Mayo 5, 2008

Enough already, moving on, nothing to see here, this is already an archive piece (and im talking about Miley)

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(editors note: This post was supposed to be for last week, but since new stuff happened and it would be a shame to trash what is written for that day, so i recycled it and made it relevant.)

Its day 8 for Miley’s nightmare at the Vanity Fair (Copyright by “naksd”) and the news does seem to calm down and as a result, there isnt new candids for miley taken by the photogs or ordinary folk. There is no news about her before and whats she is up to and i heard that Mickey Mouse (Disney) ordered her and the gang to stay low and dont show up until this whole thing is back to normal and we can see her again. well, last weekend or so, she went to Disney World over at Florida (will go there after i tackle Disneyland) to “participate” at the Disney Channel Games, but not as a team member of any team but just to perform her new album pieces which after this blogger finishes posting what you are reading now, will go on the net to listen to the new songs so i wont tell yet if they are good or not.

Ok, that Backless pic is my Cellphone wallpaper and im used to it, but its cropped just to see Miley’s Face up to like 1/8’ths of her body.

i wanted to see her, back in action (no pun intended) away from this mess and i would say, lets move on. This is no more than a “Protein Spill” over at Disneyland (look it up!, “Inside the Magic” Podcast is where i heard that) but made by an actress and people have all the ammo they can throw at her. When she is Physically hurt, quits showbiz or worse, then we really be worried.

More of this and less of that!

(insert video of Miley and Mandy)

Hey, any mention of GTA IV over the news? Overshadowed by Miley eh? I would not play it when my cousins are awake. Im still annoyed by the fact that in the Philippines, GTA is treated as a kids game and i see kids as young as 5 playing it mistaken to Gran Turismo.

The Slacker Portable Radio, i got it already but im having a headache using USB to update the songs and almost wrecked the office network due to Internet connection sharing, but using the devicescape feature and i have a monthly subscription to a network of wifi hotspots since no DSL at home and cannot use Cellphone data on some internet things, i was glad that the slacker connected to mcdonalds (cheaper than Starbucks and brighter lights too!) and is now updating the songs and channels as im typing this. i read on forums that it sounds like XM radio, yipes! But that was on earlier units, i also read that SQ increased over time and i would say again, AAC-HE V2 sounds better than WMA or any other below 128kbit solution out there. And the unit does not dissapoint, the tracks have very good stereo separation and they dont exhibit a lot of compression artifacts unlike the dreaded XM radio. Search this blog for my short review of AAC-HE V2. For the record, XM uses AAC-HE V1 but the bitrates are too low even for AAC-HE V1 at 32 to 40 kbps, the target bitrate In my opinion for V1 is 64kbps to sound like a 128kbps MP3, and Slacker for the portable uses AAC-HE V2 at around 40kbps.

Some other things on the Slacker radioas a service, if you create a station instead of using the pre-made stations, expect a lot of repeats that i thought they were too thoughtful to repeat songs that i like but its annoying so i just loaded a lot of pre-made stations and just left 2 stations that i made myself, i KIIS Clone and a Radio Disney Clone that does not play any Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Songs! Darn Licensing, though the Song “See You Again” plays on the KIIS clone i did. Slacker, please dont crash and burn!

Oh boy! They are talking about the successors to Miley Cyrus already!

For example, Selena Gomez. I look at her as the Contra-Miley, she can do 99% of the stuff Miley can do and if the mouse really wants, they can develop Selena and her show “Wizards of Waverly Palace” to overtake “Hannah Montana” in kids hearts (and mine). She also uses youtube to have a show with Demi Lovato who i dont know much about her so i dont care!.

Aly & AJ, are you kidding me! They are a different league and i dont see them as “Miley Replacements!”

And watch out for Demi Lovato and those Jonas Brothers when the movie “camp rock” premieres, i have no idea if they can crush HSM or HM.

darn it, now im thinking if Miley did the shoot because she wanted to or she was tricked by that Annie “Le-boo-boo” (dunno her real last name), just watch the April 30 airing of the tonight show by Jay Leno’s monologue on (i think its available there) or your favorite internet video site and he made fun of Annie in relation she wanted to “undress” Queen Elizabeth! Words cant describe what i saw tonight, i was laughing off the floor and jay leno did not make fun of Miley, he is good to her.

