Enero 22, 2008

“Juno”, More Eee PC Updates and pagod sa work

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First of all, i want to see this movie (but not on movie theaters, its on my Netflix Queue):

Nominated for Best Picture in the upcoming Oscars

With that out of the way, My Asus Eee PC is now on Advanced Desktop mode, what it means is that instead of the default tabbed interface, i get the full desktop and its just like windows (except its no Microsoft windows).  I even installed Beryl to get a 3D desktop and special effects, but its on manual mode, meaning dont start it up everytime since its memory hungry and slow in some of its effects due to the hardware.

Continuing on my free content post since i dont have notes, Tickets for some 3D concert Movie (clue: Hannah Montana) are reportely hard to find already buti nalang eh meron na akong tickets and dapat early ako sa sinehan or else baka ibigay nila sa iba yung pwesto ko.

My work is tiring and im pulling my own weight since puro errors yung co-worker ko and lagi nalang ako, ako at ako ang napapagalitan.  Pero malakas ako sa boss if i do things right.

Looking at my stats, there is some strange searches like: “Free hindi films song from saan” and “paki 3d animation”.  Clearly i dont target the hindi speaking audience, welcome the the WWW.


Nobyembre 10, 2007

Im (REALLY) back! “Marimar” is violent and Xm satellite Radio.

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Ok, with a new theme and a new attitude (promise!).  I want my online presence to be heard again.  I hope Google does not demote my pagerank with them.  And lately i have been receiving comments regarding Jewel Mische.  Im not Jewel or Related to her.  And her “official” blog is down at the moment.  http://starstruck.igma.tv/blogs/jewel/

I hate the show “Marimar” on GMA7 (or in my case, GMA Pinoy TV.)  I think it is the most violent telenovela i have ever seen.  The villains are so sadistic and the only thing missing is that i get a Light gun for those Gun video games and shoot them down (Please?) I cant get satisfaction in watching this show, i lose my appetite when i see somebody get hurt physically and emotionally.  Thanks goodness i have XM satellite radio with me to drown-out the audio from the TV which is a segue (Segway for those people who know the electric scooter) to my next topic which is my New Pioneer Inno which receives XM Satellite Radio service.

I got the MP3 playing, portable satellite radio receiver for $199.99 +tax at Best Buy, it was on sale from the price of $250.  I got 3 months free and free activation provided i pay up 3 months in advance and i like it!  FM radio Sucks in song content.  The Hits station (102.7 KIIS FM) is like an hip-hop/R&B station with repetitious music from African-American artists (though i have nothing against them.).  This Sat radio of mine is the solution.  The downside of it is the Sound Quality (which is the problem of XM, not the Inno), acceptable but could be better.  The SQ was worse before, i read on the forums.

and yeah, it replaced my MP3 player since it plays them and organizes well.  And you will never hear from me that i bought an Ipod Shuffle-Nano-Classic-Touch.  An exception is the iphone which when my current phone breaks, i want to replace it with this (will have to keep up with the Sim-unlock scene since Apple keeps closing the SIM Unlocks on a regular basis now.  Expensive AT&T!)

Hulyo 3, 2007

I just gotta embed this!

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Be sure to crank up the speakers/headphones.  Bagay ang Music sa Tsikot na ito!

Hunyo 23, 2007

Anong Kaguluhan ito!

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While “standing-by” dito sa states and enjoying my Miley Fix.  Biglang nag-spike ang hits ko sa Post about Mo Twister.  Bakit, merong bang Big issue that i might comment on?

In the meantime, nakapunta na ako sa Disneyland (is very nice and the rides are thrilling.)  Iyon kaya ang i-blog ko.  I will give a review of the park and the rides.

Hunyo 13, 2007

Sandali lang dear

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Cannot blog for a while since busy ang inyong lingkod and wala akong mai-piga sa Brain ko.

Stay Tuned!

Mayo 16, 2007

The 10,000

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This post should be About the aftermath of the Elections last Monday.  But Because of Duhial-up problems, not on my end, and its very late in the morning.  Bukas nalang if everything goes well.

But i would like to announce that i have reached 10,000+ Pageviews (or visitors, or whatever.)  Thank you for the people who checked out my blog, the commenters.  And No thanks to the Spambots.

Mayo 12, 2007

Regarding Comment Spam and you.

