Pebrero 27, 2007

CD-R king (Ang mura!), YOUTUBE (NAKAKAADIK!) & HE-AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), Wow, unbelievable!

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I already bought CD-R king branded headset (headphone with a mic sticking out of it) for only 75 pesos, it works fine for me, the mic is good a picking up my voice but the loudness of the speakers is kinda weak.

And then i plan to get the 150 peso headphone that looks like what the DJ’s use in radio, since my earphones included in my MP3 player (a “Creative”) can’t block sound from outside without rendering me deaf. I have read reviews, they say its ok but i haven’t auditioned it. I have a classmate ho has these headphones pero nakalimutan kong mag-ask to try it out.


And then they sell PC accessories on the cheap, yet they are durable, example noong wala pa akong Sariling PC and relied on my suking PC rental shop (which the internet connection is fast, they maintain the PC’s and away from Noisy kids cussing at each other, grabe ang bata pa talaga nila.) they use CD-R king optical mice and they work.

Kanina sa free time ko, youtube nanaman ako and two hours ako nanood, did not read news or any other thing. Sa dami eh i forgot most the good stuff i wanted to share. The videos that amazed me are the Swiss Fighter Plane Pilots who fly low in the swiss alps, The First official Apple Iphone TV commercial Aired at the oscars (Ang galing talagang mang-ingit ng Apple, the music and concept is nice.), Old PC and Game Console Commercials & 3000 students watching a guy break-up with his Girlfriend on Valentines Day (It’s like watching Jerry Springer! A must see. but be warned, explicit language.)

Then the only video that i did not like is yung nasa-magkatabing PC’s ko. Videos of the interviews of Kris Aquino, James Yap and Hope Centino (i Hope [pun intended] i spelled her surname right), PHULEEZZZ! Akala ko gusto nyo “private”, Eh dinaan pa sa mag-kakontrang TV interviews eh, sa una eh aminan sila then nag-kontrahan na. Si Kris Aquino, madaling kapitan ng sakit of issues, remember Joey marquez V.S. her? Magkakontra rin sila ng interviews, LIVE PA SA MAG-KABILANG HIMPILAN! Ayaw ko ng may ganitong pinaguusapan para mag-karoon ng publicity and ratings. Let’s talk about the good things, ipagmalaki natin iyon. Let’s all be happy and let solve these negatives in the background rather than the focus of one’s “Artista”.

I was listening to internet radio and then when i stumbled upon this AAC stream at 24 kbits, i opened it up in foobar2000 and the sound is way better than WMA streaming at the same bitrate!

Curious of the AAC format, i downloaded the Free Nero Digital AAC encoder (command line utility, No Nero Suite Required) and played with it. At 128 kbits, kinda sounds better than MP3 at the same bitrate, but at lower bit rates, Better than MP3 or WMA and about the same as Ogg Vorbis. Sana hindi lang MP3 ang available to download and my audio player supports the AAC or even the Ogg Vorbis format


Pinoy Big Brother: Their First Night (GOYOHAN NA!). Starstruck: Danger 8

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SA PBB ngayon, ang bilis na may lihim na challenge na binigay si kuya, ito ha, si Mickey (mouse, hehe) marunong palang mag tagalog (like Ezekiel) and then sabi ni kuya na huwag syang magsasalita ng tagalog, german lang. Parang yung kaso ni Sam noong season 1 which he had a hard time speaking tagalog and that half-japanese dude sa Pinoy Dream Academy (just comparing). 30 kg lang pwede nilang clothes, food and yung (silly) Baby doll ni Gee-Ann. Except Mickey, the housemates were given tasks already at the house, isa mang-gigising sa umaga (Gee-Ann), Isa linis bintana at salamin (Nel), Isa magluluto ng Lunch (Saicy), Isa bantay kalinisan (Wendy) at nakalimutan ko yung kay Ezekiel.

I cant wait for the remaining housemates na pumasok. and lumabas ang mga ugali at saloobin ng housemates (Gay confessions of an housemate anyone?) Makes me wanna get that 24/7 channel and walang patayan ang isang TV, except pag matutulog na ako.

In Starstruck news (thank goodness, PBB does not overlap Starstruck) yung danger 8, ininterview ng council for 5 mins and si Stef, Nag-kamukha lang sila ng konti ni Mrs. Tolentino & Stef is serious in her words in winning. Si Jewel, maraming “sakit” (paano na iyan, i like her pa naman!), Kris looked CUTE And Rich, Buti she is Back to kick Stef’s Butt (HA!)

Pebrero 26, 2007

Starstruck: YEHEY! Wala na si Jesi! And Pinoy Big Brother Season 2.