Back to Annie the photog which i still dont remember her last name, she actually did some wholesome shots of celebs for Disneyland/Disney World which is ironic since Disney was quite angry with the VF Photos, see here (insert photos of annie for Disney)

Ok, enough of the Backless issue already and can we talk about when she will be perky like the past couple of weeks? If only i met her in those times at the coffee shop and out and about in town…

Now im happy that i can use the internet anywhere there is a hotspot that i have been paying for already instead of $2.95 to an insane $10.00 per session! Monthly is cheaper and im on a no contract subscription is this will be temporary and when we get back DSL at the house, i might use free wifi hotspot use or a small add-on that they offer if they have it.


Pebrero 18, 2008

I wanna meet Miley Cyrus, The Apple Store experience and Slacker personal radio

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I see Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) on many Magazines now and on TV, and she will be on the Oscars!  Unbelievable.  I wanna Meet Miley Cyrus soon, after i get my drivers license and go to Disneyland on a 2fer ticket (one day in Disneyland, the other in Disney california adventure, gotta ride “soarin”!)

Last Sunday i went to an undisclosed mall to go to the Apple store and i thought i will be a small place since the mall isn’t that big, i was wrong.  There were a Lot of people and the space is big.  The areas were split to the ipods, iphones, laptops and desktops.  The star of the place is the Macbook air which in my opinion can be used as a vegetable cutter at the kitchen [hehe 🙂 ] since it was thin and had “sharp” edges.  it was solid so i wont worry it breaking in half when accidentally sat on it and comparing it to the Macbook.  But since i already have an Asus Eee PC, i will pass to all apple laptops but i might get a Imac and use it as a DVD player, Tv tuner and main computer since there is now space at the house to place one.  I also Liked Apple Tv Take 2 since i saw the shows there available to download (for a fee) that im interested to, and i think this is the new Cable Box, the interface is very good and i was able to watch clips of “Hannah Montana”, Miley’s MTV “start all over”, ETC.

I noticed that the ipods are all connected to either a Bose Quiet Comfort 2 or a Bose triport!  Because of this, i got to test the Noise Cancelling of the Bose QC2.  It works without interfering with the audio quality but my Grado SR60 headphones are as good as the Bose and its cheaper!

Speaking of the Grado’s, im using them right now to Listen to Pandora….i mean Slacker Personal Radio and i wanna buy the Portable but since i got this already pointless XM radio (Pioneer Inno) that i gotta sell soon if i want to switch, i cannot get the portable slacker radio for practical reasons.  Slacker has the songs that i wanted, unlike Pandora Internet radio that plays music that i dont know or XM that plays the same stupid stuff and the sound quality, ugh!

An Update to the camcorders that i want to buy,  I settled on the Panasonic PV-GS83.  I Liked the O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilization), a good sensitive mic, powerful zoom (32X) and i got it for $200!

Pebrero 8, 2008

I watched the Miley Cyrus 3D Concert movie again, second thoughts.

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I watched the movie the second time around at the same unnamed AMC theater and this time around, no lines and the theater is at “regular” load. Though i still see young girls in Hannah Montana apparel and they are more energetic than the last time i watched it.

Since this is the second time i watched the “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of both worlds concert movie in Disney Digital 3D”, i will do an in-depth, second look review, i feel that this review is redundant, but i don’t care! As a warning, this is not a spoiler-free review.

I noticed that Tish Cyrus (her Mother) makes a regular appearance on the movie and she is always around more than Billy Ray.

She is still pretty and i noticed more her body figure and face. The movie itself really looked organic in the sense that you are there and the sound is mixed just right, the band and herself in the front, the crowds (The Jet plane takeoff sound level of screaming kids as described by one of the backstage people in the movie) are in the surrounds.

I again saw the Miley Body double switch that is very clear in the movie even by the best efforts to conceal it in the movie. But they acknowledged that double in the beginning of the movie as i said before.

