Marso 29, 2007

The Little Hostage that Could.

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You all know what happened last wendsday.  Ok, i was going to somewhere in Manila City and then while waiting for a FX taxi ride that afternoon, i noticed that the Mabini Bound Vehicles are nowhere to be found.  Then i asked the barker why.  He said “may Hostage”.  I said to myself, Yikes!  My “lakad” is important and inisip ko if sagabal iyong hostage drama na iyon and nasa route ba sya.  Anyways, took another FX taxi up to España and then only to take a jeepney again, while in the FX taxi, the radio is tuned into an AM station (Naiba rin!) Ayun, nalaman ko pa extra details tungkol sa Hostage na iyan.  And i was worried that the Kids are hostages and it is near the Manila City hall, dadaanan yung jeep na iyon doon!

The Man behind all of this has 2 grenades (which later found out are fakes) and a semi-automatic Machine Gun (now that one is real), the reason why he did this is to voice out his views on the govt particularly corruption and education.  His demands are Ice cream, Pizza, Free education for the kids and A LOT OF ATTENTION!  CNN,BBC,(Insert name of international News Agency) aired this live and given priority.  He certainly got mine and the world’s attention!

While at the jeepney, i saw people very close to the bus which i saw with curtains blocking the view inside the bus and concenred ako pag nag-amok sya eh yari lahat around the area.

But, the hostage taker is “peaceful” and at around 7:00 PM, tapos na rin and the weird thing about it is the kids are ok, parang gusto nila ma-hostage eh!  (They were given toys and foods instead, natakot na sila when they saw the gun and greanades).  The parents will not sue the Hostage taker, Still weird because if i were one of the parents of the kids there, im fuming mad!

I remember this Hostage Drama like the Magdalo Soldiers that took over Ayala Center, particularly the Oakwood hotel @ Glorietta.  Kailangan na To go great lenghts just to get attention diba?  And be screwed by the justice system in the end (ha!)

Advice to those na may balak gumawa ng ganito, don’t put other people in harms way, kayo nalang 🙂

And bakit si Chavit Singson nandoon?  Kaibigan or Kampanya?  (i don’t trust that person).


Site Advisory, And little software reviews

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Hindi pa ako naka-update ng Blogsite ko with some “long” Material since may mga ginagawa pa ako.

Pero isingit ko na ito, i have installed Yahoo Widgets and i like it. Parang Sa Windows Vista Sidebar ang dating. I Have a clock, Picture Frame (i always wanted one, hindi yung desktop mismo ang mag-iiba), Memory Monitor, CPU monitor and Network Monitor.

Also, i have Folding@home running in the background. What it does is computing small chunks of data and using other PC’s. Parang may Super-computer na ang Stanford university to find out what are these proteins do and malalaman ang cause and cure ng iba’t-ibang sakit.

Marso 26, 2007

StarStruck 4, The Final Judgement Night. Reporting from the Marikina Sports Park

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I was there!

Hindi lahat ng nooks and crannies ng show ay mai-report ko, this is based on my own opinions and the facts that i currently know.

Thanks to somebody i knew. I got tickets to get inside and i noticed that i was at the ground level. The last season i was at the bleachers (yes, i watched it too live. Eh wala pa itong blog na ito.). For a change naman sabi ko sa sarili ko, then a little reality sets in, the place is in a big mess with chairs na pataasan (via “patong-patong” the chairs) para kita ang stage and walang order yung seats, unlike the area in the front of the stage where the relatives and friends sit and special tickets holders which my friend said, which By the way was also there. Dapat raw yung tickets sa harap ang kukunin, umm mali yung nakuha ng “source” nya pala. Naayos rin yung chair issue before the start of the show.

Anyways, the show started past 7:00 PM closer to 8:00 PM and at one point of the first production number, the Final 4 and 10 avengers of the last 3 batches and the 13 avengers of the 4th batch (i did not see that S*m M*lb* look-alike, mukhang ayaw na ng siyete sa kanya!) appeared on stage with different showcases, yung isang batch primarily of Jennylyn and Yasmien sang while the other primarily of Mark, Marky danced. It’s nice to see them all in one stage but sadly i forgot some of their names! Sana pag-nagretire na ang current talents nila, eh lahat sila ay pumalit, and i mean “LAHAT” (except if lumipat or some bad things happened)

After that and the fireworks, which mas mahaba pa yung sa SM Mall of Asia compared that night (i can compare them since i saw a “Starmaker” truck outside the MSP which also supplies the fireworks for MOA.) or even last season. Si Aljur muna ang nag-perform, nag-ala boyband ang performance then si Mart naman na magaling sumayaw (Notice that Mark Herras & Marky Cielo and now Mart Escudero are good dancers and all of them start with an “M”?) then si Prince na kumanta lamang.

