Enero 30, 2007

Starstruck: “survey says” and NOT AGAIN!

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Now this will have an impact on voters since kung fan sila ng isang nanalo sa sa starstruck and sya eh kumampi sa bet mo sa Starstruck 4.  Susunod ka rin diba?

Anyways, Out of 43 people surveyed.  Jewel Mische Came on top as “Ultimate Sweetheart” (GO JEWEL!), “Ultimate Loveteam” Jewel – and that boy sa kissflick nila.  Aljur as “Ultimate Hunk” (correct me if i’m wrong, i’m not paying that much attention to the boys)

If you noticed that Rich was least favored to be Ultimate Sweetheart.  Why?  Ayaw nyo morena at puro mestiza nalang tayo? c’mon lets give Rich a little Love here, even if gusto ko si Jewel to win!

Tommorrow’s episode will be controversial because it might be the repeat of the computer scandal that faced StarStruck 3 (and no, it does not involve nudity!).

For those who forgot, last season, one the girls apperently opened up a computer and looked at “secret” show scripts which they were caught on surveilance camera and then the fiasco begins.  Somebody told me it is a “hidden” test to see which of the surrvivors is “Honest” and who’s not.

Personally, that means a lack of security on the IT side of things over GMA-7 if it was a real incident and not something made up.  Ang dali lang para hindi mabasa ang files sa PC.  Turn it off when not in use!  Lock the PC by pressing “ctrl-alt-delete” and select “Lock computer” (On Windows Xp Professional only, hindi ko pa alam kung paano sa Vista).  Use File encryption.  Hindi na yung huli na malalaman ang may masasaktan.

Padagdag lang.  Si Erik Morales and Manny Pacquiao eh may commercial silang dalawa ng San Miguel Beer.  Ang kwelang isipin that Erik Morales is here in the country (philippines)


Another possible Boo-Boo for GMA-7’s I-Witness?

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i rushed into my PC after what happened minutes ago on GMA-7’s “I-Witness” just to write this post. They were featuring people living beside the railways and then it talks about the difficulties of relocation and the life itself there. There is one scene where a mass is held at the parking lot of the barangay (or plaza) and the Priest uttered Foul language like “U*ol” and “G*g*” which i think is unbecoming of a catholic priest. Then the video froze and the TV displayed “No signal”. Switched to the “rabbit ears” antenna and there is no signal coming from ch.7

What’s interesting is (at least on cable TV) that the video “froze” before they went off the air, maybe after that priest cussed then somebody ordered the tape to be paused and temporarily be off the air for some questioning. Maybe its just coincidence.

Then they went back to air with just the GMA logo for about 5 mins and then resumed the program and i noticed that they have skipped the scene were the priest has something to say to Howie Severino.

The show was in hot water not long ago with the documentary where the elder women undressed in public for some religious ritual, Howie made (hosted) it and then the MTRCB suspended the show because of the reason given by the MTRCB that the topic and some scenes was considered “obscene”.

With this incident, He and the show might be in trouble again. Can somebody please shed light on this?

Enero 29, 2007

Starstruck “Hulaaan”, Windows Vista Launch dito sa pinas (Serious ang MS dito, WOW)

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I find this monday’s episode of starstruck very irrelevant.  Hulaan ba sila ng hindi pa sila nasa-showbiz proper?  Anyways, maganda ang nakita ni madame kay Jewel (GO JEWEL!), Rich and Stef.  The rest sabi mya eh hindi magtatagal, which agree ako, nasaaan na yung avengers ng previous batches.  unless If they are lucky to have good, not necessarily powerful people.  Then wala na sila kahit final 14 ka pa.

Speaking of Avengers and The Previous batches, Relevant ang episode bukas dahil ang previous batches ng starstruck ay mag-bibigay ng kuro-kuro nila on who must win “Ultimate Hunk”, “Ultimate Sweetheart” and “Ultimate Loveteam”.  Dati they are not allowed to speak up kung sino ang gusto nilang manalo (i think.).

I saw a “BIG” Ad for the Windows Vista Launch sa SM Mall of Asia and i underestimated this event, maraming magyayari and sana may free copies para sa lucky few (ME, haha).  Basta, i think this Upgrade will be like From Windows 95 to Windows 98 (Second Edition), both based on the same Kernel but Windows 98 ang may support in the end before Windows Xp became a norm (Windows 2000 was for the power users, business and Windows ME just for the PC’s that come with it since hindi naman sya popular anyway.)