The songs in order are “Rockstar”, this is her opening song and they way she performed it is just good for opening the movie, the she performed “Life’s what you make it” which is ok. I dont like “Just like you” because she looked like she had a hard time performing this song. Next is “I Got Nerve”, she redeems herself from that last song and then “We got the party” with the Jonas Brothers, here we see a very energetic Miley and the camera shots and angles are good, and we see that infamous Body Double.

And the stage is for the Jonas Brothers for 2 songs, that new single and “Year 3000”, if you are a girl, you might be captivated, but as a guy myself, im for the lyrics and the way they sing. No big deal.

After them, Miley Appears as Miley herself and the song “Start all Over” is the first song, very rockstar like with wind effects like she is rockin out on stage, had quite a hard time performing this song too. “See you again”, it ok too. “Lets Dance”, I see Miley do a ballroom dance and she’s hot. “I Miss you”, here you appreciate the 3D effects as the camera does not move as much and she is sitting down with an acoustic guitar with no vocal backups and in one scene, you get a sense of a big stage. “G.N.O: Girls Night Out”, the song did not catch on for me for obvious reasons but i liked they way she danced to the song and finally “Best of Both Worlds”, i liked the way they showed Hannah on one side and Miley on the other on the video monitors stage. The film ends with Miley decending down the stage, fade to black, roll credits to the tune of “if we were a movie”. No hidden surprises at the end of the movie.

I wish Disney will release this on DVD/Blu-ray with the concert in its entirety, ala “Director’s Cut” edition, the mouse will make a killing like they did with this movie and on my previous post here that I i said “I Smell Clever Marketing”. I found an article from the Associated Press on titled “Kids duped into seeing ‘Hannah Montana’ film?” and to quote the article:

““When you have a successful franchise, setting the time table and controlling the distribution just develops an appetite for more,” said Michael Kupinski, media analyst and head of research at Noble Financial Group. “No one is as good at this as Disney.””

You bet! These Disney Guys are Geniuses at this thing, remember Lizzie Mcguire? Or Hilary Duff if you cant remember. Hilary did a concert tour, sold out too. A lot of album sales, movies and of course Lizzie. BTW, where is Hilary now, in the cover of a mens mag????

back to the article, i also want to quote this:

“The movie ran on all of the country’s 683 public screens equipped to handle 3D films, and averaged $45,534 per screen over the weekend. A typical blockbuster opens in 3,000 theaters and averages about $7,000 at each, according to industry statistics.”

Unbelivable! Try that Bono!

Ok, enough of this movie, i have spent my movie allowance for this. As Much as i wanna see it for the 3rd time or until they stop the screenings, i can hear Miley’s Voice and i can see Miley’s Face on this Eee PC’s LCD screen. So that’s it for the Movie, lets move on to other things.

Edit:  Saw this article on

and Miley on the 50th grammys, bring it on!

Pebrero 3, 2008

Miley Day! A Review of the “Hannah Montana/MIley Cyrus 3D Concert Movie”

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I have a lot to say about Miley (Ray) Cyrus today on this post because im from a screnning of the “Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour in Disney Digital 3D” And it was a fun time though i forgot to drink water from all the walking i did before the show went on felt a bit tired, forgot some scenes but there is a lot of memorable moments on the film, I Might even see the movie again next week since its official, it will run longer than a week.

Audiences Want More ‘Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert;’

Before i continue, im using a full sized keyboard on my Eee PC since this will be a long post and due to a lot of work and a lot of papercuts associated with it, The Small keyboard would not do the task.

Ok, it started around 2:30 PM at an undisclosed AMC theater location and i thought i should wait around 3:00 PM before entering, but when the Sold Out Sign flashed on their schedule board, i went in and i asked the usherette how is the first day of screening went, she said that the lines formed outside the entrance and it was sold out (but i checked the website and it appeared ok at that time).  I got my 3D glasses and went to theater 5, WHOA!  A line and i was at the back.  There were obviously a lot of young girls in Hannah Montana apparel and accessories but i did not feel out of place in general since i saw a bunch of teens and grown-ups W/Out kids.

