Pebrero 24, 2008

I Bought an obsolete Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive!

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Just fresh of an ebay purchase and i got myself an Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive for around $60, shipping included. Now wait a minute you might say, am i crazy that im buying an obsolete piece of tech? Hold your horses people since i know somebody with an Xbox 360 which i can use to play those HD-DVD’s (and they are quite a lot of discs out of there) but that is not my purpose. I have an Asus Eee PC and it does not have a DVD drive and i want to watch DVD movies, i dont need disc burning since i have access to a PC with a DVD burner and an external DVD-RW drive that fits my Eee will make me $120 poorer. Also i like the fact that this is tech History and again, i can give it to somebody who has an Xbox 360 so they can watch better interactivity DVD’s.

Now that im typing this, i feel like a sucker since it will be only a DVD-ROM drive! But some people paid 70 bucks for the same deal, oh wait they include more discs, DOH!

Dont i worry since i can take the thing back to the seller anyway.

But im a techie that will try anything that i wish and oh well. I will just be wishing to meet Miley Cyrus, also go to Disneyland!

EDIT: As a kid, i have the Betamax 😛


Enero 29, 2008

Running Windows progs on Linux and addenum for my HD-DVD VS Blu-Ray post. (WAIT! Miley News!)

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I want a small windows program “MP3DIRECTCUT” to edit my MP3 files for ringtones since Linux programs give me a hard time on dependencies. So i downloaded WINE that enables windows programs to run and was impressed to see that familiar program in my Linux Environment. But still, i would hunt down for Native Linux Apps or Linux Ports of programs before WINE-ing.

Just to add to the HD-DVD VS Blu-ray Post, i still see a lot of HD-DVD Titles on Circuit-City’s shelves but no HD-DVD titles on my local sears Store, only a lone HD-DVD player that is running a DVD demo for Toshiba’s LCD TV’s. Before at sears, i would see both HD-DVD and Blu-ray Demos playing beside each other. Now, 2 Blu-ray Demos at Sears and No HD-DVD Demo (well, its turned off as i metioned in the last post). It’s becoming clear now. And “Cars” looked sooooo good on that Samsung 46 inch LCD TV hooked up to a Samsung Dlu-Ray disc player. Yet im stuck on SDTV and DVD!

Edit:  After Posting, i found out articles that Even Popstars get tired at their own concerts:

Poor Miley.

Enero 26, 2008

The Trying Hard Gamer, Miley Cyrus’ Us Weekly cover and Poker??

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Since Having my Asus Eee PC and Netflix (and work), i have not used my Sony PSP Slim as a Game device, it more as a portable web browser/Video player/Podcast streamer over wifi and soon to be skype phone by a firmware update promised by the end of this month. Still i want to play games on it if i had the time, im waiting for the Kingdom hearts game for the PSP since i like to try out a RPG (Pokemon does not count, i did not even finish it. I let my Pokemaniac half-cousin finish it) and im into Disney.

(the small keys on my Eee is cramping my hands!)

Now i want to talk about Miley Cyrus and the way she looks now. before, she is this young girl that has a small show and she looked like this:

Miley Brown hair

And now with all the popularity she has, she looks like this:

Miley now

(Photo credits: part of

(see more examples of how she looks on

and then i saw her in the cover of Us weekly this week and oh dear, she looks older than 15 in that picture:


(Photo credit: An Article on

Photoshop gone wild

And oh, this reminds me of Hilary Duff back in the Lizzie Mcguire days, where is she?  Will i be able to see her in person?  In my office im “attending” to, one of my co-workers looks either like Hilary Duff or Ethel Booba.

Disney is good at promoting them and when they move on to other roles, its a challenge to be another character.

Better finish “The Devil Wears Prada” before going to bed.

One more thing!

How in the world did Poker become a sport?????  Sugalan iyon diba!!?!?!?!?  And dont get me started on Horse-racing