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Im happy because Jesi was out of the competition and he/she is now an avenger! Rich and Mart are back in the Game and Starstruck updates are back again from me. Sa week na ito, yung starstruck council naman ang mag-test sa kanila. Hindi ko napanood ang production numbers nila dahil late ako ng pag-gising from napping 🙂

And muntik nang ma-miss ito, ang Pinoy Big Brother, Season 2! Comment ko lang sa house, ANG GANDA COMPARED TO THE FIRST SEASON (excluding Celebrity Edition, Teen Edition and Pinoy Dream Academy). And swerte nilang batch. Anyways, comments ko sa mga bagong housemates.

Ezekiel-Pinoy Raised in Australia, Adik sa “World of Warcraft” Level 70 character.

Wendy-Commercial Model, Bb pilipinas Ms. Tourism 2005. Lives in the Squatters Area in Navotas. Maganda sya.

Nel-Nursing Student, Super Strict ang tatay, maraming Girlfriend and fling ang pinagdaanan. Parehong Pulis and parents. Ito ang magdadala ng kalokohan sa bahay, unless meron palang ibang papasok (more on that later) na mas-matindi 🙂

Saicy-Dance instructor, may bading na kapatid! I dont like her! Let’s see in the coming days.

Gee-Ann – Cheerleader, mahilig sa stuffed toys. Maganda sya and medyo childish and dating.

Mickey-half austrian, half pinoy from switzerland, cannot speak tagalog, only german, mahilig sa hip-hop, needed an interpreter noong ininterview sya bago pumasok sa house. He will be a problem for the housemates unless meron syang “Secret Weapon” na english speaking pala sya.

Bitin! 6 palang ang pinapasok sa House. Nawalan yata ng oras kaya next week na yung iba pa, so far, maganda ang mix ng nasa bahay ngayon.

Starting now until the end of PBB season 2, i will be blogging about it.

Pebrero 24, 2007

“Eat Bulaga’s” Super Sireyna, Grabeng “Pichay” and The whole James Yap Third Party hoopla, my Rant on it.

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Kanina sa Eat Bulaga (Actually all of this week), Merong Gay Beauty pageant “Super Sireyna” and i have to say, Ang ganda nila kahit aware ako na Third sex sila (Which this blogger believes that they have also rights, although limited, we won’t go there.), i have seen Gay beauty pageants before and kudos to them for doing everything they can to “Beautify” themselves. Nasaaan na ang Mr. Pogi, pero para sa mga katulad ni Jesi (hehe)

In between commercials of Eat Bulaga, itong si Pichay na ito, maraming version ng political ad nya, he is bent on consuming the 120 min TV rule (if the comelec is watching, NOT!) and its expensive! Sino ba itong “Gulay” na ito, he came out of nowhere.

I saw the Startalk interview with this “Hope” girl (no, not the “cigaweed”) the person who butted in James-Kris Marriage and my opinions (sorry sa magagasagasaan, pero kayo na rin ang pakana ng problem eh)

1.) Bakit patago pa ang kuha ng camera sa Mukha ng Hope na iyan? pero may mga pictures sya na ipinakita na kita sya in detail, and if you take stills of the different parts of her face, you can reconstruct it.

2.) Gimmick! Hey, yung kapatid ni Kris ay tatakbo (cannot remember if Senator or just congressman) kaya publicity na ito, in a harsh way.

3.) Gimmick! Dapat sana hindi makakarating sa akin and to you yung details, pero sila-sila na rin ang naglalabas eh.

Basta, IM CRANKY SO IM SAYING THESE THINGS. Dapat wala akong paki dyan eh!

Pwede kaya ang “transparency” in this case to a select few who are investigators like you and me. Pag tapos na eh, balik sila sa lungga nila where hindi sila papakialaman.

Pebrero 22, 2007

The “ultimate” Digital Camera (so far..), Boring subject & Talk about Contradictory news!

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Reading my feeds, i stumbled upon this new Canon Digital camera that can record 720p HD video on Memory cards!


This is like the Sanyo Xacti HD-1A or the HD2 but this is a Canon & costs less than the Sanyo (based on the gizmodo article)

I bet that this will take better video than your SD DV camera, but the disadvantage that i see is in the memory cards, Tapes are cheaper than cards but the HDV camcorders which record on tape are EXPENSIVE!

I would like to take one of these cameras for a spin and record somebody i like to see in HD video, beating the SD cameras commonly pointed at her (clue:I will give NO CLUE to who she is!)