A lot of trailers followed and when it came to the 3D trailers, i saw the “U23D” trailer and i said, oh my “gosh” what did i go into??  The trailer did give me a sense that im at the U2 concert and since im watching the Hannah Concert, i will feel the same way.

And sure enough, THE MOVIE IS A BLAST/FUN/EXCITING TO WATCH, Miley looked different and prettier in 3D, you can see her body figure, the stage have a sense of depth.

Do you know what, i cannot keep my thoughts in place about this movie so bear with me if i go off tangent on the following paragraphs.

A lot of times, the camera is always moving to show a lot of the stuff on stage and the angles do repeat due to a limitation on where to place the cameras, especially over the drummer. but in one song (I miss you), the camera is steady and you can appreciate the depth of the movie.  I see the different cameras and cellphones being used to photograph her on stage.

I thought the 74 mins runtime will be short but i did not notice that, the concert is not the full concert but a selection of songs is adequate.

On the content itself, they like throwing stuff at people like a guitar pick, a drum stick (Miley Trew that) and confetti, made me dodge the stuff.

There was controversy involving a body double at the “we got the party” song with the Jonas Brothers that spread on youtube but it was clarified in a statement that they did that on purpose.  And i saw that in the movie, Miley was wisked away from the stage and the double did come up but the camera focused instead on the JoBro and the double disappeared off the stage as the JoBro went to perform 2 songs before Hannah Went to Miley.

The Backstage scenes included the rehearsal, Miley and Her Mom and Dad on separate interviews, The backstage of the Concert itself and the audience reactions.  All are in 2D, inconsistent.

Miley on stage was aware of the camera and she always made gestures at the camera like she winks and smiles when she is on screen and in one song, puts the mic infront of our audience, nice touch.  And she sang live, the result is sometimes she cannot keep up with her music and you can hear that, but that is sometimes.

I would recommend this movie to everyone to have a good time, except if you are critical of her music.

That’s it for now, next week i want to see the Macbook Air at an Apple Store and i would like to watch the Movie again.  I Wish they release this on DVD/Blu-ray in a Directors cut or the Whole Show!

P.S:  I Would like to remind everyone that the capital of Montana (The state) is Not “Hannah”, Taken from a recent episode of the Simpsons.

Enero 25, 2008

Hilary Duff, Badly made DVD’s and Camcorders

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Before i sleep, i watched “The Perfect Man”, starring Hilary Duff, et al.  I only watched the movie because i like Hilary, im supposed to watch “Material Girls”, but picked up the wrong DVD, but since this is the first time i watched it on DVD (the last time was on crummy VCD’s, are they still big there in the Philippines?) and in surround sound via Dolby Headphone, i had a decoder box for that, i watched it and i will watch it again with the directors commentary before i watch “The Devil wears Prada” starring Anne Hathaway which i like because she looked pretty in her movies except brokeback “bundok”.

Then i glanced, not watched, a recent filipino movie (One More Chance) on original Star Movies DVD and i noticed that the video quality of that DVD is very bad.  I thought they would have improved the transfer from film to DVD.  But on broadcast TV, they looked better.  My theory is that they still use equipment used in transfering VHS tapes or Laserdiscs and attach an crummy TV capture card and then using the “fast” settings on their MPEG-2 encoder.  At least the menus looked nice and professionally done.   I betcha that when they do Blu-Ray in like 10 years (HD-DVD is dead as a pre-recorded format anyway), the transfer will look like a DVD (hahahaha).

I have been browsing a video camera to just keep memories and to hack around some videos as a hobby and for my viewing pleasure.  I dont want a DVD camcorder or a HDD one.  and as much i want HD video, they are expensive and i would not settle for a $150 Aiptek “HD” camera.  So i would like to get an Mini-DV camera that has either Optical Image Stabilization or 3CCD or both!  The only cameras that have those features are the Panasonic PV-GS80, PV-GS83 and the PV-GS320.  Also considering the Sanyo Xacti (the Non-HD versions), both mini-dv tapes and SD(HC) cards are cheap these days.

Its getting late. Nite-Nite over here!

