Pebrero 14, 2007

Ang daming “bago” sa FM ng Manila!

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First there was Hit FM 99.5 (from DWRT 99.5), they did not change their format. Heart 103.5 (from K-lite 103.5), which kinda changed their format and Barangay LS 97.1 (from Campus Radio 97.1), Now they changed their format completely.

Gusto ko talagang mag-react sa 97.1 since hindi naman ako regular listener ng k-lite 103.5 and hindi naman nag-reformat ng 99.5 (name change lang, and also management?)

I first got notice of the (possible) format change of 97.1 a week ago from a commercial from GMA Ch.7 and i said to myself, paano na ito, madadagdagan nanaman ang mga katulad ng 90.7 Love radio at 101.9 WRR. Now as i’m writing this, i’m listening to The new 97.1 and the first thing i noticed, the first 2 songs were from Jolina Magdangal and Bitoy (Michael V.), hey i said to myself, avenue na ito ng mga GMA artists na mag-play ng walang sawa ng mag piyesa nila, the same way sa ABS-CBN does to 101.9 WRR. Also they can promote GMA-7’s stuff like crazy, for example yung “The Promise”. hindi nila dati magawa iyon because of the format of the station, diba?

And the DJ’s, they are still the same but they speak in Tagalog! What a change, ang ganda ng English nila, then biglang nag-iba ang personality nila on-air!

Good Luck to the Management of this station, may nabasa ako sa blog na ito ( Look at comment 11 or around it) na dati they tried to reformat the station but they failed. This time kaya??


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  1. Jeus said,

    I totally hate 97.1 because of their complete turnaround, though they just take up about 2% of my listening hours. If I were a 97.1 DJ, I would without a doubt leave my job!

  2. antonio said,

    hi, i believe i made that comment on their previous reformatting 🙂
    it’s true, around late 2003 they changed their format, heavily promoting it with the promise of a “surprise”. the surprise was having a playlist of around just 50 (all OPM) songs (if you stayed for about 2 hours you’d hear the same songs again) and having every DJ shout “enjoy” before every song.
    i wonder if the DJ’s, especially John Hendrix, can stand the new format for too long.
    but if you ask me, what really did the station in was giving students 90% of the air time. you’d think you were listening to a computer talk because here is basically what these student DJ’s would say in between songs:

    “That was with here on Campus Radio 97.1 WLS FM… Next up is with . We are your Campus Radio 97.1 WLS FM!”

    And it’s even worse when the student DJ’s decided to get creative. Here is what DJ Raul said after playing “Ordinary” by Train, which was included in the Spider-man 2 Soundtrack:

    “That was Train with the song Ordinary here on Campus Radio 97.1 WLS FM… Wow… I feel like a human spider..”

  3. antonio said,


    “That was with here on Campus Radio 97.1 WLS FM… Next up is with. We are your Campus Radio 97.1 WLS FM!”
    –> Uh oh the HTML code segements were not printed. Anyway here’s what I meant:

    “That was (name of artist) with (name of song) here on Campus Radio 97.1 WLS FM… Next up is (name of artist) with (name of song). We are your Campus Radio 97.1 WLS FM!”

  4. angelfaith said,

    violent reaction –> BADUY! bat pinalitan nila! e OK nga ung dating format nila. nadagdagan na naman ung maiingay na FM station. Kainis!

  5. Ron B. said,

    Hey there! Just want to add up something here. I can say that the reformatting is like a gamble, it’s either you’ll win or loose.

    As for the business perspective, they are doing this for one reason.. MONEY. Playing mass-type of music will attract those people who belong to that level. According to, 9 out of 10 Pinoys can speak Tagalog and 6 out of 10 persons aged 5 years and over can speak English. Imagine the difference! 63.71% of the 66.7 million (Year 200) people aged 5 years or more could speak English. We can say that >24Million Pinoys cannot speak/understand the English language (correct me if I’m wrong). Now if you are going to compute this for money, still alot of Pinoys have an easy access of Radio than TV (you’re not in front of the TV all the time, but you can always take your portable radio w/ you right?). If a radio station has a BIG audience, companies will also be attracted to advertise with them. Now we’re talking about MONEY again.. BIG Money!