Kanina sa isang subject ko sa college, its sooo boring just making powerpoint presentations on “POWERPOINT 97”. Huh?, you are using Office 97? Yes, because the computers we were using for that particular computer lab run WINDOWS 98 and they are 8 years old (based on their hardware of 500mhz procs, 64 MB of RAM, Some S3 vid card…). Well fine if im in a public college like PUP or even UP (i bet the hardware over UP is better) but this is a (quote)International Computer College(unquote) and i’m (and others) are paying good money for college education and i think lang na “moro-moro” lang ang style doon. i won’t mention the name of the college dahil no choice rin muna ako and i just want to vent out disspointement, di bale malapit na akong mag-“move on”

with that rant, i would like to give the news of the day, taken from Google News:


Pebrero 21, 2007

No Starstruck Updates this week!

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Until tangalan ulit this sunday, ayaw ko munang mag-post anything about Starstruck since ayaw ko ang Dramaflicks nila this week. This is my personal preference and para sa mga “subscribers” dito sa blog na ito for starstruck opinions, stand-by muna kayo. Thanks!

“Artificial Slowdown”, more Political ads on TV that i saw & Pag wala si “Mo”, wala na din ang show sa Magic 89.9

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ALMOST ALL DIAL-UP INTERNET PREPAID CARDS ARE DEFECTIVE! Why? based on my experience, ALL of them are ARTIFICIALLY throttled down to half of the max of the modem at certain times of the day, some even killing the internet itself while you are still being counted down your minutes. Tapos na ang Taiwan quake incident natin ang i assume back to normal na pero ganoon parin eh, they are like broken. Oh wait! Baka kaya ganoon eh dahil para mabilis maubos yung 30 HOURS mo sa card! False advertising na iyan, more like 12 hours “effective” in my opinion.

Sigh, how i wish i have DSL like the Globelines 995 pesos plan which you have a decent 384 kbps DSL service and a landline phone instead of them paid separately. Ok naman ang Globelines Broadband dito sa lugar namin, no horror stories unlike what i read in forums and a report from one of my friends in makati that she even resorted to Dial-up back in December because the DSL line was “Useless”, but that was after the taiwan quake so lets cut them some slack on that. But i wont forgive Dial-up ISP’S for this! And i have not even mentioned Busy lines which is the cancer of the Dial-up service way before the hours started to rise from 9 hours to 30 hours.

More political ads on TV that i saw:

Tito Sen-Touching, and notice who paid for the ad.”Paid by:Dabarkads of Tito Sotto”. Lumabas pa sya ng Eat Bulaga kahit dati eh pang-weekend sya.

Ralph Recto-May point ang ads nya na walang kontra. At may Noli de Castro pa sa Huli!

Joker Arroyo-Astig yung commercial with shadows of so-called “Monsters” sa pulitika.

Loren Legarda-No comment, again-i saw the same material (style) used before.

Listened to Magic 89.9 yesterday and i noticed na wala masyadong hard-hitting conversations and naabutan ko lang pinag-usapan nila ang mga boys na pumapatol sa bakla (YUCK!) and isang male model. Bland! Sana nga hindi suspended si Mo, kasi naman sya, balita ko sobra sya kung mag-salita Shock Radio EH!, this might be a good reading even though it is from 2002: Infamous stunts have taken some of the juice out of shock radio

The Campus radio Petition already hit the 1000+ signatures and i would like to comment on Signature # 1044:

“If I hear Boom Tarat Tarat on LS, I swear I’ll strangle a cat”


Again, even though people may “Game” the system by placing multiple siggys, but c’mon 1000+ signatures really says something kahit kaunti now.

Pebrero 19, 2007

Starstruck, Jewel Mische, Take care. and Political Ads for the 2007 Senatorial Elections

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Tama nga sinabi ni “lol” (see comment here) na napasugod sa Hospital si Jewel. Kaya pala ganoon ang performance nya last sunday. Sige, ingat sya and i would like to comment sa nakita ko kanina na Pinagalitan sya sa rehersal for Last Sunday’s Episode. C’MON, MAY PROBLEMA YUNG TAO PHYSICALLY AND SISIGAWAN NYO SYA DAHIL DOON, ITS NOT LIKE SHE DOES WANT TO DO IT. GIVE HER SOME SLACK! Sarap batukan ang mga taong ganoon.

And i wish si Rich (Na gustong ibalik ng karamihan sa mga Survivors) or si Lizzy (Na gustong matangal si Jewel) ay makabalik. Jesi, get Him/Her outta there!

Ito ang mga pulitikong tatakbo sa Senado which their commercials made their mark since paulit-ulit na sila and/or maganda ang concept, note na patay ang Television set ko and i don’t have web pages open yet, so these opinions are directly from my mind.