Enero 23, 2008

Im Afraid, More Asus Eee PC Updates, My Netflix Experience so far and have i mentioned that im afraid?

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Im Afraid, i think i did something stupid but i would not know the outcome if i did not try the darn thing.  But if all goes well, it will be very rewarding at the end and if things screw-up, well i only lose $500 Bucks, BIG DEAL!  I took a lot of risks this year anyway, some i regretted, most did something good for me.  Also i need a Drivers License ASAP!

Now My Asus Eee PC is better than ever and thank goodness that i steered away from the Cheaper 2G version because it has less memory and its sluggish on various reviews.  And Im spending late nights playing with this thing!  I finally did pair it up with my data enabled phone and got internet access that way.

A good resource for all things Eee is, They have been helpful with the stuff i wanted to do the with Eee and the Wiki beats the user manual supplied hands-down!

I have this beef with Netflix, the online DVD rentals by mail which totally rocks if they dont arrive late, recently my movies come late or shipped the next day after they received my DVD at home, not the night they received it.  and since i signed up for the service for the last 2 months, i haven’t received the movie “Ratatouille” because

a.)  Its the year of the Rat on the lunar calendar.

b.)  This movie is waaaay good.

c.)  Its Pixar, for some reason, ALL of their movies are Very good and i like them all.

But Netflix gives me the flexibility to rent any movie i want without worrying that the movie will suck, if it sucks, return and nothing is lost.  And i cant drive myself to a Blockbuster (Video City in the Philippine Equivalent) video store!

A quick movie review, “Shanghai Kiss” is a movie if you want to see Shanghai, China;  If you are a fan of Hayden Panettiere and are into Independent films that dont feature an F-word every 10 seconds.  Hayden Panettiere is Hot and Sexy but her manners inside might not be up to snuff to my standards.

Alright, i hope the “mistake” might not be a mistake at the end.

Enero 21, 2008

Ay Naku! I Have a EEE and im not afraid to use it, salamat DVR and I Love you Miley Cyrus (as a friend)

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umm, one of my impluse purchases that i made these past months since getting my “card” and buying stuff that people generally dont have that im interested too.  It’s the Asus EEE PC!  In fact, it will be the “laptop” im using right now.

The Model i bought is $350 but was jacked up to $390 due to the sales tax and shipping but it was worth it instead of waiting for a week or paying more to get it sooner at another venue (website/B&M).  It has a 900 mhz Intel celeron Mobile which is very fast for the linux installed, 512 MB of RAM which is plenty for Linux; ok for Windows XP, 4GB Flash drive that acts as the hard drive of this laptop and no moving parts to break in case of a violent shock like dropping it.  has No CD-rom/DVD reader/ (teka, may Away sa PBA!) writer built-inl but you can attach an external USB drive to it; if you need to install windows, the 7 inch screen is beautiful and i legible though challenged by some programs to display properly.  The Keyboard needs getting used to and im getting errors if i type fast due to the smaller keys.

Applications include Firefox (same function as in windows so i used the same settings and extensions), A yahoo compatible IM program (Pidgin), Skype, Openoffice (Why use MS Office if you dont have $$$???) and etc.  You can add apps to it though it has to be linux and for a beginner, can be intimidating unlike windows with a setup program. in the EEE pc’s linux, you have to open up the command line to open up a program to install or directly from the command line.

Basta, i just like it.  Sure you cant play PC games on linux without some messy elbow grease (cedega,winex), you need to manualy install Windows XP (Forget Vista) on a 4GB SSD.  But for what its doing, web, IM, Office and blogging, panalo!

Ano Itong Ratings War na kahit nasa amerika ako eh napapanood ko yung mga akusasyon nila in between commercial like it “applies” here!?!?  Buti nalang may DVR to skip them, sige na, maka CH 7 ako dahil nasa Dos si Cristy Fermin which I DONT TRUST THE MOST!!!! Basta, saan maganda, doon tayo nood.  To go off a tangent regarding Cristy, kung artista ako, matakot ako kay Ricky Lo or (to some extent) Lolit Solis pag may nasabi sila sa akin.  And dito sa amerika, ok lang mag-tirahan sa mga TV shows nila about each other.