After each performances, they gave some numbers on the percentage given to them by some of the council members and the text votes from lowest to higest among the boys and girls, patikim kung sino ang mananalo and a little bit of transparency na rin.

Before the girls turn, yung boys ay nakapareha nila sina Ryza Cenon, Jackie Rice (Last year lang nanalo doon!) and Jennylyn Mercado (Ryza-Jen, same stage, UH-OH!) in a song number of the “official” loveteam song.

Sa girls naman, Si Jewel Mische, Ganda ng suot na damit and sumayaw siya ng maganda, i noticed that the her hair looked nice, daring pa ang suot (pero wala parin sya sa get-up ni Kris!, more of that later). Then Rich sang and danced and she got me! ANG GALING! Akala ko sa una na, meh, mabagal pero noong may maliit na “dress modification” and with the dancers, backups and the lights, ganda. Then si Kris naman, puro buhat!

And the girls ay nakapareha nila sina Mark Herras, Mike Tan (Bihira sya sa TV) and Marky Cielo (runnaway hit sa Starstruck 3!) sa isang dance number.

Let’s take a break for a moment (and ang tagal ng breaks nila doon, daig pa commercials sa TV!) and i wanna talk about the fans. Yung pinaka-bigay sa lahat ay yung mga Mart fans, ang daming “gays” and nakita ko sa inuupuan ko na sila ay nakapasok pa sila sa area na “VIP” while the rest doon sa likod na magulo. Then marami rin ang Jewel fans, followed by the Kris Fans, the Prince fans, the rich fans and lastly the Aljur fans.

Then palipat-lipat ako ng pwesto sa MSP, minsan sa bleachers, minsan sa Rehas separating that coveted(?) area, most of the time, nakatingin nalang kami sa video front projector, the same video that you will see on TV sets only walang commercials. It’s kinda surreal that you are like watching a TV show then lingon ka lang and there they are, hirap nga lang makita unlike last season na malapit me and my companions sa stage.

Balik tayo sa show, yung mga avengers, in the tradition of the production numbers for them, nag-musical sila sa pag-kakatangal nila and nakakatuwa syang panoorin. Stef, Jean, Lizzy. Sana sila ay pwede sa pwesto ni Kris.

Then merong production number sina Jolina and the runners-up ng previous batches (Rainier-Yasmien-CJ-LJ-Gian-Iwa), i will skip my review and may Sexbomb VS Starstruck showdown pa! Bigay sina Prince at sina Jesi sa Taktakan!

Special awards goes to Jesi for the “Taktak award”, Stef for Most dramatic Exit (iyak and dissapointed talaga sya noong avenger nalang siya eh), nakalimutan ko kung sino ang dalawa pang nanalo ng dalawa pang awards.

Since it getting very late at night and im hungry, hindi ko na tinapos yung show at the MSP and went home and catched up on TV, then yung sumunod sa Sexbomb na production number ay si Regine Velaquez and the Survivor 6 na naka formal attire na sila at signal na ito na susunod na ang announcement ng nanalo, just like in the previous batches.

The winners are:

Jewel Mische – Ultimate Sweetheart.
Aljur Abrenica – Ultimate Hunk.

(and get this!)

Mart Escudero and Kris Bernal – Ultimate Loveteam!

What! Naku, kung Ultimate male and female lang, eh sina Aljur and Jewel nalang and just ignore the loveteam even if meron! But an award is an award and let’s accept it.

And the 1st “prince” is Prince (haha, coincidence?) and 1st princess lang si Rich, boto ng tao lang siya talo.

Now i wish them all na ayusin naman nila ang work, huwag magaya yung mga bad happenings sa last batches. si Mart, huwag nang kumuha ng video sa mga CR or Dressing rooms.

And that’s it for My “Starstruck: The Next Level” Blog coverage, i thank all the people who have read the news and my opinions on this site. thank goodness i did not have any trouble at the comments and let’s all watch them in their respective projects.

Ano na kaya ang next na pag-uuspan ko that is like a series like this? im not interested in blogging PBB 2 anymore, there are better and more passionate bloggers out there on that subject.

PS: Read this Jewel blog entry:

Marso 24, 2007

Starstruck, the informal “Quick-Count”

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Well, i have posted links to vote for wither Jewel Micshe or Rich Asuncion. Since i can watch the “clicks”, here is the results of the voting from March 18 up to this post , THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL COUNT BY ANY MEANS!


Now the results are not conclusive since i did not place Kris Bernal or the other Boys (Actually, i have hid a link to Kris Bernal’s Vote page).

Alright then, abangan bukas!

Marso 23, 2007

Starstruck, PAHABOL NI Mart!

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Naku, sa teaser, may ma-disqualify raw (late in the game, no way!)