AY, conflict sa Starstruck Mall tour sa SM City Sta Mesa yung Windows Vista launch.  Maliit lang kasi ang Sm City Sta Mesa kaya expect less people than if held in SM City San Lazaro based on what i saw on TV last time, pupunta sana ako.

Enero 28, 2007

StarStruck 4, Non-elimination week (thank goodness!), Oh i’m wrong (and kinda right ) on Mau Marcelo & Windows Vista Launch At the SM Mall of Asia, TULOY NA!

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Kanina sa Starstruck, the “Mosquito” dance was finally unveiled to the public and i find it both magulo and kwela.  Magulo in the sense that it has more steps than it predcessors and kwela yung song and the steps itself.  Then the final 10 was split into 3 groups.

Group #1 was Rich, Stef and who is that guy?  Anyways, ang ganda ng production number nila, May kumakanta na ulit sa Starstruck after Jennylyn Mercado (Maxim!) and Yasmien Kurdi (which By the way, ka-dedebut nya pala, Belated Happy Birthday Yasmien!)!  Natuwa si Direk Louie sa production number nila which is uncommon to him dahil puro bira ang narining mo sa kanya these past couple of days.

Group 2 was Jewel (GO JEWEL!), Kris, Jesi (whoa!) and some guy.  Yung guy ang magaling sumayaw and the rest “faked” it.  Still, Lorna Tolentino was impressed.

Group 3 was the 3 remaining boys, the two has the voice and the other one was also “faking” it (akalain mong napili ni Regine as best singer among the boys yung “faking” it na singer!).  And of course The last judge on the council was impressed.

Then the elimination phase begins.  Stef and some guy was eliminated, Stef was shocked and crying.  Gulat ako na si Jesi ay nakapasok pa sa natitirang contestants.  JOKE,JOKE,JOKE.  Dahil Non-Elimination week pala ito and nobody is eliminated, parang sa “Amazing Race” na may Non-elimination Leg sila.  Even after that Announcement, Stef continues to cry.  If hindi Non-elimination ang week na ito, i would have protested because let’s face it, malakas si Stef.

On my last post, i talked about Mau and ASAP and all that.  Well, nag-guest sya doon kanina and nakakatuwang isipin na si Gian sa 7, si mau sa 2.  Talaga naman oh!  I read that ABS will try their best to get Mau on that show since si Mau may contract pa sya sa ABC-5 (eh ano si Gian?  No contract sa singko?)  Noticed na hindi nag-krus ang landas ni Yeng Constantino and Mau?  (Mag-kalaban sila ng shows diba?)

Ok, The new Version of windows “Windows Vista” Will be launched Jan 30 (finally!) in the US and Dito sa Pinas ay Feb 3 at the SM Mall of Asia (my Favorite mall), Tuloy na tuloy na sya!  sana nga eh mamigay sila ng “Free” “Original” copies ng Vista and how about that Xbox 360?

For more info and registration para sa event na ito and Windows Vista Itself.  Visit http://www.nowpossible.ph

Enero 27, 2007

StarStruck 4 Dance tests & Oh! Mau Marcelo has an Album already

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In Friday’s episode, Douglas took time on the “Monster group” (yung mga kailangan pa ng practise sa dancing), at least yun ang aabutan ko dahil hindi ko naumpisahan.  Naku, si Jesi had a hard time dancing and was called the worst by Douglas himself.  The best dancer is Stef??  WHAT!?  Dahil lang nag-pagupit ng hair, Best na agad sa Acting, Singing and Dancing??  Paano na si Jewel Mische (GO JEWEL!  Huwag kang iiyak infront of the camera!)

In Saturday’s episode, Geleen And Miggy Eugenio ay nagturo ng bagong Dance Craze in the tradition of “I like you” “Bop It” “Chocolate” and others.  Tawag ngayon ay “Mosquito” and the dance stef….err Steps are parang pumapatay sila ng lamok with matching sampal of the partner (haha).  Again, si Stef (yata) ang Best Dancer dito.

I hope the final 3 girls to make it before one more girl is eliminated are:  Jewel, Kris & Stef (yeah, i also like her.  But paano na nga si Jewel??) Laglag na natin si Jesi and paano na si Rich?  Sa boys naman, i cannot decide since i’m not paying attention to them except if something big happens, like Prince meeting Regine Velasquez for the first time, aaaawwwwww!!!  Kilig (hehe).

