Hulyo 4, 2007

Grey in L.A. So far….

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No Work, Stuck in the house.

I want to work just to have money for the stuff that i want (did i mention that already in an earlier post?). Long-term plans in my book is within 3 years, when i go to college, when i have my own car (if i pass the test and not hit anybody :p ).

I have applied at Different stores online, Apple (No response yet, now that’s the place i want to be, FREE IPHONE!), AT&T (Rejected by employer, at least you use an Iphone there.) and other tech related stores. Also applied at the likes of Wal-mart as a last resort.

This is the only time that settled down to gather my thoughts and write it in this post.

Before i begin, this is an all-english post. Tagalog postings maybe in the next post and im typing faster than before but slower on touch typing (the type that you don’t look at the keyboard.)

I want to get A Sony PSP when i get a job and i have worked for a month and a half, i think. So i can play games, go online and listen to podcasts, watch Videocasts. Maybe by the time i can buy one. Sony might have released a revision of the PSP ala Nintendo DS Lite.

We drove by Hollywood and saw the chinese theater with the footprints, the Hollywood sign, The walk of fame. Also drove by Beverly Hills and saw rodeo dr, the Hotel used in Pretty woman. I will go back to those places except Beverly Hills since the goods are pretty expensive there and i care more on the actors/actresses than what they wear.

Great, no more stuff coming off my head. Oh wait. Miley Cyrus!

She is the next Hilary Duff and my goodness, A New CD, a tour that i think will be sold-out and at the age of 14, she looks and acts like a 16 year old or even older! (and again, i think i have posted this before.) Lets see if i can see her in person within this year.

The executive summary:

And let’s also see what will happen of the fourth of july tommorrow.

(I wanted Google adsense in my blog but won’t allow this, whaaaa! And Beatriz won PBB season 2, WHAAAAAAA! Why? WHY!!!)


Mayo 2, 2007

Pbb 2: Maricris force evicted! My nokia 3230 ang dj mo

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as per kuya’s decision because of maricris’ violent behavior to herself. She was force evicted and i actually felt sorry for her because before the decision was given to her. She and bea ay nagkabati na. Kung bitter parin sya, fine! Get her outta there! But i really felt sorry for her now. Si maricris eh may problems sa father nya so ganoon ang ugali nya.

And wendy, dionne & saicy are up for eviction. Malamang si dionne or si saicy ang ma-evict. Wendy, nah! Im rooting for her (for now 😉 )

you might notice that my capitalizations and punctuation spacing is a little different because im writing this post in a cellphone. A nokia 3230. And i use opera mini for visiting my wordpress admin to publish this blog. Do you know what, i liked that cellphone browser because it loads pages fast, i can read sites better than the built-in web browser and i dont even know if the built-in browser will open up the sites that opera mini can.

Ok, my review of this nokia 3230 cellphone. I like the screen, i needed to lower the screen brightness because thats how bright it is. The interface is snappy. The fm radio rocks but when in a moving vehicle it constantly switches from stereo to mono, its not that good in reception kaya ganon. Keypad is good, but not great.

My apps that are installed on my phone is of course, opera mini. Gmail. And Fexplorer.

Ok, since i have an fm radio on my phone. I listened to good times with mo twister and again, i dont know who in the world is the guest but interesting otherwise. But one caller got a lot of attention. This guy called in and said that the gay people are sick of an mental illness or something and he cursed a word on air. The f word if you want to know. This caused a furry of calls to the station bashing the gay basher. Personally, i have nothing against the pink population, they are good people.

Abril 29, 2007

PBB 2: Delayed at nang-bibitin nanaman ang Dos! (and the housemates gets more interesting) and “Spiderman 3”

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Wow, May away na sa Bahay. Dahil sa hindi ko nasundan na mga pangyayari na involved si Nel. Nag-away si Maricris (Which i don’t like) at si Bea (Which i also don’t like). Kagabi sa “trailer” nila for this Night’s Episode, sa kusina eh nag War of the Words silang dalawa and may Force Eviciton daw na gagawin. Palalayasin kaya si Nel? (In my DREAMS!)

Sige, pag-sabong nyo muna iyang dalawa.

And si Gee-Ann pala, eh mawawalay na sa Kanyang “Pamela”. I knew this moment will happen from the start. Dahil raw sa isang “violation”, which again hindi ko nasundan. Ipamimigay sa isang batang mas nagangailangan ng Manika na iyon.