Then it turns out na si Mart pala ang pertaining to that DQ thingy, but bawas iskor lang sya sa council (like ZERO na sya, hahaha, joke!)

ano ginawa nya, kinunan nya yung isa sa staff ng starstruck na nasa CR or dressing room and then kumalat ito.  First, he denied doing it pero in the end, inamin rin and what a bad boy!


Starstruck, Final Deliberation from the council (?)

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I think this Thursdays episode was the final “formal” episode and this friday, baka practice lang sa Final Judgement night this sunday, mukhang 10:30 AM yata ang pasok and you stay there or have some mark in your wrist, sana hiwalay ang pasok and kasama ko ang iba pang kaibigan ko or else i will settle for the TV nalang even though i get the tickets which by the way dapat friday (ngayon as im posting this) pero hindi parin ako contact nya so its still up in the air and i don’t want to be in a part of some party game style of ticket distribution also on friday (alam nyo na iyon!)

Believe it or not, i did not absorb the info from the show itself! So before sunday, baka mag-post nalang ako ng balik tanaw ng previous seasons, i have it on paper already.

And my choices of the winners as seen in my sidebar are set in stone and wala nang kokontra ha!

Mga pahabol:

1.)  I have posted a comment on Jewel’s Blog!

2.)  I have been lurking on the Starstruck 4 thread over at and Oh dear, Democracy at its finest!  I still believe in other people’s opinion (after learning it the HARD way) but i was hurt by some of the comments, makikita din doon yung personality ng mga taga-hanga ng isang actor/actress eh, hitlist ko ngayon yung mga maka-Kris Bernal which sila ang pinaka-“makasira”, then yung mga maka-jewel eh positive thinkers and the Rich fans, umm where are they.  Now its only the tip of the iceburg and its not conclusive.

And i agree with one post there that we might see a repeat of Jackie Rice (although, i do see her on TV recently on “Princess Charming” and i like how she looks 🙂 ) sana hindi na ganoon ang case and parang season 1 na ulit ang popularity!

Finds at some thrift shop

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Kanina noong nasa Gateway Mall, Cubao ako. Im Kinda Jealous on 1.) Guys with Girlfriends & 2.) People with Laptops (anyways, its for business!)

Then i went inside this U.S.A Surplus Shop, like the Ukay-Ukay, only more diverse in the number of items you can buy. I will only focus on the electronics/appliances stuff and will be ignoring the clothing/toys/shoes since i have no idea how “clean” they are. In fact, while browsing the shop, im on the watch for anything “bad”.

Ito ang mga nakita ko sa loob:

1.) Old Computers: Mostly from the Pentium III & below fare but from name brands like Compaq, HP, Dell and Emachines. I suspect that 70% of them are DOA units and sell for 500 PHP for you to thinker on. While working units are 4,000 PHP and up.

2.) Old PC monitors: I think all of the good ones like the flat-panel CRT’s are DOA and just waiting for somebody to “buy” the darn monitors!

3.) Power adapters: For some reason, ang daming Power adptors, yung ginamit sa mga cordless phones, answering machines, chargers. Hindi naman magamit dito since 110V lahat sila! Does not make sense to use them here (unless maybe there is a travel adapter there that i missed that can work here)

4.) Old A/V components: Like TV’s, Stand-alone CD players which needed a separate amp (do they sound better than our CD players now?), Region 1 DVD players which it will play “Carriedo” supplied DVD’s anyway, Very Old Audio Amps and speakers (one of them is an “Harman/kardon” & Directv satellite receivers, another “Useless here” item that you can buy.

5.) Old game consoles: I was surprised to see the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and the Nintendo SNES on sale and they have game cartridges! But i have no idea if they are still working. While on the subject of game cartridges, i also found Sega Master System Cartridges and even Atari 2600 cartridges, included the reportedly bad game “E.T”!

6.) VHS tapes: NAH! i have a lot of tapes to overwrite and record to.

7.) Printers: Like the monitors, i suspect they are all DOA units but if most of the units are working and sell less than 2,000 PHP. I might snag one since most of them are laser printers and All-in-ones that are like 3 years old and less!

Marso 21, 2007

Starstruck, Geez! Get over the “loveteams”! Alam ko na iyan! & Mga Adik sa Comment spam!

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A little late (since no internet card!), but better than never on the latest sa Starstruck.

Again, i want to see them shine in thier own light and grabe iyan “loveteams” na iyan and iyang kris na iyan……..i don’t like her, cute nga pero feel ko na ginagamit na nya si Aljur & Mart (same goes to Aljur & Mark taking advantage of Kris). Guess what? Smart itong blogger na ito and hindi nyo ako ma-convince na ultimate loveteam na kayo dyan!

Ligawan na yata sila dyan eh, I-disqualify nyo na nga sila since may no courting rule sila as long as they are in the competition!

