet if they are good or not.

Ok, that Backless pic is my Cellphone wallpaper and im used to it, but its cropped just to see Miley’s Face up to like 1/8’ths of her body.

i wanted to see her, back in action (no pun intended) away from this mess and i would say, lets move on. This is no more than a “Protein Spill” over at Disneyland (look it up!, “Inside the Magic” Podcast is where i heard that) but made by an actress and people have all the ammo they can throw at her. When she is Physically hurt, quits showbiz or worse, then we really be worried.

More of this and less of that!

(insert video of Miley and Mandy)

Hey, any mention of GTA IV over the news? Overshadowed by Miley eh? I would not play it when my cousins are awake. Im still annoyed by the fact that in the Philippines, GTA is treated as a kids game and i see kids as young as 5 playing it mistaken to Gran Turismo.

The Slacker Portable Radio, i got it already but im having a headache using USB to update the songs and almost wrecked the office network due to Internet connection sharing, but using the devicescape feature and i have a monthly subscription to a network of wifi hotspots since no DSL at home and cannot use Cellphone data on some internet things, i was glad that the slacker connected to mcdonalds (cheaper than Starbucks and brighter lights too!) and is now updating the songs and channels as im typing this. i read on forums that it sounds like XM radio, yipes! But that was on earlier units, i also read that SQ increased over time and i would say again, AAC-HE V2 sounds better than WMA or any other below 128kbit solution out there. And the unit does not dissapoint, the tracks have very good stereo separation and they dont exhibit a lot of compression artifacts unlike the dreaded XM radio. Search this blog for my short review of AAC-HE V2. For the record, XM uses AAC-HE V1 but the bitrates are too low even for AAC-HE V1 at 32 to 40 kbps, the target bitrate In my opinion for V1 is 64kbps to sound like a 128kbps MP3, and Slacker for the portable uses AAC-HE V2 at around 40kbps.

Some other things on the Slacker radioas a service, if you create a station instead of using the pre-made stations, expect a lot of repeats that i thought they were too thoughtful to repeat songs that i like but its annoying so i just loaded a lot of pre-made stations and just left 2 stations that i made myself, i KIIS Clone and a Radio Disney Clone that does not play any Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Songs! Darn Licensing, though the Song “See You Again” plays on the KIIS clone i did. Slacker, please dont crash and burn!

Oh boy! They are talking about the successors to Miley Cyrus already!

For example, Selena Gomez. I look at her as the Contra-Miley, she can do 99% of the stuff Miley can do and if the mouse really wants, they can develop Selena and her show “Wizards of Waverly Palace” to overtake “Hannah Montana” in kids hearts (and mine). She also uses youtube to have a show with Demi Lovato who i dont know much about her so i dont care!.

Aly & AJ, are you kidding me! They are a different league and i dont see them as “Miley Replacements!”

And watch out for Demi Lovato and those Jonas Brothers when the movie “camp rock” premieres, i have no idea if they can crush HSM or HM.

darn it, now im thinking if Miley did the shoot because she wanted to or she was tricked by that Annie “Le-boo-boo” (dunno her real last name), just watch the April 30 airing of the tonight show by Jay Leno’s monologue on (i think its available there) or your favorite internet video site and he made fun of Annie in relation she wanted to “undress” Queen Elizabeth! Words cant describe what i saw tonight, i was laughing off the floor and jay leno did not make fun of Miley, he is good to her.

Back to Annie the photog which i still dont remember her last name, she actually did some wholesome shots of celebs for Disneyland/Disney World which is ironic since Disney was quite angry with the VF Photos, see here (insert photos of annie for Disney)

Ok, enough of the Backless issue already and can we talk about when she will be perky like the past couple of weeks? If only i met her in those times at the coffee shop and out and about in town…

Now im happy that i can use the internet anywhere there is a hotspot that i have been paying for already instead of $2.95 to an insane $10.00 per session! Monthly is cheaper and im on a no contract subscription is this will be temporary and when we get back DSL at the house, i might use free wifi hotspot use or a small add-on that they offer if they have it.


Abril 30, 2008

My three years of liking Hilary Duff So much and how this applies in todays Miley World.

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My three years of liking Hilary Duff So much and how this applies in todays Miley World.

