Setyembre 14, 2007

Ok, ok! New stuff. I got the PSP, Britney or MTV Blows, Filipino channels on Directv and A girl

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Fine, i got some ideas already and here it is.

Before i begin, Starting now.  With Laptop in Lap.  I will spend one hour or less writing a new article about tech, work life (later next year nalang ang school life, last chance BTW.) etcetera.

I have been wanting a Sony PSP since launch and having played with it at Sony exhibits at malls TWICE!  I wanted one. Before arriving in the states.  I saw more kids with PSP’s than Nintendo DS’s.  And finally after my first paycheck, i was psyched to have a PSP of my own (No Pirated….umm i mean homebrew friendly firmware and hacking) but then the slimmer PSP was announced, great!  i gotta hold that purchase till the first week of september.

Now its September 13.  It has been 4 days since i finally got my own PSP, it is the new silver one.  Slimmer indeed.  I was surprised how light it is, lighter than the Nintendo DS lite, which i also have for Pokemon Diamond.  It costs $216 with tax and it comes with the “Daxter” game which is fun but frustrating, a Family Guy UMD video disc which sana ay simpsons nalang (ok, more tagalog in the coming sentences) and the most important of all, a 1 gigabyte memory stick duo.  If have have purchased the core slim PSP in black and buy the MS separately, lugi ako dahil wala pa yung Daxter na laro.

Graphics on this thing looks like the PS2 console, the web browser is better than the Nintendo DS browser on the DS, I was able to download podcasts (or any other file) directly to the PSP and have i mentioned the graphics

I wanted to have these games,  A tony hawk game, crazy taxi and Gran turismo 4 which sana naman ay lumabas na next year since pwede na ang 333 mhz ng PSP.

Now going to Pwitney Jeers! (A.K.A, “Hit me baby one more time” of fame)  Kadiri sya sa VMA’s ng MTV.  Hindi pa ba sya nag pa lipo or something?  Anyways, i never wanted britney anyway.  I don’t find her “Hot”.  Maybe Vanessa Anne Hudgens na lumabas ang BOLD pics nya sa internet is hotter.  Kawawa naman is Vanessa  and i will side with her pero pag nag-ala Lindsay lohan sya, i will rant her out like britney.

High School Musical and High School Musical 2 is still unwatched on my Directv DVR which keeps on having problems, now and then demanding a reset.  which brings me to the Filipino channels on the Telly.  Weird, strange and reduces homesickness.  I got the Whole package, not just the ABS-CBN stuff.  And thank goodness for the DVR since nasa work nga ako and i can watch my shows when i come home or on the weekends and when my lolo watches Horse racing (ang nagpamahal ng monthly ko sa Directv) marathons.

Pardon the less than stellar character spacing since ngayon lang muli akong nagtype.

Now advice naman please, i like this Girl at work but noong nakasabay ko sya noong pag-uwi namin from work, nakita ko sa cellphone wallpaper nya na may guy with her in the pic.  Maybe it is her brother or maybe the Boyfriend.  She is nice towards me as she is also nice to me, she is just one year older than me.  I am not really rushing for a relationship but i would like more time with her since she is in another dept in the office.  Now what?