Mayo 24, 2007

I wanna get this off my Chest! One Rocks and One Sucks!

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Ok, i have been using Windows Vista Home Basic and Home Premium (Yung tapos na) on Two Different Laptops and i have to say after using it in reality rather than in a Microsoft Promo in Mall of Asia (you can search for my post about it last Febuary.) that if you have it, stick with it.  Using Internet Explorer 7 (have not installed Firefox yet, have to ask for permission.), Yahoo Messenger, Itunes, Limewire.  They all work fine.  I cant say its true for all users.

The Aero glass looks cool, but unnecessary. (Bakit walang transparency ang menus [MAC OS X], puro borders lang at start menu?)

You will need Home Premium if you want Media center and those other Media features, but so far from using Home Basic right now as i type, Parang Windows Xp lang sya.

Basta, ok sya.

Pero ito ay hindi ok, Hiwalay na pala si Ogie Alcasid sa Asawa nyang australian and gusto nya si Regine Velasquez, YUCK!  Dahil parang binalewala nya si Michelle van Eimiren (Correct me if i murdered the name) and he likes Regine Velasquez???  Pa-secret-secret pa kayo dyan and for “protection” of the family pa ang rason yung bakit this june pa ilalabas sa Yes! Magazine, gusto lang yata ng publicity para oks na oks sa people yung kay Reg, Basta YUCK! this rates as much as that Kris-james-Hope Hoopla on the Irrelevant and Pointless stuff to talk about and thats something that i wanna say.

How in the world that Actors/Actresses make fun of themselves, in particular Janno Gibbs na puro lait sa sarili and i think totoo ang intriga sa kanya.  It makes them low, Mga Graduweyt ng StarStruck, huwag nyo silang gayahin.


Mayo 20, 2007

ang lakas mang-ingit ng apple inc! And megamall.

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You know that apple iphone, it is that ipod, cellphone, gadget of envy (if you can get it to work in the philippines since it is probably sim locked to cingular). And now it has been approved by the FCC (the equivalent of the NTC here) and oh my gosh! Pa-confidentiality agreement pa sila sa agency na iyon about the test results, pics and features! I think other cellphone manufacturers dont care what the agency releases. them this apple, ayaw nilang mag karoon ng leaks about this toy and as the title says, gusto nilang mangingit.

Look, i find the iphone cool (and one of the people i know want one even if she had a new phone just recently!) but i think that it is too expensive and just for those people like me who wants the latest and greatest. Tapos yun pala eh wala kwenta ang interface although i know apple designs their products very well. I will try to be the first to have an hands-on of this phone (yeah! Good luck!)

ok, for some mall observations now. Why do girl ice skaters tend to be more beautiful on ice? I think because of their moves and the clothes they wear. And the 2nd floor of the sm department store at megamall, i liked how it looks after they had renovated it. In fact, the sales man told me that they cannot sell sale items on that floor because its newly renovated. Silly but true. I will have pics soon

Mayo 16, 2007

the election aftermath & ugly characters in tv shows.

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well, the elections in our precincts were orderly and peaceful. There are still those people who hand out sample ballots that are considered campaign materials which means they are bad. I ignored those people. Inside my precinct, there were 5 other voters and i was facilitated properly by the teachers, they got my thumbmark and placed indelible ink (which is really indelible) in my index finger and i voted.

I voted for chiz escudero, joker arroyo, ed angara, gringo honasan, migz zubiri and others. Sana 80% which i voted for makapasok in the senate.

In the local level. I voted for the incumbent mayor and vice-mayor but replaced the congressman and the councilors.

Naku dear, prehistoric parin tayo sa bilangan ng voto. Mas mabilis pa nga sa mga quick count ng mga himpilan ng tv and NAMFREL. Kasi nga, gusto nila madali ang daya and get away with it. One more thing, there are a lot of people in some municipalities in canvassing votes which leads to more chances in cheating.