I got a confession to make, im quite obsesssed in meeting these young beautiful celebs and then following them along as they grow up. Now dont creep out on me, Hil was way older than me when i really like her, now i see Miley as my younger sister and Hilary Duff looking like ethel booba (Google is your friend)

And i kept a paper diary on those 3 years i really liked Hilary Duff and i was able to extract a lot of similarities on what Miley is going though and what events happened. For example:

December 10, 2003:
“Wow, i read yesterday that Hilary’s concert on the Jan 24 of 2004 was sold-out after 3 mins. Read on the…..hilaryfan. First evidence (actually third) that she is ultra-popular. Congratulations Hilary!”

Fast forward into today and did you notice that Mileys concert tickets sold out in minutes too. But back then, i did not remember anything about scalpers, now its the scalpers.

There is a lot more but it would take eons to extract all of the text you y’all to read, but judging by the diary, i did not see anything of a photo-shoot for a magazine that has Hilary backless and you get the picture, sorry…still cant remove the thought of that pic Miley did, better get used to it as long as its not N*ked or **Xually explicit.

Hilary back then had a much simpler life compared to Miley in which she has more people bashing on her on the net and in traditional media, IMHO. And who won the Hilary VS Lindsay feud?? I would say Hilary since who is the drunkard now? (HAHAHA!)

Now kids who might be reading this, please ignore what i said on the last paragraph.

On to more Miley related stuff, i was like watching a horror movie or im in a totalitarian govt where they show nothing but the same stuff, but in my case, CNN, TMZ, Extra, Access Hollywood, ET. All of their headlines was that one backless photo of Miley!

Less of that and MORE of this:

On to other stuff, i finaly ordered my Slacker Portable radio and what convinced me is im using the web player for quite a while now and with the XM radio disconnected, and im selling the Pioneer Inno on Ebay (going good, IMHO), im free to buy the player but i wish they wont make it a 2GB paperweight if their service goes belly-up. But Pandora (the competitor web radio player) is still up after like 3 years already and going strong. so i think slacker wont go away that fast, and they are 100% supporting the people who use their services or the hardware.

I loved the Movie “Sydney White”, i liked Amanda Bynes (A VERY GOOD EXAMPLE OF SOMEBODY WHO WAS NOT CARRIED AWAY BY SHOWBIZ and made a good transition as a member of “All That” to an actress.) and the subject of the movie, 4.5 stars (its unfair to say its 5 stars frankly)

Abril 28, 2008

Distraction report and a Special opinion on the latest on Miley Cyrus

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Hello There again, told you i will be distracted by some “other” things! Here is a quick rundown on what im up to.

PS3: watched blu-ray movies, extra interactivity on the “Enchanted” blu-ray version gets plus brownie points on the “D-Files” game. Dolby Digital audio sounds a bit better due to a higher bitrate (640 Vs 448 on DVD). I have no idea if the DAC of the PS3 is 96khz/24bit when using the analog audio outs. I Might be getting an HDTV set this quarter or else by the end of the year. Curently playing Ratchet and Clank (my Favorite, its hard on my stage now), Guitar Hero 3 (got it at a bargain with the wireless guitar controller, second favorite game), Motorstorm (look at the racers go….when they crash!!), Eye of Judgment (the lighthing kinda makes the playstation eye miss my cards, also got at a bargain, creeping its way to unseat R&C as my fav game) and The Simpsons Game (Least fav, but i wanna finish it since its funny, bad camera angles makes the game a headache sometimes.)

Piano lessons, put on hold indefinitely. Its Hard to play the notes even though i know the letters already.

I knew it! “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds concert tour” (The concert itself with the video and the stuff) will be on Blu-ray (and DVD), a big reason why i got the PS3! 1080P video and 5.1 UNCOMPRESSED (No MP3, AAC, Old skool Dolby Digital/DTS) audio! But later in this post, im quite baffled on what Miley Is going though now, i dont know if i should feel happy, sad, annoyed, err…aroused??.

Also i got the Live recording on Compact Disc of the Miley concert and i have been enjoying that album a lot (except “G.N.O” for obvious reasons), the bonus DVD just solidifies the fact that they already have a master for the DVD and Blu-ray (YAY!) of the Concert, even the backstage footage is a teaser to a more complete one. But stay tuned on what i can say about the latest on Miley (and its not all good)

Goodbye XM satellite radio! Repetitious music and BAD (yes, BAD with the capital B!) audio quality! My cassette tapes played on an old Sony walkman sounds better than XM!, already cancelled my subscription and im selling the receiver on ebay, i wish it would sell and things will work out well. Might get the Slacker Portable radio that i might have been posted already, if not; its a cool idea but i will be a beta tester and run a risk of it being a $200 2GB MP3 player if slacker goes out of business.