I Dunno why Gee-Ann is so connected to that doll. Dapat yata sa kanya eh totoong baby na ang alaga nya. Anyways, magiging maganda or gwapo yung kalalabasan based on my opinion that she looks nice (along with Wendy, Dionne and to some extent Saicy.)

Naipakita narin yung eksena sa Slovenian Big Brother about sa Racist remarks na ginawa ni Miha at Pero. Since yung dialog ay translated na sa tagalog, hindi ko narining ang tono ng pagsasalita nila about kay bruce but c’mon. That is bad to say to a guest even though na hindi ka nya maiintindihan dahil sa language. Halatang Bad Trip yung na force evict na si Pero noong layas na sya on the spot. Dito sa atin eh may isa pang araw ang na-force evict in the case of franzen. Sa kanila, in 10 mins you need to be outta there!

I have an idea, yung si Pero. Itapon sa PBB house in the place na ma-force evict na PBB housemate para masaya!

Also, paano kung si Bruce ang manalo sa PBB and isa sa mga prizes ay tour ng Europe. Parang trailer na iyon sa kanya ng things to expect in Europe if ever na Big Winner sya. I root for one of the Girls to snag the Big Winner Prize (1 Million Pesos rin iyon!)

Wow, i got back to blogging about PBB season 2 again.

In other topics, The movie “Spiderman 3” will open in Philippine Cinemas on May 1, Tuesday. Another Moment where you get bragging rights sa internet na napanood nyo na yung movie before most americans will be able to see it And probably they will be able to download it off Bittorent because mas-nauna tayo 🙂

I have watched the 1st and 2nd installments sa sinehan and always may line, longer pa sa Spiderman 2 (mga bata kasi eh.). The effects are great, may drama and may story that tests the character ni Peter Parker (Spiderman) doon.

And this is the first time that we will be able to watch it via Imax over at SM Mall of Asia based on the print ads on the newspapers, although i might skip the Imax version in this case since there is no 3D and it is just upconverted from 35mm film, like in the same way as you upscale a DVD from Standard-definition to High-definition using an upconverting DVD player. Native Imax Films like that Space movie in 3D (which im dying to see, maybe later i might convince somebody to let me watch it before puro Spiderman na ang ipalabas. *ngay!*) will still look better than the upconverted ones but i might be wrong. Opinions please!

And after Spiderman 3. Ang lulupit pa ng Hollywood movies that will be coming our way. harry potter, Mr Bean, (i belive) “Fantastic 4” : 2. And lots more. Tayo naman in Philippine Cinema eh sa MMFF lang maraming malulupit na pelikula lang na lumalabas na sabaysabay. Pero may Malupit pang Action Movie na sa trailer eh maganda ang effects, yung movie na “Rumbleboy”. Might see that movie if the Finance commitee and the Personal MTRCB allows me.

Abril 28, 2007

PBB 2: The “swap”. My late comments and Monitor Calibration.

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(ito, na LBM pa ako this day and im listening to “putol-putol” 24 kbit streaming audio dahil sa “Cost-Cutting” na Dial-up na ito. By the way, listening the streaming audio with Dolby Pro-logic a II and Dolby Headphone and hindi ko na muna kailangan ng Altec-Lansing! 🙂 )

Sigh, 1 week lang ang stay ni Tina and Bruce sa ibang bansa and yung stay ni Bruce ay mahirap sa kanya while Tina’s stay was fun, easy and walang issue. Naging close pa nga sila ni Nel doon kay Tina (Good luck Nel! hehehehe)

We as Filipinos are very hospitable and nai-demo natin iyon sa mga Slovenian noong palabas na si Tina sa Bahay na lahat sinamahan sya sa Confession room to get outta there. Eh yung kay Bruce, hindi man sya sinabayan sa Pinto palabas kahit isa sa kanila. Plus, dalawa sa mga housemates ng SBB, nag-racist mode pa sila. Ayun, Nominated and isa and Auto-Evict na ang isa pa. Nagalit kasi ang mga Slovenian audience doon eh, kahit liberal sila, they care for there neighbors (dala na iyon ng history nila, yata.).

Makes me remember the UK Big Brother were Tinira ng Isang housemate ng Racist Remarks yung Indian National (or may Bloodline) sa Bahay doon.