I blogged earlier na paano na si Mau Marcelo ng Philippine Idol na nanalo sya doon, where is her album and promotion??  Noong friday ko lang nakita yung album nya with 5 tracks, included the pieces na kinanta doon sa PI and napakingan ko sa radio yung single nyang “On my own” (yung nasa chorus ng kanta) and WOW, ANG GALING!  Better on the album!  But i wanna hear it “live”.  Kung sya kaya ang nanalo sa “Star for a night”, hindi si Sarah Geronimo.  Wow, things will “really” go in a different direction (hey, magaling rin si Sarah and i also want to hear her sing “live” too.  Hindi nga lang maabutan sa mall shows.)

What i see lacking is promotion, Gian Magdangal already has a stint on SOP (to save their Butts from ASAP’s on-going Kicking).  Saan si Mau?  Sa ASAP?  Masaya ito pag-nangyari!  I take that back, Viva ang may hawak doon with Sarah, Rachael Ann (which nasa GMA-7 sya nanalo.) and the others.  So malabo iyon unless there will be an offer from ABS-CBN since pantira nila iyon sa kabila (GMA) pag-nagkataon, agree? (or im missing something here and si Mau eh nasa 2 or 7 na.)

Thank you Jennylyn Mercado (maxim), pang-hatak ka ng mga tao sa blog ko (hehehe!)

Enero 26, 2007

Firefox Screwed up. StarStruck 4: The Dance Test.

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Grabe ang Firefox pag-nagloko ang computer, First it crashed beacuse of a lotta tabs. Second is biglang nag-off ang PC (my fault, accidentally yanked the power) then my preferences, cookies and cache ay nawala. I have to reset them again. Dati rin noong “portable” pa yung firefox ko, everytime the power goes out, the settings are screwed, its even harder in the portable setting since you have to make sure no disk cache is in use because it will wear out the flash-drive.

Kanina sa Starstruck, Douglas was still a little nice to the surrvivors. Jewel Mische (GO JEWEL!, Oh i gotta say that hangang hindi sya natatangal o nananalo sa Starstruck.) eh napaiyak nanaman, si Stef ang napili as Douglas’ choice of a good dancer sa girls. Bukas yung kanilang matinding dance test at baka masigawan na sila (hahaha)

Having a hard time at college right now after that computer incident, inaasar ako and hindi ako makapag-isip.  May natandaan ako na merong isang tao that went inside, asked me if our class is over then sat on my computer browsing the net.  Baka sya yung nakasira ng software (windows Xp administrator password to be specific.).

I asked my friend about her opinion, sabi nya naghahanap lang sila ng butas then ako yung naituro.  Hey again, if i wanna do it.  I can do it.  Everybody can, just get a sledge hammer and hit on the dang thing until it catches on fire since it is still connected on this power supply.

They are sooo paranoid now that they disconnected the LAN cables which supplied the internet to all Laboratories, could you belive that!  Hey, even the library is closed so what will i do in my free time.  Break stuff?

Parang they are keeping a close eye on me since i think i can do more harm if i wanted to on their PC’s  Just my personal opinion since if you are nice to me, i will make the PC and your life happy.  (grabe, pag-nakita nyo itong blog entry mga employees and my instructors, ayos ang haba free time nyo ha!)

Enero 25, 2007

Title: Starstruck 4 singing test part 2. SM dept store sa Guam!

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Sa Starstruck, si Jewel Mische (GO JEWEL) ay napaiyak for the same reasons as Stef and Rich (bakit naman??)  Si Prince Stefan (tama ba?) ay napaluha naman dahil kay Regine Velasquez.  Si Stef ang nanalo sa Girls ng Best singer (agree??  I do.).

Next naman ay dance tests and si *Douglas Nierras* ang makakaharap nila (muwahahahaha!) lagot sila pag-nagkamali.  Remember Rainier Castilio’s Experience with Douglas N.?  (“Get the F*** out!” yata ang nasabi ni Douglas.)

Kapapanood ko palang ng “Probe” sa Dos and they featured Guam.  Guess what?  May SM department store doon!  Akala ko sa china lang merong international na business si Mr. Henry Sy (GO HENRY 🙂 ).  Susunod, sana sakupin nila yung market ng K-mart, Target, Sears.  Para masaya na may Filipino owned and controlled business tayo sa ibang bansa.

Speaking of SM.  May Windows Vista launch daw sa SM mall of Asia this Feb 3.  Yun lang ang details na inilabas.  Sana makapunta and baka mamigay sila ng Xbox 360 o libreng copy ng windows vista (YEAH RIGHT!)