Im experiencing Netflix Burnout since i dont want to watch movies (Because of the PS3!), im renting “Short Programs” (an hour or less to finish a DVD). I like Charlotte Church, she has a very beautiful voice……back then, but now i researched on whats up with Charlotte and she looks like Hilary Duff now in terms of body and possibly a Lindsay Lohan and she has a Baby now with some rugby player (not the rubber cement, the sport!).

Now, enough diversons. The real reason why i got off my Lazy butt and wrote this post you are reading now is. Bad things are happening with the Lovely Miley Cyrus. It all started with a bunch of pictures which i will let you do the finding (Google is you friend) and lets say, inappropriate for children under 13 and man she looks HOT in those pics, but who the heck is that guy staring at Miley Lying down with her…. Never mind explaning it, just search on the web but she is not in anyways, you get the idea. Bottom Line, i hated them.

Because of that, i went on a 3 day “Miley Holiday”, no “Hannah Montana” episodes, no Miley Songs on the MP3 player, no website visits, no blogging about her, even to the point of no pics and no thoughts of her. Hoping this stuff goes away, life goes on like what happened to Vanessa Anne Hudgens when she came clean on those pics worse than Miley’s and she will make a new Miley and Mandy show on youtube (The “4 Minutes” video is the best so far.).

Well, i was wrong. She posed “Inappropriately” for a 15 year old (Technically 16 if you ask me.) girl for Vanity Fair, again look it up on Google or you favorite Hollywood “News” site. I was amazed that she did that photo at a very early stage of her career. Even Hilary Duff did not do that until she was 19? 20? for Maxim, as far as i remember, but she looked like Ethel Booba to some extent, and racier too on the cover!

Then i read in the website of vanity fair, the full text of the article with those pics and there i saw more pics to be destined for the magazine and the family was there to participate in the photoshoot. I liked those pics better than the one in question but i had a hard time getting used to the one picture she did, Ok the keyword for the offending Vanity fair pic is “Backless”. I think she should think twice about that VF pic and the other photos. Judging my the photographer who took the shots (“Annie” Whoever she is) with a track record of the Nude photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono (YUCK!!!!!), oh boy, that photog has dark plans for Miley IMHO.

Im Worried on what Miley is Going though now since this is not her persona that i know. Im worried that she will be like those other girls and be the worst they can be. Im sure the parents are gaga over this now and are trying everything to do something about this.

But i might not see her in person to say “HI!” have a picture and authograph; hey! even a job as one of her entourge as the Old Miley before alll of this happened. im currently looking at the old Miley back then and im absorbing everyting about her now since tomorrow, who knows, she might be a wreck soon or just fall of the top of her career and go back to just being a teen (HEY! Thats an idea! But what about seeing her personally?)

Do you know whats a better idea, Pray and pray hard, go back to your friends, do more good things and have a great time without TMZ, Perez Hilton, ET, Access Hollywood, E!, Etc following you! She will have a Book about her, A new Album as Miley Cyrus (YAY! Will be pre-ordering that when i can unless some showstopper comes out about her.) and that Blu-Ray disc of her concert.

Nuff Said, lets see what happens. After all, she is one of the many hard to see people now and what are the chances of really working for her crew? Almost NIL! Just a concerned Netizen.

“Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds concert tour” will be coming to DVD and Blu-Ray, August 19, 2008. Her new studio album will be sometime this year (as i said earlier). The Hannah Montana Movie is currently filming and will be released around 2009 (Lizzie Mcguire anybody?).

Pebrero 18, 2008

I wanna meet Miley Cyrus, The Apple Store experience and Slacker personal radio

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I see Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) on many Magazines now and on TV, and she will be on the Oscars!  Unbelievable.  I wanna Meet Miley Cyrus soon, after i get my drivers license and go to Disneyland on a 2fer ticket (one day in Disneyland, the other in Disney california adventure, gotta ride “soarin”!)

Last Sunday i went to an undisclosed mall to go to the Apple store and i thought i will be a small place since the mall isn’t that big, i was wrong.  There were a Lot of people and the space is big.  The areas were split to the ipods, iphones, laptops and desktops.  The star of the place is the Macbook air which in my opinion can be used as a vegetable cutter at the kitchen [hehe 🙂 ] since it was thin and had “sharp” edges.  it was solid so i wont worry it breaking in half when accidentally sat on it and comparing it to the Macbook.  But since i already have an Asus Eee PC, i will pass to all apple laptops but i might get a Imac and use it as a DVD player, Tv tuner and main computer since there is now space at the house to place one.  I also Liked Apple Tv Take 2 since i saw the shows there available to download (for a fee) that im interested to, and i think this is the new Cable Box, the interface is very good and i was able to watch clips of “Hannah Montana”, Miley’s MTV “start all over”, ETC.