Further Reading on Slovenian Big Brother Forums:

Hey ABS!  Pabitin-Bitin pa kayo sa announcement kung ano ang nagyari.  Eto, isinulat ko na what happened!

I have Calibrated my Monitor Using the Adobe Gamma sa Control Panel ng Windows and some test patterns.  Mas gumanda ang pictures sa Monitor ko.  And im not using an expensive LCD monitor but those Cheap monitors.  Try it.

Here is where i got the test patterns:

(BASTOS!, NA DC (Disconnect) AKO SA DIAL-UP KO!  Di ba halatang gusto ko na ng DSL?)

Abril 13, 2007

Don’t Defrag unless you need to. KSP yung iba nating pulitiko and Pinoy Big Brother 2. Ang swerte ng isang housemate, why? Read on.

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Kanina, i tried to defrag my hard drive since its six months since i had the fresh install of Windows XP and ang tagal!  I almost finsished watching the movie “Employee of the Month” at hindi parin tapos yung defrag and im not using the built in defrag tool in Windows but a sysinternals tool “Contig”.  My Advice, unless you really need disk speed like in video capture where you dont want to drop frames.  Reformat and Reinstall Windows if you feel its slow, or watch your system tray and see some 10+ programs running and taking your 256MB of RAM thats slowing you down.  Padagdag ko lang, pet peeve ko lang sa mga nagbebenta ng PC na Bnew na Dual-Core na PC nga from intel those core 2 duo’s pero 256MB lang ng RAM ang inilalagay and small HDD (i have no prob with small 80GB HDD, but the speed?).  WHAT???

While blog surfing on this hot and boring afternoon, i came across this blog posting:

Titled “In memory of Mr. Senator and his wife… who are still very much alive today.” which is pointing to Howie Severino’s Blog:

Titled “How to name a public school after yourself”

that pinakita na merong “Sen. Ralph Recto Type School Building” na name ng school sa batangas.  Now how KSP is that politician?

Naicomment ko nga sa na baka sa type ng puntod sa sementeryo ng mga “people passed away” in Batangas yung “recto type”.

Umm, how about voting for the Underdogs?  Now how’s that?

Well, i watch PBB season 2 on an on-off basis and hindi ako obliged sa sarili ko to react and blog about it, but this topic will.  I read on that yung BB ng Slovenia kukuha ng isa sa PBB housemates and he/she will live there for a week and merong taga Slovenia na dito sa Pinas mag stay sa BB, same deal.

Swerte (or malas) sa mapipili dito to go to that other country na “nakakulong” ka parin 🙂  Sana naman prize na pag nakalabas ka na ng Bahay ni Kuya eh you win a trip to Slovenia, same goes to that slovenian na trip to Philippines naman sya.

Marso 19, 2007

Starstruck, the last week at the broadway (Hello Marikina!) & PBB 2. Yung latest opinions

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So, hindi na final 4 kundi Survivor 6 na sila and kanina. Im quite angry with the avengers since majority of them don’t belive in Jewel’s position to be there, Gusto nila si Stef! Anyways, individual opinions lang naman and may bearing ba sila sa final scores?

And, ang ganda ng appeal ni Jewel at lalo na kay Rich sa katulad natin on why we should vote for them.

Anyways, since this is the last week, i will make some additions to the blogsite. I will add on the widgets area my picks for Ultimate Sweetheart, Ultimate Hunk and Ultimate Loveteam. And direct vote links to them.

Sinu-sino kaya ang manonood ng Live sa Marikina? I may not watch it even though i know somebody who will give me some tickets (and don’t ask me those tickets!) because of GMA’s idea of SOP and S-files to be also held there on that day, i go to my church on sunday mornings, cannot do an override of schedule and baka yung lang ang chance mong makapasok, unless hiwalay ang pasok ng mga gusto lang manood ng Starstruck.

In PBB news, natangal na ang “Bold Star” at yung na-hapon na Anime dubber. Tsaka itong si Gee-Ann gustong sanang mag voluntary exit. Buti hindi natuloy kundi mababawasan ako ng “eye-candy”

And your nominees for eviction for this week are:

Kian: I find him loud but i would not evict him.

Gee-Ann: I will not evict her!

Beatriz: If i were a housemate, i would not nominate her. Because she is an asset in the house. Pero sa viewers perspective ko, Get her out of house!