And notice based on the quick counts that the candidates whom spent a lot of money in advertising either in television, radio, print and littering (the posters and streamers in public places) did not reach the top 12. Trillianes (which i did not vote, i belive that honasan can do the job better) on the other hand is in the 8-11th place even though he is in jail and only his supporters are campaining for him. Times have changed for the voting public. Also look at the governor votes, they are not voting for the same person or family member again unless they did a good job and not a mediocre or a corrupt job.

Lets see what we can do in the 2010 presidential elections. Computerize the counting (maybe those automated counting machines that are gathering dust, still works), replace the COMELEC commissioner and his gang, educate the voters more (i belive that we are smarter now than before), give the cheaters a taste of their own medicine.

Im annoyed that some people needed to kill other people just to get their corruption and power seats and exploit the heck out of its citizens. How can we get rid or minimize their effects?

In other non-election related topic. Jewel Mische plays an ita native in “magic kamison” on gma-7 and oh dear, ang hilig nilang mag papangit ng talent for their shows. Take for example, ryza cenon which was “uglified” not once but twice (in now and forever:”mukha” and love-to-love:”stuck in love” isama ko na dyan si LJ reyes.), Mark herras in love to love:”love ko si urok”, sunshine dizon in “bakekang”, and there is a new show that also involves uglifying some of the cast. Not even ch 2 gets away in it, anne curtis in “kampanerang kuba” and numerous shows over there. Well, dunno why ang hilig nila sa ganyan. And going back to jewel, gaganda rin yung character nya in one point and notice also that KC concepcion, dumami ang magazine covers and endorsements nya, parehong good looking sina jewel and KC and medyo pareho sila ng ugali and both of them have blogs!

Ang haba na ng post na ito and i typed this all in my cellphone, thank predictive text entry and pasensya na sa punctuation marks and spacing if they are inconsistent since may limitation ang built-in text editor of the phone (the built in “notes” app.)

The 10,000

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This post should be About the aftermath of the Elections last Monday.  But Because of Duhial-up problems, not on my end, and its very late in the morning.  Bukas nalang if everything goes well.

But i would like to announce that i have reached 10,000+ Pageviews (or visitors, or whatever.)  Thank you for the people who checked out my blog, the commenters.  And No thanks to the Spambots.

Mayo 13, 2007

here we “GO”. Lets “Unite” mga “Kapatid”, with friends or “Independent”. Voting starts tomorrow. And portable gaming consoles

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Finally after 3 months (5 to 8 months for the “atat” mag kampanya.) wala nang political ads sa tv at radio and now malalaman na natin sa mga boto natin (or daya ng kandidato) kung sino ang mga bagong lider natin in the senate, congress and the local govt.

Kagabi, for every 2 product commercials there is 1 political ad and i will comment on some of them.

cesar montano: is being in UNESCO enough?
Tessie aquino-oreta: Hwaaa! Si sugar mercado eh sunudsunuran na kay mrs oreta.
ping lacson: panay testi from random people and lagi syang may baby na karga.
Miguel zubiri: pa-deny pa ang mukha nya sa testi ng asawa at ang sweet nilang dawala.
Ralph recto: testi nanaman from others.
Chavit singson: ok, provincia lang boboto sa iyo, namimigay ka kasi ng pera eh!
Manny villiar: production number pa silang lahat (at si angel locsin,hiyang sumayaw)
koko pimintel: angel locsin nanaman with matching “kabataan” party list ad pa!
Mike defensor: OWS COME ON!
Alfredo lim: nakakahilong panoorin sa dami ng special effects.
Kiko pangilingan: Minsan pang kabataan ang commercials, minsan para sa mga fans ni tita shawie, minsan para sa mga naiilang na bumoto sa kanya.
“KAKUSA” party list: ang pangit ng pangalan.
Alan cayetano: nananawagan na isulat yung full name nya dahil may kaparehong na disqualify and awayin ba si pacquiao? 🙂
sonia roco: still creeps me out that the late sen. Raul roco is in the ad.
Prosporo pichay: iyan ka nanaman sa dami ng commercials mo!