I have a discussion with somebody at college earlier and its about me breaking some computer software, I DID NOT DO IT!  Just because i can do it?  but i will stop for now.  hindi ko feel na pwede kong ilabas sa net yung issue sa ngayon.

Enero 23, 2007

StarStruck 4 singing test. Pirated Copies of Windows Vista out now, NGE!

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Si Stef at saka si Rich (ganda ni Rich ngayon.).  Napaiyak noong nakaharap nila si Ogie Alcasid.  Nawalan ng confidence sa sarili.  Sa mga boys, may napatulala, may nainsecure at merong isang confident all the way (does smiling not count?).

May part 2 pa bukas, so let’s watch out for that!

I have seen DVD’s of Windows Vista of the pirated kind, they say that it is the full version, not the beta.  Which makes me wonder, how in the world they are able to “crack” the RTM (release to manufacture) Build (they got the RTM via MSDN or Technet, go figure.).  Ang daming “anti-piracy” countermeasures iyon na it will take time to have the workarounds. They said (although not confirmed) that those “vistas” are just Windows Xp with some “vista ” look Skins which again i will say they look sooo fake!

Now, what is my opinion on Vista???  for now, para lang iyon sa may mga “maton” o “brand-new” na computer dahil it will require a heck of a system to run it.  Especially the 3D interface “aero glass”  mag Windows Xp muna tayo.


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Because of what i did last night is running Emulators and games for Old Game Consoles (expecially The Nintendo 64 which blows off the graphics of the Playstation 1) Napuyat ako and na-late tuloy sa class ko, Ooops! And ang pangit ng experience ko when it comes to emulating Playstation 1, let’s just say na na-LUGI ako

Sa bagal ng internet ngayon (o nag-kakataon lang ako na pumapasok sa mga mabagal na shops, in the case of where i’m writing this.) I cant listen to podcasts, dati 1 hour is equivalent to 7 shows worth of podcasts, ngayon. More than an hour and still not even a single show) . Yeah, i know this is caused by that Earthquake but c’mon, conectivity has been restored.

Now since medyo antok ako this day, i’m cranky and i’m about to rant.  Pasintabi po sa mga magagasagasaan.

1 .) The “refresh” context menu when you right click on your desktop does nothing except do an icon refresh of your desktop!  So stop using it if you want to “refresh” your system.  Restart your machine instead!  I have seen a lotta people repetitively “refreshing” the desktop.

2.)  I saw somebody ignore a virus warning from the AV software.  STUPID!

3.) Ang ingay ng mga nag-lalaro ng games sa hiraman ng PC.  Oh well, mahirap na silang iwasan unless you are in a game-free zone.

4.) Kaya pala mabagal ang connection ko kanina ay dahil may gumagamit ng Limewire.  GAWIN KAYA NILA SA GABI IYAN! or “be nice” and limit your Downloads.  Yung may ari ng shop, mga customers nya kinikuhanan ng bandwidth!

Enero 22, 2007

“Starstruck: The Next Level”, Dex & Hazel! Eliminated!

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This elimination night. Si Kris Bernal, umayos ang kanyang buhok from bad to good. Si Stef Prescott naman nag-paiksi ng hair to neck length, short haircuts are popular not even in starstruck. Best kiss is the kissflick of Rich Asuncion and some other guy (IM NOT PAYING ATTENTION!), i find their story brutal 😦 so i disagree. Best Actor, uumm who is he again? and best Actress is Stef because of her portrayal of Yasmien Kurdi (hindi ko napanood yung mismong kissflick nya but narining ko na dahil lang doon), remember Stef being linked to Rainier Castillo?

Jesi D’ Tomboy (Sorry, but that is the truth) was voted out by his/her co-surrvivors most because of the reason that he/she cannot make it in sowbiz. Mahihirapan raw sya (and the number of voters who will support him/her, just look what happened to Pow of “Philippine Idol” 🙂 ) but he/she was not eliminated. Instead, Hazel Uy was eliminated instead and hindi nag-impact sa akin yung personality nya sa akin (and again, her kissflick was silly, the kiss itself was silly)

This week, pakakantahin naman sila! (Cover your ears! JOKE!)

And bakit atat silang mag-eliminate ng contestants unlike dati na only 1 boy or girl is eliminated? Because they are gunning for the March 2007 deadline for proclaiming the winners??? Don’t sacrifice quality by “rushing” the training.

Nakalimutan ko, si Direk Louie Pinuna sila for their performance sa SOP earlier that day. Its “pangit” daw. I have not watched SOP that day so i cannot give a solid comment but c’mon give them some slack Direk!

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