    Now let’s talk about our future… Okay, let’s back track for awhile, in the early 90s, I could still remember that there were no “baduy (low-quality)” songs being played, and if you can still remember these local artists FrancisM, Neocolors, SideA, and the like, they were not making low-end songs. Though they were also singing Tagalog songs but the arrangement/content is far ahead than the current ones (not including Bamboo and the like). Now, what I have observed, while we were reaching the new millennium, we were declining instead of going up! So what will be our future? What do you think now?

    In radio, there is what we call Class A-E audience. A (loves Smooth-Jazz, and the like), B (Loves partly Jazz, and more hi-end RnBs/HipHop/Pop/Alternative), C1 (loves what B likes, but tries hard), C2 (loves familiar Pop/Alternative (OPM/Foreign), D (loves what C2 likes but tries harder), E [Truly and Totally loves OPM (low-quality tagalog or local dialect only) To them English lang. is like Chinese lang. they can see it but they cannot read. They can hear it but cannot understand]

    You didn’t know? Now you know…. Sad but True 😛

    Hi my name is Ron.
    (dating dee-jay)

  6. Klite’s move to Heart fm is nothing short but intelligent. It seems like easy listening is sweeping the industry.

    We will have an update with the GMA’s dwls FM’S recent format flip.

    hear the latest industry news at

  7. Mark Smith said,

    97.1 Barangay LS is the second successor Jologs station in Metro Manila. Give respect to 97.1 Barangay LS of I will kill you!!!

    If you want 97.1 Barangay LS, go to this petition:

  8. I hope GMA Network could buy Blazin’ 105.9 FM because it’s a dormant station right now, so that GMA can put back Campus Radio on the map. I mean, all 97.1 FM listeners were disappointed at what GMA has done with it. Because it really is a huge shift from teenagers and young adolescents to “Class E” people.

  9. Blazin’ 105.9 is still owned by Enpire Entertainment. Blazin’ 105.9 is resuming broadcast soon.

  10. mikki said,

    yan si mike enriquez kasi eh. doesn’t know what he’s doing to us college kids.

  11. rhyme said,

    hey guys! yeah we do agree, it’s BADUY! oh well, mike enqriquez didn’t care for us listeners. he just want money. but we are still hoping that Campus Radio will be back. have you signed the petition yet? its
    as part of this campaign, someone created a textgroup for us listeners. here, we can talk about sympathies and latest updates about the jocks. if you are interested, just mail me at
    let’s unite!

  12. jing said,

    i don’t like the reformatting of WLS FM. it made them “jologs” to the utmost meaning of the word: corny jokes, corny songs, corny hirits. i agree to the article, the DJs speak good english, but they became one of the ‘masa’. maybe because of the growing fondness of the people to love radio’s “kadyot lang” hirits. too bad…

  13. '-' said,

    I dont care about barangay ls.. All i care is the RGMA Campus Radio 96.3 Legazpi… All the DJ’s are boustful especially….”what’s up duck”….the PD down to his or should i say her subbordinates…. feeling “fafa”..eeeeewwwwww………..

  14. kram said,

    too bad they changed their format yet again. if this format makes them more money, then good for them. that’s what its all about anyways. as much as we think that what they play sucks, im sure their listeners feel the same way about the music we listen to. for me, this change in format is disappointing. i hope NU107 wont change (thougn i think they have, they used to play heavy stuff)……

  15. I completely agree with that DWLS misfired with the format change. The masa-station format has got to be one of the most annoying things in the Philippines. I’ve ranted on it before here
    and even though it’s been almost a year since the reformat I am still utterly disappointed with it.

  16. bebot said,

    where can i find the djs faces of dwls fm

  17. radiojingles said,

    like everyone else, i was also saddened with the death of a CHR station in metro manila.

    some good things never last ,as they say. but they will be remembered for the quality programming.

    recently though we heard from former campus radio guy John Hendrix that the station is making a comeback. no definite date is being set, but rumors have it that won’t be later this march.

    check out this social website for campus radio fans.

  18. Marcelle said,

    Well, Campus Radio is BACK! It’s on 99.5 now, so the classic LS Air Force is back there, and ready to strut their stuff. 🙂

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