Hulyo 4, 2007

Grey in L.A. So far….

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No Work, Stuck in the house.

I want to work just to have money for the stuff that i want (did i mention that already in an earlier post?). Long-term plans in my book is within 3 years, when i go to college, when i have my own car (if i pass the test and not hit anybody :p ).

I have applied at Different stores online, Apple (No response yet, now that’s the place i want to be, FREE IPHONE!), AT&T (Rejected by employer, at least you use an Iphone there.) and other tech related stores. Also applied at the likes of Wal-mart as a last resort.

This is the only time that settled down to gather my thoughts and write it in this post.

Before i begin, this is an all-english post. Tagalog postings maybe in the next post and im typing faster than before but slower on touch typing (the type that you don’t look at the keyboard.)

I want to get A Sony PSP when i get a job and i have worked for a month and a half, i think. So i can play games, go online and listen to podcasts, watch Videocasts. Maybe by the time i can buy one. Sony might have released a revision of the PSP ala Nintendo DS Lite.

We drove by Hollywood and saw the chinese theater with the footprints, the Hollywood sign, The walk of fame. Also drove by Beverly Hills and saw rodeo dr, the Hotel used in Pretty woman. I will go back to those places except Beverly Hills since the goods are pretty expensive there and i care more on the actors/actresses than what they wear.

Great, no more stuff coming off my head. Oh wait. Miley Cyrus!

She is the next Hilary Duff and my goodness, A New CD, a tour that i think will be sold-out and at the age of 14, she looks and acts like a 16 year old or even older! (and again, i think i have posted this before.) Lets see if i can see her in person within this year.

The executive summary:

And let’s also see what will happen of the fourth of july tommorrow.

(I wanted Google adsense in my blog but won’t allow this, whaaaa! And Beatriz won PBB season 2, WHAAAAAAA! Why? WHY!!!)


Hulyo 3, 2007

I just gotta embed this!

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Be sure to crank up the speakers/headphones.  Bagay ang Music sa Tsikot na ito!

Hulyo 2, 2007


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If only unlocked sya to work with T-mobile (My current cellphone provider dito sa amerika), Globe, Smart, Sun. Sulit ang $500 something mo.

I saw one not in the Apple store (which sana ay may trabaho ako doon, rumor has it na lahat ng employee nila kahit sales person ka lang, libre iphone ka.) but in a mall (yes, they have malls, not as populated though except for the movie theater this weekend.) ko sya nakita and 1/4 ko lang nakita. Ang Ganda!

In the web, yung mga vids. Maganda sya. Now if only i can type in that on-screen keyboard. Mabilis na nga ako sa T9 ng Nokia 3230 ko.

Maraming kwentong amerika pero hindi ko sila ma-condense sa iisang post na walang mawawala (and i should write more English only posts to make me accustomed to the language more even.) More to come.