I noticed that the ipods are all connected to either a Bose Quiet Comfort 2 or a Bose triport!  Because of this, i got to test the Noise Cancelling of the Bose QC2.  It works without interfering with the audio quality but my Grado SR60 headphones are as good as the Bose and its cheaper!

Speaking of the Grado’s, im using them right now to Listen to Pandora….i mean Slacker Personal Radio and i wanna buy the Portable but since i got this already pointless XM radio (Pioneer Inno) that i gotta sell soon if i want to switch, i cannot get the portable slacker radio for practical reasons.  Slacker has the songs that i wanted, unlike Pandora Internet radio that plays music that i dont know or XM that plays the same stupid stuff and the sound quality, ugh!

An Update to the camcorders that i want to buy,  I settled on the Panasonic PV-GS83.  I Liked the O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilization), a good sensitive mic, powerful zoom (32X) and i got it for $200!

Pebrero 8, 2008

I watched the Miley Cyrus 3D Concert movie again, second thoughts.

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I watched the movie the second time around at the same unnamed AMC theater and this time around, no lines and the theater is at “regular” load. Though i still see young girls in Hannah Montana apparel and they are more energetic than the last time i watched it.

Since this is the second time i watched the “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of both worlds concert movie in Disney Digital 3D”, i will do an in-depth, second look review, i feel that this review is redundant, but i don’t care! As a warning, this is not a spoiler-free review.

I noticed that Tish Cyrus (her Mother) makes a regular appearance on the movie and she is always around more than Billy Ray.

She is still pretty and i noticed more her body figure and face. The movie itself really looked organic in the sense that you are there and the sound is mixed just right, the band and herself in the front, the crowds (The Jet plane takeoff sound level of screaming kids as described by one of the backstage people in the movie) are in the surrounds.

I again saw the Miley Body double switch that is very clear in the movie even by the best efforts to conceal it in the movie. But they acknowledged that double in the beginning of the movie as i said before.

The songs in order are “Rockstar”, this is her opening song and they way she performed it is just good for opening the movie, the she performed “Life’s what you make it” which is ok. I dont like “Just like you” because she looked like she had a hard time performing this song. Next is “I Got Nerve”, she redeems herself from that last song and then “We got the party” with the Jonas Brothers, here we see a very energetic Miley and the camera shots and angles are good, and we see that infamous Body Double.

And the stage is for the Jonas Brothers for 2 songs, that new single and “Year 3000”, if you are a girl, you might be captivated, but as a guy myself, im for the lyrics and the way they sing. No big deal.

After them, Miley Appears as Miley herself and the song “Start all Over” is the first song, very rockstar like with wind effects like she is rockin out on stage, had quite a hard time performing this song too. “See you again”, it ok too. “Lets Dance”, I see Miley do a ballroom dance and she’s hot. “I Miss you”, here you appreciate the 3D effects as the camera does not move as much and she is sitting down with an acoustic guitar with no vocal backups and in one scene, you get a sense of a big stage. “G.N.O: Girls Night Out”, the song did not catch on for me for obvious reasons but i liked they way she danced to the song and finally “Best of Both Worlds”, i liked the way they showed Hannah on one side and Miley on the other on the video monitors stage. The film ends with Miley decending down the stage, fade to black, roll credits to the tune of “if we were a movie”. No hidden surprises at the end of the movie.

I wish Disney will release this on DVD/Blu-ray with the concert in its entirety, ala “Director’s Cut” edition, the mouse will make a killing like they did with this movie and on my previous post here that I i said “I Smell Clever Marketing”. I found an article from the Associated Press on titled “Kids duped into seeing ‘Hannah Montana’ film?” and to quote the article:

““When you have a successful franchise, setting the time table and controlling the distribution just develops an appetite for more,” said Michael Kupinski, media analyst and head of research at Noble Financial Group. “No one is as good at this as Disney.””

You bet! These Disney Guys are Geniuses at this thing, remember Lizzie Mcguire? Or Hilary Duff if you cant remember. Hilary did a concert tour, sold out too. A lot of album sales, movies and of course Lizzie. BTW, where is Hilary now, in the cover of a mens mag????

back to the article, i also want to quote this:

“The movie ran on all of the country’s 683 public screens equipped to handle 3D films, and averaged $45,534 per screen over the weekend. A typical blockbuster opens in 3,000 theaters and averages about $7,000 at each, according to industry statistics.”