Now speaking of amerika, I Really like Miley Cyrus that if i had a chance (and a ticket and time to boot), pinanood ko yung Concert nya though mabibingi ako sa daming girls at ma-susufocate sa fireworks like in this video:

BTW, If you played the video.  It is for the 3D Movie which im telling you, sulit ang 3D movies (pag maganda ang story of course!).  In Fact, i have ordered Tickets last December 2007 for a 3:00PM, Feb 3, 2008 screening.  Baka maubusan ng ticket eh like sa mismong concert.  Felling ko sa mag-kakaroon ng stand-by lines para sa mga late kumuha ng tickets.

At masarap mag-blog muli.

Nobyembre 10, 2007

Im (REALLY) back! “Marimar” is violent and Xm satellite Radio.

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Ok, with a new theme and a new attitude (promise!).  I want my online presence to be heard again.  I hope Google does not demote my pagerank with them.  And lately i have been receiving comments regarding Jewel Mische.  Im not Jewel or Related to her.  And her “official” blog is down at the moment.

I hate the show “Marimar” on GMA7 (or in my case, GMA Pinoy TV.)  I think it is the most violent telenovela i have ever seen.  The villains are so sadistic and the only thing missing is that i get a Light gun for those Gun video games and shoot them down (Please?) I cant get satisfaction in watching this show, i lose my appetite when i see somebody get hurt physically and emotionally.  Thanks goodness i have XM satellite radio with me to drown-out the audio from the TV which is a segue (Segway for those people who know the electric scooter) to my next topic which is my New Pioneer Inno which receives XM Satellite Radio service.

I got the MP3 playing, portable satellite radio receiver for $199.99 +tax at Best Buy, it was on sale from the price of $250.  I got 3 months free and free activation provided i pay up 3 months in advance and i like it!  FM radio Sucks in song content.  The Hits station (102.7 KIIS FM) is like an hip-hop/R&B station with repetitious music from African-American artists (though i have nothing against them.).  This Sat radio of mine is the solution.  The downside of it is the Sound Quality (which is the problem of XM, not the Inno), acceptable but could be better.  The SQ was worse before, i read on the forums.

and yeah, it replaced my MP3 player since it plays them and organizes well.  And you will never hear from me that i bought an Ipod Shuffle-Nano-Classic-Touch.  An exception is the iphone which when my current phone breaks, i want to replace it with this (will have to keep up with the Sim-unlock scene since Apple keeps closing the SIM Unlocks on a regular basis now.  Expensive AT&T!)

Setyembre 14, 2007

Ok, ok! New stuff. I got the PSP, Britney or MTV Blows, Filipino channels on Directv and A girl

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Fine, i got some ideas already and here it is.

Before i begin, Starting now.  With Laptop in Lap.  I will spend one hour or less writing a new article about tech, work life (later next year nalang ang school life, last chance BTW.) etcetera.

I have been wanting a Sony PSP since launch and having played with it at Sony exhibits at malls TWICE!  I wanted one. Before arriving in the states.  I saw more kids with PSP’s than Nintendo DS’s.  And finally after my first paycheck, i was psyched to have a PSP of my own (No Pirated….umm i mean homebrew friendly firmware and hacking) but then the slimmer PSP was announced, great!  i gotta hold that purchase till the first week of september.

Now its September 13.  It has been 4 days since i finally got my own PSP, it is the new silver one.  Slimmer indeed.  I was surprised how light it is, lighter than the Nintendo DS lite, which i also have for Pokemon Diamond.  It costs $216 with tax and it comes with the “Daxter” game which is fun but frustrating, a Family Guy UMD video disc which sana ay simpsons nalang (ok, more tagalog in the coming sentences) and the most important of all, a 1 gigabyte memory stick duo.  If have have purchased the core slim PSP in black and buy the MS separately, lugi ako dahil wala pa yung Daxter na laro.

