Marso 9, 2007

PBB 2, Of course my opinions for the day. StarStruck, Sheesh! Loveteams???? And My daily life this day, I “Pwned” and was “Pwned”

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Sa PBB this night, pinakita na si Jasmin, Failed the Task of going to the women’s bedroom unnoticed. And as a consequence, sya ang nag-luto ng hapunan ng housemates.

Sa weekly task nila na “Room Service” (That this blogger suggests that the name of the task changed to “Mess Hall Service”), nakita ko na si Jasmin, Gusto nya her way or the Highway. Most of the Housemates especially si Wendy ay na-badtrip sa pagluluto ng Kare-Kare with Jasmin. Si Mickey lang ang kumausap sa kanya and sabi ni Jasmin that it is her first day and “adjusting” pa sya. Good luck!

Si Gee-Ann at si Ezekiel, Bati na.

Nag-cheering ang Housemates and nag-laro ng Basketball na ang mga Babae ay nakasakay sa mga lalake and ang referee nila ay walang iba kundi Si Bruce. After the fun activity, si Bruce ay inutusan ni Big Bro na matulog sa Girls Bedroom. Now how’s that for an order!

Did you notice na si Bruce, look-alike ni James Yap?

The new housemate (which again, bitin ang intro) is Dionne, taga cebu and first impression ko, sya ang magiging “Philantropist” sa bahay. Makakasundo nya (yata) Si Bruce at si Kiel…este Kian.

Oh dear, what’s up with the idea of “ultimate loveteam”? Are they trying to have a repeat of “Mark and Jen” (Mark Herras and Jennylyn Mercado. Iyan, pang-pataas ng ratings! 🙂 ). Do you know what? I Don’t dig the whole idea of a Loveteam in this batch or any of the batches of Starstruck since i believe that they should shine in their own light. Hindi asa sa iba (Jen! Correct me if im wrong.)

For that reason, wala akong update sa episode this night! Moving on….Bukas may Live chat session sila from 8Pm to 11Pm also may Phone-in pa sila (wonder how will they handle the phone part?), umm, hindi ko nakuha yung numbers since they are fast on screen and ang balak ko lang naman is yung sa live chat over the net.

Again Moving on to me naman, I “pwned” (owned) my VB programming class earlier this morning and the excersise was to write a program that will input a name of a picture file to be displayed at the command button used to execute the code that will display the picture at the command button (ay umikot ang explanation ko!) Ok, it did not work initially, so its a race kung sino ang unang makakakuha ng tamang sagot (Dunno if intentionally there was an error for us to solve or Mali lang talaga lecturer namin). Then i found one option that will enable the action that i want to do. I won’t go into specifics but Problem solved!

Despite of that nice event of mine, asar ako sa pagsakay ko pauwi. Supposed to ride a Bus home but for some odd reason at that moment, daig pa strike ng mga tsuper ng Bus sa Scarcity ng Bus. Pumasok sa isang mall para mag-palamig and then palabas na ako, may paalis na na Bus going to my destination (home). ASAR! Hintay nanaman ako ng matagal, 10 mins and meron nang isang bus. Problem is, SMOKER here, SMOKER there, SMOKER BESIDE ME! Usok na nga ng traffic sa highway, dagdag pa ito! Bumaba nalang ako pretending that i forgot something at the mall and after 10 mins (or longer i think), nakasakay na ako ng matiwasay.

But wait! There is still more. Since i ride a tricycle since may-kalayuan ang house from where the Bus drops me off. Im soooo dissapointed that walang change ang driver for my bills! Went inside the house to get some change, alas! no coins, puro bills! Then i decided to just pay him with with an extra 33% of the supposed to be fare! I think they are kidding na “Bagong biyahe pa ako” YEAH RIGHT! Ma-boycott nga sila. Anyways, extra excersise na rin eh paano kung atat na akong umuwi?


Marso 6, 2007

Starstruck, CoverGirls. My Study Habits (What happens at College, Stays in College!)

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I would like to say that JEWEL, GANDA SA PHOTOSHOOT!

Now merong three levels ang photoshoot nila.

1.) Raw.
2.) Cooked. (….and)
3.) Overboard.


1.) Natural.
2.) With Make-up (Just right)
3.) With Make-up (They looked like vases already), Eye-Contacts (To give them Color), “Rich People” Clothes (To Show Jewel’s……Alam nyo na.)

Si Kris pa naman, Reyna ng magazine cover ng Meg dati, cannot keep up with the other girls while Stef (na lumabas na sa TV before) #1 sa mata ni Fanny Serrano at noong photographer.

Bukas, PASS AKO.  Mag Ala-“Call-boys” (excuse for my word describing the activity) ang photoshoot ng Boys.  And then again, i don’t pay attention to the boys that much.