Unbelivable! Try that Bono!

Ok, enough of this movie, i have spent my movie allowance for this. As Much as i wanna see it for the 3rd time or until they stop the screenings, i can hear Miley’s Voice and i can see Miley’s Face on this Eee PC’s LCD screen. So that’s it for the Movie, lets move on to other things.

Edit:  Saw this article on

and Miley on the 50th grammys, bring it on!

Pebrero 4, 2008

I was part of Movie History.

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(Sigh, bad news i read on the net before reading the good news i wanted to talk about)

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Concert movie (Here we go again) made #1 at the weekend box office and it made a lots of record-breaks in movie history, beating a LOT of records including records held by “Borat” and “Titanic” (Just see this article from the La Times)

This really shows the “enteng kabisote” effect, kids+parents=$$$ but i should revise it for this case. kids+parents+”Sold out concerts with jacked-up ticket proces from scalpers”+”Pretty Miley”=$$$$$$$.

Im Happy for Miley and the crew who made this and this shows that 3D Movies are better in sales than the regular counterparts which if i have a good HT setup at home, why would i go to the theater to watch regular movies?  Now the films are in 3D and there is no way in a reasonable price range i can do the same thing at home, for now.

Pebrero 3, 2008

Miley Day! A Review of the “Hannah Montana/MIley Cyrus 3D Concert Movie”

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I have a lot to say about Miley (Ray) Cyrus today on this post because im from a screnning of the “Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour in Disney Digital 3D” And it was a fun time though i forgot to drink water from all the walking i did before the show went on felt a bit tired, forgot some scenes but there is a lot of memorable moments on the film, I Might even see the movie again next week since its official, it will run longer than a week.

Audiences Want More ‘Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert;’

Before i continue, im using a full sized keyboard on my Eee PC since this will be a long post and due to a lot of work and a lot of papercuts associated with it, The Small keyboard would not do the task.

Ok, it started around 2:30 PM at an undisclosed AMC theater location and i thought i should wait around 3:00 PM before entering, but when the Sold Out Sign flashed on their schedule board, i went in and i asked the usherette how is the first day of screening went, she said that the lines formed outside the entrance and it was sold out (but i checked the website and it appeared ok at that time).  I got my 3D glasses and went to theater 5, WHOA!  A line and i was at the back.  There were obviously a lot of young girls in Hannah Montana apparel and accessories but i did not feel out of place in general since i saw a bunch of teens and grown-ups W/Out kids.

A lot of trailers followed and when it came to the 3D trailers, i saw the “U23D” trailer and i said, oh my “gosh” what did i go into??  The trailer did give me a sense that im at the U2 concert and since im watching the Hannah Concert, i will feel the same way.

And sure enough, THE MOVIE IS A BLAST/FUN/EXCITING TO WATCH, Miley looked different and prettier in 3D, you can see her body figure, the stage have a sense of depth.

Do you know what, i cannot keep my thoughts in place about this movie so bear with me if i go off tangent on the following paragraphs.

A lot of times, the camera is always moving to show a lot of the stuff on stage and the angles do repeat due to a limitation on where to place the cameras, especially over the drummer. but in one song (I miss you), the camera is steady and you can appreciate the depth of the movie.  I see the different cameras and cellphones being used to photograph her on stage.

I thought the 74 mins runtime will be short but i did not notice that, the concert is not the full concert but a selection of songs is adequate.

On the content itself, they like throwing stuff at people like a guitar pick, a drum stick (Miley Trew that) and confetti, made me dodge the stuff.

There was controversy involving a body double at the “we got the party” song with the Jonas Brothers that spread on youtube but it was clarified in a statement that they did that on purpose.  And i saw that in the movie, Miley was wisked away from the stage and the double did come up but the camera focused instead on the JoBro and the double disappeared off the stage as the JoBro went to perform 2 songs before Hannah Went to Miley.

The Backstage scenes included the rehearsal, Miley and Her Mom and Dad on separate interviews, The backstage of the Concert itself and the audience reactions.  All are in 2D, inconsistent.

Miley on stage was aware of the camera and she always made gestures at the camera like she winks and smiles when she is on screen and in one song, puts the mic infront of our audience, nice touch.  And she sang live, the result is sometimes she cannot keep up with her music and you can hear that, but that is sometimes.

I would recommend this movie to everyone to have a good time, except if you are critical of her music.