Mike Defensor-Corny ng commercial mo! “Laban ko ‘to!” ka pa.

Chiz Escudero-Astig ang kanta at commercial.

Mr. Zubiri-“BOOM TARAT TARAT! ZUBIRI, ZUBIRI!” hahahahaha! Zubiri lang natandaan ko!

Kiko Pangilinan-“Mountain Dew” endorser ka ba? since yung kanta na ginamit is from the Mountain Dew commercial, pinalitan lang, of course, ng lyrics.

Mr. Pichay-Itanim raw sa senado. HINDI KITA KILALA, Baka Malanta ka nalang (hahahaha)

Manny Viliar-So far ito yung lagi kong nakikita sa TV and (YAWN), nakita ko na iyan dati pa.

Tessie Oreta-Yun lang ba ang platform mo, free pre-school?

Yun lang ang mga commercials na tumatak sa isip ko. where are the other candidates, when is their commercials airing?

And i notice na medyo malinis (pa) ang kalsada natin. is the MMDA the root cause of it, or walang mag-poster?

Pebrero 18, 2007

Starstruck “Ano na ba?”

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Basta gusto ko lang mag-comment na Malapit ka nang matangal for good JESI!  Dahil he/she is technically eliminated for now (along with Mart) but pwede pa syang makabalik since yung natitirang avengers ang iboboto natin, why want Rich or Lizzy Back?  I do!

And Hazel, Chariz, Jesi, Stef, Jewel.  Ang pangit ng Performance nyo!  Jewel, paano na iyan?  And i don’t find Hazel and Chariz that desirable (sorry!)

Inip na ako sa Final Judgement para may bago naman! (and makakalimutan ang mga prev batches, but thats another post in itself.)

Malling tayo!

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Pumunta ako sa SM Megamall since wala naman ako magawa sa House.

First i went to The Cyberzone and checked out the stuff na pinang-iingit nila sa akin and i went inside Datablitz, the seller of “Original” PC/MAC/PS2/PS3/Xbox/Xbox360/Wii software, not the ones you can buy on the cheap. The software costs from 435 pesos (for Very Old games) to 3000+ pesos (yung para sa PS3, PSP.), Also i found out a lot of Mac Games so who is saying hindi pang-gaming ang Mac? Pag puro FPS ang laro mo, well baka Windows ka muna but…..the Mac is OK for gaming na. It feels different that you are in a place na hindi naman pirated ang software. mahal kasi orig, License lang at CD binibili mo, hindi hardware na hindi madali o basta-basta gawin, ang software, DVD/CD burner lang, solve na sila.

Next shop, i cannot remember the name of the store but they have a PS3 connected to a LCD monitor (a Sharp Aquos), a change sa mga nakadisplay lang na unit na nag-iingit! And guess what, hindi sya game kundi movie ang “nilalaro” nila. But ok lang since they are playing a “Blu-Ray” High-def disc, “Mission Impossible III” yung movie and yung opening sequence yung naabutan ko and tinapos ko yung first chapters since ang ganda ng Picture Quality nya, if it was the Same Movie on DVD played on that same LCD TV. It will look Smeary and softer due to lower resolution and kailangan pang i-upconvert. But Blu-Ray, maganda. At the store, they are selling Blu-Ray and HD-DVD (Yung kalaban) Movies, 50/50 ang gusto kong movies in both formats. Sigh, Beta VS. VHS nanaman tayo!

After tech, food naman ang trip ko. Ordered a Pizza from Pizza Hut and “GASP!” PHP 340 ang nagastos ko, ako lang ang kumain ng Pizza (takaw!), advice: Although busog ka sa sarap ng Pizza, Meron namang ibang pwedeng orderin na masarap, nakakabusog and mas-MURA kaysa sa order ko pag kakain ka ng Solo. There, wala na tuloy budget for Desserts, i plan to Buy “Krispie Kreme” (did i spell it right?) Doughnuts in the future sa Megamall.

Pasingit lang, noticed na sikat ang Doughnuts ngayon?

Movies, Meh! Sa bahay nalang ako. Planned to watch “The Promise” but i watched all “Angel Locsin-Richard Gutierrez” Movies at home and its not going to change. At least pag pangit (as in the case of one of their movies) hindi ako lugi.

Arcade, “TIMEZONE” lang ang bida sa Megamall, “World of Fun” and that one wannabe cannot match the caliber of games sa timezone, but yet again due to the Pizza Pig out, no more budget.

And on the way home, sa MRT Ortigas Station, 3 trains have passed before i was able to get on one because the people are packed like sardines! Puno na kasi galing pang Makati.

Susunod na Pahina