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Recently, im getting in excess of 500+ Comment Spam, Most of which you don’t even want to see.

I can’t check each one of them for Legitimate comment.  So if your comment can’t get through my moderation and if by chance was marked as Spam, Sorry.  It might not appear on this blog.

Mayo 7, 2007


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Ok im officially moblogging from my cellphone and publishing too using the mobile version of wordpress http://m.Wordpress.com (you didnt know that too? Me either. Until earlier morning) without using the full wordpress.com site.

Now i wanted to take pictures of the empty parking lots of malls, good billboards, the interior of a very un-sardined! Coach, etc. But nakakahiya naman sa mga pasahero. I think (or hope) that i use the camera on celebrities hahaha.

Kagabi eh pinanood ko na yung “isang tanong” ng gma-7 recorded on my vcr (and im not watching that beauty contest on the other channel). I have not finished it but i found that trillianes was disappointing with his answers and his mission really is to get PGMA out of office. That candidate from the kapatiran party that is the doctor was humble and hindi yata gagawa ng masama. Zubiri is an enviromentalist. Galing sumagot ni Escudero. Si coseteng eh maganda rin ang mga sagot. Angara puro policies parin ang pingausapan like sa commercials nya. May part 2 pa sya but hindi ko napanood (or in my case did not set my vcr)

I did not know angelica jones will be running for public office and christoper de leon for vice-governor in laguna.

Right now im really liking this nokia 3230 cellphone. My only complaints are mono sound for mp3 files and puny 32mb mmc card. I wished it had wi-fi para free internet.

Heads up. I saw carmina v. On the MRT trainset that i rode in. She is beside the driver and i think she will operate the trainset sometime soon for the show “day off” on qtv 11. My companion on the ladies, Children and disabled told me that she actually made p.a announcements on station stops (and telling the passengers to watch “day off” and look at her billboard ads para malaman ng ibang pasahero na walang idea na sya na pala iyon) but i did not hear anything on the p.a system. Maybe they turned it off for the rest of the coaches (bad idea in an emergency) or in just not paying attention because in listening to the radio.

Abril 26, 2007

Tinamad itong isang Juan. Ako iyon!

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Well, dapat talaga im posting to this blog every day or two. Pero since due to tinamad ako and wala akong maisip na isulat (although, i have a lot of stories) hindi ako daily mag-post. Maganda pa naman ang “viewership” ng blogsite na ito (Thanks WordPress.com!)

Anyways, ito na ang bagong post ko.

Last Sunday, i went to SM North Edsa to watch a mall show there for the new GMA-7 TV show “Fantastic Man”, went there toooooo early so nag-libot muna ako sa mall. I noticed that the 2 annexes are being torn down and there is a tarpaulin saying that there is a renovation project, it will look like Megamall in the end, may kalaban kasing mall na itinatayo across EDSA on top of the MRT rail depot. (Wait, did i blog about it before?).

And for the first time, i was able to browse “The Block”, the new Annex of the ever growing this SM Mall (that’s what they do, buy a big lot, start off with one building and the remaining land be a BIG parking lot then just tear down a part of the parking lot and make an annex building.), maganda sya and it is big (either by size or an optical illusion).

There is an art exhibit at the atrium and how i wish i can take home one of them and just post them on my 70’s green wall.

Again, went to Toy Kingdom and this time.  They have the Nintendo WII that you can play.  “WII Sports” as usual but this time its bowling, and i find it easier to play and i knew some tricks in bowling that i tried and worked, the ball does react to the way you “bowl” with the Wiimote.  FUN!

Then mall show time. Started @ 6:45 PM! Mark Herras, Ryza Cenon (Mark-Ryza, Interesting!) and Jackie  “Reheated” Rice.  Unfortunately, you wont be able to get my story on the show since i would like to keep it by myself.  Masasabi ko lang na Maganda sina Ryza Cenon (Better than on TV, although you can see the “height”) at Jackie Rice and Mark Herras is “Guwapo”.  Thanks!

I just notice that yung mga nanalo sa Starstruck season 4 eh puro Guestings palang.  Where are the shows?

Abril 19, 2007

I cannot blog……

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Well, i have NO IDEA what to post now.

Maybe  Tomorrow, i will put a long post summarizing what should i post.

Basta, My Dial-up Sucks yet again.  Only good for Text!

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