That’s it for now, next week i want to see the Macbook Air at an Apple Store and i would like to watch the Movie again.  I Wish they release this on DVD/Blu-ray in a Directors cut or the Whole Show!

P.S:  I Would like to remind everyone that the capital of Montana (The state) is Not “Hannah”, Taken from a recent episode of the Simpsons.

Enero 31, 2008

Free MS Office 2007 Coming up (for me), The Hannah 3D Concert (finally!) and HD-DVD on the way of the VCD?

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I heard about the Windows feedback program and Microsoft is giving away free stuff by monitoring your PC how you are using it, creeps?  Not concerned since im on the Eee Anyway.  When i originally signed up for it and completed the survey, i “missed” the freebies that include Vista Ultimate and MS Office 2007 ultimate, take your pick.  Then i received email from microsoft (checked everything to see that its not bogus) that said that i reached the deadline for applying that gives me the free stuff and i chose office ultimate since you get vista anyway on a Windows laptop and office is a more sensible freebie.  It will be at least 3 months before they ship out the software but i rarely use the vista laptop now.

Tomorrow is the start of the “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus:Best of Both Worlds Concert Movie in Disney Digital 3D”.  Im Excited and i will try to do a field report on the possible audiences tomorrow but i will be watching the movie on Feb 3, sunday afternoon which it might be to my advantage because of the NFL Super Bowl.  The people will be watching this game and i expect less people in theaters and i will have a good time.  Now if they release this on Blu-Ray.  I will have to get myself a PS3 and a Projector since i cannot smuggle in the house an LCD/Plasma/RPJ HDTV.

HD-DVD. At circuit city, the players are on clearance now and Best-Buy is having a buy-one-take-one of HD-DVD titles.  IMHO, HD-DVD is HD-DUD.  “sayang naman!” the cost advantage both to the consumer and the producers is more apparent than Blu-Ray in the beginning but i was thinking it will be the way of the VCD.

What is a VCD? The VCD (Video CD) is a format that was introduced in North America as a VHS replacement that Failed BIG TIME.  But caught on in Asia.  Using Philippines as an example, VCD replaced VHS for pre-recorded material, “thank” the video pirates for that (the orginal guys also did Original VCD’s too).  And now that the pirates are doing DVD, they can go HD-DVD once the format becomes less prevalent or extinct in the states and sell cheap HD-DVD Players and Discs, agree?

Enero 29, 2008

Running Windows progs on Linux and addenum for my HD-DVD VS Blu-Ray post. (WAIT! Miley News!)

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I want a small windows program “MP3DIRECTCUT” to edit my MP3 files for ringtones since Linux programs give me a hard time on dependencies. So i downloaded WINE that enables windows programs to run and was impressed to see that familiar program in my Linux Environment. But still, i would hunt down for Native Linux Apps or Linux Ports of programs before WINE-ing.

Just to add to the HD-DVD VS Blu-ray Post, i still see a lot of HD-DVD Titles on Circuit-City’s shelves but no HD-DVD titles on my local sears Store, only a lone HD-DVD player that is running a DVD demo for Toshiba’s LCD TV’s. Before at sears, i would see both HD-DVD and Blu-ray Demos playing beside each other. Now, 2 Blu-ray Demos at Sears and No HD-DVD Demo (well, its turned off as i metioned in the last post). It’s becoming clear now. And “Cars” looked sooooo good on that Samsung 46 inch LCD TV hooked up to a Samsung Dlu-Ray disc player. Yet im stuck on SDTV and DVD!

Edit:  After Posting, i found out articles that Even Popstars get tired at their own concerts:

Poor Miley.

Enero 27, 2008

Blu-ray VS HD-DVD (HD-DVD=Betamax), and Hannah!

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Went to the stores earlier (Circuit City, Sears) and noticed that only Blu-ray demos are up and running and the HD-DVD demos are turned off.  Also i noticed that i dont see HD-DVD players being prominently displayed while blu-ray players are left and right.  I can say that i will get a PS3 (a blu-ray player too) and an HDTV projector if i had the extra dough if i see “Enchanted” and/or the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Concert on blu-ray.  Man, those HDTV images are drool inducing.

I remember back when i was a kid, we had a Betamax player but the world is now VHS (and to some degree, Laserdisc.) and everytime i went to the video rental store.  I cringe when i see Mickey Mouse and company videos that i have not seen yet on VHS!  Thank god for DVD and Netflix!

One More week till the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Concert Movie and im excited, she’s pretty (provided she did not look older on purpose) and i want 3D

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