Mayo 25, 2008

DA BUZZ!! Tumahimik na kayo dyan!

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(note to readers, this will be a filipino post.)

I was very annoyed by ABS-CBN’s show “The Buzz” (and the rest of Philippine “showbiz” shows, more on that later) because all of their stories are “exclusives” and follow the same spiel everytime they present a story and i just lost credibility on these shows even as an entertainment medium, its too tacky and they are laden with “misinformation” and forced promotions, then if its the truth in the case of some reporters, they hide them and they dont talk about it (im referring to Ricky Lo, can somebody please make this person speak more info when he writes about true stories and lets spy on his “DPA’s” 🙂 )

Thats it for today.

My 2 cents on the Marian Rivera Taray Youtube video, wala nang magagawa ang ch 7 sa “no Video camera” rule nyo, mga cellphone kasi ng mga artista may magandang video camera eh!  Pati na rin crew, just force them to use camera-less phones dummies!  And HDTV cameras are now cheap to do HDTV!