Jasmin: Sila na bahala sa kanya, hindi ko alam kung palalayasin ko sya or what.

Marso 17, 2007

PBB 2, Ay Naku PO! StarStruck, “RoomRaiders” Special Report & Iloilo trip

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Last Thursday, Dionne is Pushed to the limit, dahil at one point si Kuya ay inutusan sila na mag-dala ng supplies sa 4 nating isolated (na may sarili kung problem, more on that later). Si Dionne eh mapapamura (Which By the way hindi nai-edit out ng DOS) and napaiyak na.

And itong si Nel, at one point bumigay! IMHO

Did not watch friday’s episode since nag-conflict sa Starstruck and i anyways, its easy to catch up.

Sa starstruck naman eh yung mga boys and girls nag-ala “Room Raiders”. And Particular na napagtripan eh yung Gamit ng mga girls. Lahat sila may Shavers, Tanong ng boys, bakit kailangan ng Girls ang shavers (sa places i wont mention in this blog!). Also yung Underwear ni Jewel eh napagtripan din, Tanong naman ng boys bakit “exotic” raw yung Undies ni Jewel, sagot naman ni Jewel eh hindi sya ang nag-ayos ng mga gamit nya, ano iyon, sabotahe? (hehehe)

In any event, si Kris eh Pinakita muna ang kanyang classmates sa isang paaralan (cannot remember the name) and ginamit pala sya sa brochure para ipromote ang iskwelahan nya. Experience!

Hey, do you want Kris Bernal out of the competition and Jewel VS Rich nalang tayo? Para in any case ang manalo is either “J” or “R”. If Jewel Wins, 3 “J”‘s na tayo but if Rich wins, Then we have a symmetry of 2 “J”‘s and 2 “R”‘s! Saka gawin na nating 4 “M”‘s yung mga boys para masaya!

Sa Iloilo naman, in the case of Prince, i think that is her mom na hindi ipinakita ang face on-air. What is this, Gian?

In any case, Ito namang Aljur-Kris-Mart “Triangle” is nutz and i want to see them shine and be recognized in their own right.

Marso 14, 2007

PBB 2, Si Kuya talaga pinapahirapan sila. Starstruck, Cont of the provincial mall tour.

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Kanina sa PBB, ipinakita ang talents nila in the tune of “Pinoy Ako”.  But ang stage nila ay sa gitna ng swimming pool at ayun, lahat nabasa!  Si Nel, BAKLA!  Si Saicy, MTRCB (hehehe).  I Noticed na si Jasmin is feeling much better now based sa pakikisama nya.

Speaking of pakikisama, yung ilan sa mga housemates (forgot who were the specifics since i don’t have my notes with me, “Kailangan pa ba non?”) ay hindi nakisama sa rules ni kuya like no lapel mics while talking (teka, may mics naman sa buong house ah?), mouthing of words (Franzen and Cass noong season 1, correct me if im wrong) and kwentong outside the house like news and happenings from the newer housemates, i dont know if pwede nilang pagusapan yung mga bagay na in the news before sila pumasok, basta walang updates.

Iyan, wala pang parusa si kuya sa mga pasaway, for now.

Then kawawa parin yung apat na isolated (for now din), Si Dionne at si Ezekiel are still doing the job right although si Dionne eh pilit-gisng sya sa mornings and the other housemates eh duda na,  PAPALPAK SILA SA SPECIAL MISSION NA ITO!

And let’s focus naman sa apat na kawawa in isolation.  Yung Galing Japan, eh pinagbibintangang “Bakla” from the “Bold Star” (big T**s).  Hindi naman sya Bakla, si NEL iyon!

And ang cute ng aso.

Sige Starstruck naman tayo.

Nag-mall show sila sa dalawang provinces in Luzon (one is Dagupan, nakalimutan ko yung isa.) and mas-konti ang crowd since mas-maliit ang malls na ginamit nila.

Si Jewel po ay hindi Socialite at Mataray or Snobby, dahil ba sa “Socialite” looks nya?

Si Aljur naman, pilit pang tawagin ang Ex-GF nya on-cam pero hiya talaga yung Ex na iyan.  May itsura rin yung Ex-GF nya!