Graphics on this thing looks like the PS2 console, the web browser is better than the Nintendo DS browser on the DS, I was able to download podcasts (or any other file) directly to the PSP and have i mentioned the graphics

I wanted to have these games,  A tony hawk game, crazy taxi and Gran turismo 4 which sana naman ay lumabas na next year since pwede na ang 333 mhz ng PSP.

Now going to Pwitney Jeers! (A.K.A, “Hit me baby one more time” of fame)  Kadiri sya sa VMA’s ng MTV.  Hindi pa ba sya nag pa lipo or something?  Anyways, i never wanted britney anyway.  I don’t find her “Hot”.  Maybe Vanessa Anne Hudgens na lumabas ang BOLD pics nya sa internet is hotter.  Kawawa naman is Vanessa  and i will side with her pero pag nag-ala Lindsay lohan sya, i will rant her out like britney.

High School Musical and High School Musical 2 is still unwatched on my Directv DVR which keeps on having problems, now and then demanding a reset.  which brings me to the Filipino channels on the Telly.  Weird, strange and reduces homesickness.  I got the Whole package, not just the ABS-CBN stuff.  And thank goodness for the DVR since nasa work nga ako and i can watch my shows when i come home or on the weekends and when my lolo watches Horse racing (ang nagpamahal ng monthly ko sa Directv) marathons.

Pardon the less than stellar character spacing since ngayon lang muli akong nagtype.

Now advice naman please, i like this Girl at work but noong nakasabay ko sya noong pag-uwi namin from work, nakita ko sa cellphone wallpaper nya na may guy with her in the pic.  Maybe it is her brother or maybe the Boyfriend.  She is nice towards me as she is also nice to me, she is just one year older than me.  I am not really rushing for a relationship but i would like more time with her since she is in another dept in the office.  Now what?


Hunyo 1, 2007

Latest Tech reviews (and one TV show im addicted to)

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Unahin na natin yung TV show na iyon.  “Hannah Montana” iyon and i like the Main Character “Miley Stewart” Played by Miley Cyrus which at 14 years old going 15, looks like she is 16 or 17.  I think she is next in line to Hilary Duff.  Hilary eh acting then sinaksak lang ang pagkanta sa career nya although most of her songs in her albums eh hindi ganoon kaganda, maganda lang yung singles.  Si Miley naman kumakanta na sya from the start and ang ganda ng “Best of both worlds” at “who said” sa CD, hindi ko pa na-try yung ibang songs sa CD.  Anyways, inaabangan ko na sa Disney Channel (Which i have 3, go figure why) yung episodes and natutuwa ako sa itsura nya.

Ok, got that off my chest.  Moving on to more techy matters.

Yung Windows Vista Home Basic na lagi kong nagagamit.  Iniba ko yung theme nya from the “False” aero (without the transparency effects that is designed in mind) to the Windows 2000 style and nagulat na pwedeng-pwede and bumilis pa sya on my 512 MB equipped laptop na kinain pa yung part of memory in intergrated graphics.  Parang hindi Windows Vista ang gamit ko but i find the UAC and other “safety” features like a safety net.  Basta, ok lang ang windows vista and i had it working with some obscure windows XP based program via compatibility mode.

I had a chance to try the Microsoft Zune and mas maganda ang Ipod in terms of Music Organizing, but in the video dept, seems to me na mas maganda ang zune.  Pero ipod parin ang madalas na nakikita ko next to the “MP4” players and ang pangit ng UI and hindi kayang mag-play ng totoong MP4 files with MPEG-4 video and AAC sound.

And 2 in one special.  I also got to play with the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.  yung PS3 sa store ko nasubukan and demo version of the game “Virtua fighter 5” connected to an LCD HDTV and the graphics looks real on the people and the surroundings and thats just the beginning for PS3 since first generation game sya and what will the future look like?

Meanwhile, yung Xbox 360 ay nasa bahay connected to the old CRT TV and the graphics on WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2007 is better than the PS2 counterpart but thats it.  Hindi sya nakakabit sa Internet for Xbox Live.  Hindi sya super ingay like the other people said but i hear a whine if i listen closely but its not annoying if im playing or watching an HD-DVD (if ever).

Susunod na Pahina