I really feel na kasing init ito ng batch 1. Ano kaya ang kalalabasan ng Batch 4? Meron kayang Mark Herras-(yung babae na iyon) in real life kinda thing?

Or lets even push it further and may “Mang-yari” kay kris na malaki ang effect sa buhay nya dahil sa mga lalakeng iyan!

Basta, i like Rich or Jewel!

And then after not posting entried for a while, i was greeted with this:


Yipes if they appeared on the blogsite!

Marso 19, 2007

Starstruck, the last week at the broadway (Hello Marikina!) & PBB 2. Yung latest opinions

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So, hindi na final 4 kundi Survivor 6 na sila and kanina. Im quite angry with the avengers since majority of them don’t belive in Jewel’s position to be there, Gusto nila si Stef! Anyways, individual opinions lang naman and may bearing ba sila sa final scores?

And, ang ganda ng appeal ni Jewel at lalo na kay Rich sa katulad natin on why we should vote for them.

Anyways, since this is the last week, i will make some additions to the blogsite. I will add on the widgets area my picks for Ultimate Sweetheart, Ultimate Hunk and Ultimate Loveteam. And direct vote links to them.

Sinu-sino kaya ang manonood ng Live sa Marikina? I may not watch it even though i know somebody who will give me some tickets (and don’t ask me those tickets!) because of GMA’s idea of SOP and S-files to be also held there on that day, i go to my church on sunday mornings, cannot do an override of schedule and baka yung lang ang chance mong makapasok, unless hiwalay ang pasok ng mga gusto lang manood ng Starstruck.

In PBB news, natangal na ang “Bold Star” at yung na-hapon na Anime dubber. Tsaka itong si Gee-Ann gustong sanang mag voluntary exit. Buti hindi natuloy kundi mababawasan ako ng “eye-candy”

And your nominees for eviction for this week are:

Kian: I find him loud but i would not evict him.

Gee-Ann: I will not evict her!

Beatriz: If i were a housemate, i would not nominate her. Because she is an asset in the house. Pero sa viewers perspective ko, Get her out of house!

Jasmin: Sila na bahala sa kanya, hindi ko alam kung palalayasin ko sya or what.

Marso 17, 2007

The person who really popularized “Itaktak Mo”, What’s my Web browsing habits and The Philippine Digital TV effort, and HDTV in general.

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Kanina sa Eat Bulaga, they have credited the woman in the audience who popularized the “taktak” on TV and with the help of Joey de Leon, it took off. They are trying to 1up “Boom Tarat Tarat”, by the way.

Buti naman at hindi nila kinalimutan sya, i actually asked myself what did happen to her, where are the royalties and the attention. Ayun na nga, parang binayaran na sya ng royalty in the form of a sari-sari store and i think there is money involved backstage (hindi na nga lang sinabi, baka lang ha!)

Balita ko, ang Eat Bulaga eh natatalo nanaman sa ratings, i don’t think so.

*Bias starts here*

Do you know what, i find the “umaalog-alog-alog” song that Willie sings before going to the games on Wowowee, for the old people and merong double meaning (the t*ts the chorus is refering to)

*Bias ends here*

More and more i browse wikipedia and i help add and correct Philippine based articles recently. Dati nga, nasabi ko na mahilig ako sa youtube (not the NSFW material) pero sa bahay eh Dial-up lang (which in my all atempts to speed it up just a bit by making it more responsive, dial-up parin eh.)

Then, i look at my RSS feeds of other peoples blogs, forum postings (i wont mention on where and what topics, thank you) and

I browse late at night on fridays and sometimes sundays to take advantage of free dial-up

What’s yours?

Now, im excited at ABS-CBN’s effort of Broadcasting its shows in Digital. Sabihin ko lang na ang pangit ng reception ng Ch.2 dito but just move into my neighbor and malinaw sya. Digital will fix this. Also it will bring HDTV if they opt for it, i saw HDTV demos already (remember my post of Blu-ray from PS3) and i would like to see local shows in HD. Lalabas na ang totoo kung maganda nga ba ang artista sa TV or hindi (hahaha).

If you have seen the pirated DVD of “Jumong” from carriedo already, you might have noticed the screen bug which said “MBCHD”. MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) made jumong and its in HD originally, the pirated is an HD-rip and if only GMA-7 is in HDTV already, they can show jumong in HD!

also have you noticed that Princess hours on ABS-CBN is in letterbox form? Why? Maybe its in HD originally and whoever made it in Korea did not want it to be pan&scanned to fit our square, 4:3 tv’s.

American Shows in studio 23 are also available in HD if studio 23 were in HD.

Next post, i will discuss the cost of Digital or HDTV and my criticisms on current NTSC (the analog that we all use right now) broadcasts.

In the meantime go to : for image samples of HDTV broadcasts and you will see why you want your local shows to look like that!

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