Well in choosing my candidates. I dont want to vote for somebody na iisa lang ang objective nila like kicking out PGMA or just protecting her. May mga past or present cases that they filed or nademanda sila. Or just plain hideous in my opinion. I will vote for somebody who has the interests of the general public, with experience that is directly tied with the legislative system, humble and has strong principles.

Sige kayo, “banana republic” nalang tayo at hindi if mali or dinaya nanaman tayo!

In non-election related topics, i see more sony psp’s than nintendo DS. Mas maganda talaga ang psp for multimedia while the DS can trump psp with its touch screen pero hindi ko pa sya nasusubukan. And i see people with DS just playing old GBA games. Sayang naman in my opinion.

Mayo 12, 2007

Regarding Comment Spam and you.

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Recently, im getting in excess of 500+ Comment Spam, Most of which you don’t even want to see.

I can’t check each one of them for Legitimate comment.  So if your comment can’t get through my moderation and if by chance was marked as Spam, Sorry.  It might not appear on this blog.

Mayo 11, 2007

Tv shows and whatnot

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Ok, i wanna talk about tv shows.

First up is “mythbusters” on discovery channel and ang kwela ng show na ito, i might have blogged about this before but what the heck. This week, they tested if you can paint a room using just a paint can with an explosive charge dipped in it! Based on an episode of mr. Bean where he also used a bucket of paint and a firecracker to paint his room and a poor chap was caught in the crossfire (hahaha).

Back to mythbusters, i get to see stuff that i dont see everyday on discovery channel or anywhere else like blowing up stuff like cement trucks, doing stress tests, etc. To know if a myth is true or not While doing it in a funny way. Basta panonrin nyo at para may matutunan kayo.

And this next show that i wanna talk about, i came across it just the other night. “A night with an angel”, a reality show over at rpn 9. You have this government employee dude wanting to date Angel Locsin within 30 days without prior connections to anybody close to Angel. First of all, the producer might have plans to contact Angel in advance before the 30 days of this guy is up or secondly, if the producer will not be involved in this man’s quest, just documenting it. GOOD LUCK! We are talking about a celebrity here that is super busy and is one of the top celebs locally. And dapat matagal mo nang kilala si angel or nanalo ka sa fanatxt ng Gma. In short, you cannot date a celeb in that timeframe! Mga isang taon na naguusap kayo about stuff and knowing you personally, then mag date kayo!

Padagdag comments lang. Im happy if i see somebody meet their favorite celebrity for the first time na matagal na nyang gusto sya makita in person at patay na patay sila sa artista na iyon.

Before i continue, “mythbusters” is on every thursdays 9pm to 10pm. And “A night with an angel” also thursdays at 10:30pm to 11pm.

Im here now at megamall and i finally got the built-in email client on my phone to send and receive emails from my gmail account without the use of the java app they offer. The advantage of using the builtin client on my phone is that i can view messages offline and more importantly, send attachments for mobile upload to photobucket. Here is an example now:

edit: I forgot to place the picture itself! Here it is:


Mayo 9, 2007

Good Times with Mo Twister, “Forbidden Questions”: Ethel Booba (Paging Laguardia and the MTRCB), Eat Bulaga’s Election Violations (Paging COMELEC)

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Wow, this Morning’s Episode of “Good Times with Mo Twister” over at Magic 89.9 is the best and the worst i have ever heard!  Guest pa nila si Ethel which gurantees that very “eventful” ang show.  Never i heard before that they talk about the size of men’s…..Privates and whom she slept with (Lagot sya kay Iya Viliana mamaya! hehehe), about that Cellphone Scandal Video (yeah, i know she is her in that video.) and Erik Santos is Gay.

And the Phone ins, most of them are senseless in a sense, save for “Troy Montero” and before Ethel Was on Talking about politics which i liked.

Now my concern is before the end of the show, Ethel was asked to Show her “Puppies” (The B00bs, if you wanted to know), yeah its radio so we might never know if she really flashed her Organs inside the booth, pinapaalis na nga yung mga boys and i heard Ethel asking why tinatakpan na yung mga bintana.  But She said the cussword “T**g-I*a” out loud uncensored over the radio.


