Enero 23, 2008

Im Afraid, More Asus Eee PC Updates, My Netflix Experience so far and have i mentioned that im afraid?

Posted in Computer, Daily Life, review Sa 11:13 hapon ni naksd

Im Afraid, i think i did something stupid but i would not know the outcome if i did not try the darn thing.  But if all goes well, it will be very rewarding at the end and if things screw-up, well i only lose $500 Bucks, BIG DEAL!  I took a lot of risks this year anyway, some i regretted, most did something good for me.  Also i need a Drivers License ASAP!

Now My Asus Eee PC is better than ever and thank goodness that i steered away from the Cheaper 2G version because it has less memory and its sluggish on various reviews.  And Im spending late nights playing with this thing!  I finally did pair it up with my data enabled phone and got internet access that way.

A good resource for all things Eee is eeeuser.com, They have been helpful with the stuff i wanted to do the with Eee and the Wiki beats the user manual supplied hands-down!

I have this beef with Netflix, the online DVD rentals by mail which totally rocks if they dont arrive late, recently my movies come late or shipped the next day after they received my DVD at home, not the night they received it.  and since i signed up for the service for the last 2 months, i haven’t received the movie “Ratatouille” because

a.)  Its the year of the Rat on the lunar calendar.

b.)  This movie is waaaay good.

c.)  Its Pixar, for some reason, ALL of their movies are Very good and i like them all.

But Netflix gives me the flexibility to rent any movie i want without worrying that the movie will suck, if it sucks, return and nothing is lost.  And i cant drive myself to a Blockbuster (Video City in the Philippine Equivalent) video store!

A quick movie review, “Shanghai Kiss” is a movie if you want to see Shanghai, China;  If you are a fan of Hayden Panettiere and are into Independent films that dont feature an F-word every 10 seconds.  Hayden Panettiere is Hot and Sexy but her manners inside might not be up to snuff to my standards.

Alright, i hope the “mistake” might not be a mistake at the end.


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  1. Sandy said,

    Hi! Just curious, how did you manage to turn your cel phone into a modem for your eee? I downloaded the GPRS program for the eee, but my cel phone cant detect my eee. My eee detects my cel though. What program did you use? Or did you alter code (the hard/scary way) ?


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