Marso 13, 2007

PBB, Tinamad po ako. Starstruck: Stef (OHMIGOSH!) and Paulo Eliminated, Its gets interesting & Election Related News

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Sorry if no updates sa PBB season 2 even sa Post na ito.  Tinamad lang po akong manood.

Sa Starstruck naman, last sunday, si Stef and si (paulo) ay eliminated na sa Danger 8 and ngayon Survivor 6 na ang tawag sa mga natitira.  Meron pa bang Final 4?

Anyways, i predicted that Stef or Rich ang delikadong matangal sa Girls but after talking to Rich Personally over the phone last friday, i also gave her my nod of approval and gusto ko si Rich ay “mag-tagal”, tangalin nalang natin si kris, ok lang ba?  My mom would be happy since hate nya si Kris.

Sa performances nila, yung mga boys na kumanta especially aljur, huli kong nag-lipsync!  Dati Live na Live sila with mistakes pa nga eh, then now lipsync na sila?  Not a good idea!

Sa mga girls, si Jewel, sumayaw sya sa isang Michael Jackson Song.  She cycled na kamukha nya si LJ Reyes, KC Concepcion, Ryza Cenon at isa pang local actress in certain angles (weird)  pero after removing her hat, she’s uniquely Jewel (NAKS!, actually that word was the basis for my screename and the url that this blog points to).  Si Kris naman, are you seducing the audience?  Nagkamali pa nga si Kris or yung male dance partner nya noong nahulog sa isang formation ng dance and nakalumutan ko kung ano ang performance ni Rich.

This night, pinalabas ang Bohol Provincial tour which balwarte ni Rich and ang daming people and i feel based on collective mall show footage na itong season na ito, kasing init ng Batch 1.

And may Solid date and place na ang Final Judgement night.  March 25, 2007 @ the Marikina Sports Complex.  Nood kaya ako ng live that night?

In Election related News, March ay Fire Prevention month and what a way to demonstrate the importance of fire prevention than the Old COMELEC bldg going up in flames!  Nakita ko kanina sa dyaryo and OH DEAR!  Are they covering up the evidence of election fraud (since doon pala nakatago ang records ng 2004 presidential elections, hummm!)?  Sige, sana may Backups sila.

Mayor Vilma Santos, running for Governor sa Batangas.  ANG SAYA NG MAGIGING RESULT!

Marso 10, 2007

PBB, The new Housemates (kawawa naman sila!)

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Kanina sa PBB, Si Robert, hindi nakapag-donate ng Dugo dahil takot sa Turok ng Injection. Frankly, nakakahiya on his part and napa-ahit pa sya ng balbas sa kaba!

Jasmin will be in big trouble if she does not get her act up. Si Wendy lang yata ang bad trip kay Jasmin.

And pumasok na ang new Housemates pero i think on Probation sila, why? Because sila ay pumasok sa seprarate na area which i think is the old garden and a part of the old house (look at the windows, hindi sila tuloy-tuloy.).

without further adieu. The new Housemates:

Bodie: Self-confessed PBB Adict (o, iyan. Nasa-loob ka na rin ng bahay!), Anak ni Tirso Cruz III.

Jeremy: Lumaki na sa Japan, naging (or becoming) Voice Dubber ng mga Anime ng Hapon.

Maricris: A vague person if you ask me.

Mikah: Ang “Bold Star” ni Kuya! Sa “Hinaharap” palang, Ulam na sa ilan (Excuse me for the subliminal messages that might instill sa utak nyo.)

Bakit kawawa sila? Aside from isolated sila from the main living quarters (Maliit lang ang space nila and walang maayos na C.R). Wala silang Supplies and kailangan nilang mag “Sneek-inside” the main area para kumuha ng supplies without the 12 others knowing it.

Eh alam naman natin itong PBB, may twists lagi. So Pinalam kay Ezekiel At kay Dionne na meron ngang 4 pang housemates sa isang lugar at task nila na mag-hatid ng supplies sa kanila without the others knowing that they are doing this or meron ngang new housemates.

Prediction: Kung si Jasmin nga palpak eh, what more pa itong task. So they will fail.

Opinion: Dapat wala si Bodie at si Jeremy doon at itapon nalang natin si Nel at si Ezekiel doon! Si Mikah & Nel! OMG!

BTW: Itong si Nel, loko talaga kay Dionne noong tinanong kung what if Nel “Seduced” her? Papatol?

Susunod na Pahina