So, she really flashed the “puppies” and she cussed on air.  Very Irresponsible on Magic 89.9’s part.  Sayang at hindi ko nai-record, if ever na nai-record ko iyon, i will post it for everyone to hear this Misdemeanor.

Tell you what, give them a suspension.  NOW NA!


From that Concern to the Next.

Recently sa Eat Bulaga, bago mag-siumula ang “Taktak mo or Tatakbo” game segment.  Si Joey de Leon and Vic Sotto ay may production number pa silang “pakpak”.  Near the end of the Silly song number, they sang that we should vote for Tito Sotto this coming May 14 elections!  Before, they made statements like “Sotto sa Senado” but may Vic Sotto doon eh so medyo lusot.  But this “Pakpak” song, they clearly said “Tito Sotto”.  A Clear Violation of the Fair Election Code (like Polictics is that Fair!)

More examples of this Violation, Last Saturday i saw a Political Poster Ad of Tito Sotto in the audience and they showed it without hesitation.  Joey de Leon read out a banner of one of the audience members that she will vote for Tito Sotto if he kisses Vic Sotto (The audience member is what im referring to).

I will not let them get away with this, LAGOT KAYO!

(ibig sabihin ba niyan na si Wille ay Pwede nang mag-endorse ng mg Politiko sa “Wowowee”?)

Mayo 7, 2007


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Ok im officially moblogging from my cellphone and publishing too using the mobile version of wordpress (you didnt know that too? Me either. Until earlier morning) without using the full site.

Now i wanted to take pictures of the empty parking lots of malls, good billboards, the interior of a very un-sardined! Coach, etc. But nakakahiya naman sa mga pasahero. I think (or hope) that i use the camera on celebrities hahaha.

Kagabi eh pinanood ko na yung “isang tanong” ng gma-7 recorded on my vcr (and im not watching that beauty contest on the other channel). I have not finished it but i found that trillianes was disappointing with his answers and his mission really is to get PGMA out of office. That candidate from the kapatiran party that is the doctor was humble and hindi yata gagawa ng masama. Zubiri is an enviromentalist. Galing sumagot ni Escudero. Si coseteng eh maganda rin ang mga sagot. Angara puro policies parin ang pingausapan like sa commercials nya. May part 2 pa sya but hindi ko napanood (or in my case did not set my vcr)

I did not know angelica jones will be running for public office and christoper de leon for vice-governor in laguna.

Right now im really liking this nokia 3230 cellphone. My only complaints are mono sound for mp3 files and puny 32mb mmc card. I wished it had wi-fi para free internet.

Heads up. I saw carmina v. On the MRT trainset that i rode in. She is beside the driver and i think she will operate the trainset sometime soon for the show “day off” on qtv 11. My companion on the ladies, Children and disabled told me that she actually made p.a announcements on station stops (and telling the passengers to watch “day off” and look at her billboard ads para malaman ng ibang pasahero na walang idea na sya na pala iyon) but i did not hear anything on the p.a system. Maybe they turned it off for the rest of the coaches (bad idea in an emergency) or in just not paying attention because in listening to the radio.

Mayo 3, 2007

the cellphone web browsing experience.

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So far. Most of the websites that i used to visit on my pc works on the opera mini browser. Friendster shows the profile page minus the css formatting and some embeds. Photos load up but you can only see the thumbnails not the full size on the pc (big deal! The thumbnails look nice on the cellphone screen.)

forum websites look odd if riddled with a lot of stuff on screen but i can still post.

On wordpress, i can also post my articles (duh! This post is an example) and view my stats but without the flash graph.

I just wish that smart or globe will offer a cheaper data plan. Maybe a day pass option since im not everyday will go and use it for more than an hour.

It came to me. This is a plus for provincial users since most provinces now have cellular signals thus internet access especially if using 3g them i consider it prepaid broadband. Diba?

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