Now, i wanna share to you my Study Habits.  I Listen, do, act inside the room.  But in my own bedroom.  Saka na ang college work ko!  Yun lang!

Pebrero 22, 2007

The “ultimate” Digital Camera (so far..), Boring subject & Talk about Contradictory news!

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Reading my feeds, i stumbled upon this new Canon Digital camera that can record 720p HD video on Memory cards!


This is like the Sanyo Xacti HD-1A or the HD2 but this is a Canon & costs less than the Sanyo (based on the gizmodo article)

I bet that this will take better video than your SD DV camera, but the disadvantage that i see is in the memory cards, Tapes are cheaper than cards but the HDV camcorders which record on tape are EXPENSIVE!

I would like to take one of these cameras for a spin and record somebody i like to see in HD video, beating the SD cameras commonly pointed at her (clue:I will give NO CLUE to who she is!)

Kanina sa isang subject ko sa college, its sooo boring just making powerpoint presentations on “POWERPOINT 97”. Huh?, you are using Office 97? Yes, because the computers we were using for that particular computer lab run WINDOWS 98 and they are 8 years old (based on their hardware of 500mhz procs, 64 MB of RAM, Some S3 vid card…). Well fine if im in a public college like PUP or even UP (i bet the hardware over UP is better) but this is a (quote)International Computer College(unquote) and i’m (and others) are paying good money for college education and i think lang na “moro-moro” lang ang style doon. i won’t mention the name of the college dahil no choice rin muna ako and i just want to vent out disspointement, di bale malapit na akong mag-“move on”

with that rant, i would like to give the news of the day, taken from Google News:


Enero 26, 2007

Firefox Screwed up. StarStruck 4: The Dance Test.

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Grabe ang Firefox pag-nagloko ang computer, First it crashed beacuse of a lotta tabs. Second is biglang nag-off ang PC (my fault, accidentally yanked the power) then my preferences, cookies and cache ay nawala. I have to reset them again. Dati rin noong “portable” pa yung firefox ko, everytime the power goes out, the settings are screwed, its even harder in the portable setting since you have to make sure no disk cache is in use because it will wear out the flash-drive.

Kanina sa Starstruck, Douglas was still a little nice to the surrvivors. Jewel Mische (GO JEWEL!, Oh i gotta say that hangang hindi sya natatangal o nananalo sa Starstruck.) eh napaiyak nanaman, si Stef ang napili as Douglas’ choice of a good dancer sa girls. Bukas yung kanilang matinding dance test at baka masigawan na sila (hahaha)

Having a hard time at college right now after that computer incident, inaasar ako and hindi ako makapag-isip.  May natandaan ako na merong isang tao that went inside, asked me if our class is over then sat on my computer browsing the net.  Baka sya yung nakasira ng software (windows Xp administrator password to be specific.).

I asked my friend about her opinion, sabi nya naghahanap lang sila ng butas then ako yung naituro.  Hey again, if i wanna do it.  I can do it.  Everybody can, just get a sledge hammer and hit on the dang thing until it catches on fire since it is still connected on this power supply.

They are sooo paranoid now that they disconnected the LAN cables which supplied the internet to all Laboratories, could you belive that!  Hey, even the library is closed so what will i do in my free time.  Break stuff?

Parang they are keeping a close eye on me since i think i can do more harm if i wanted to on their PC’s  Just my personal opinion since if you are nice to me, i will make the PC and your life happy.  (grabe, pag-nakita nyo itong blog entry mga employees and my instructors, ayos ang haba free time nyo ha!)

Enero 25, 2007

Title: Starstruck 4 singing test part 2. SM dept store sa Guam!

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Sa Starstruck, si Jewel Mische (GO JEWEL) ay napaiyak for the same reasons as Stef and Rich (bakit naman??)  Si Prince Stefan (tama ba?) ay napaluha naman dahil kay Regine Velasquez.  Si Stef ang nanalo sa Girls ng Best singer (agree??  I do.).

Next naman ay dance tests and si *Douglas Nierras* ang makakaharap nila (muwahahahaha!) lagot sila pag-nagkamali.  Remember Rainier Castilio’s Experience with Douglas N.?  (“Get the F*** out!” yata ang nasabi ni Douglas.)

Kapapanood ko palang ng “Probe” sa Dos and they featured Guam.  Guess what?  May SM department store doon!  Akala ko sa china lang merong international na business si Mr. Henry Sy (GO HENRY 🙂 ).  Susunod, sana sakupin nila yung market ng K-mart, Target, Sears.  Para masaya na may Filipino owned and controlled business tayo sa ibang bansa.

Speaking of SM.  May Windows Vista launch daw sa SM mall of Asia this Feb 3.  Yun lang ang details na inilabas.  Sana makapunta and baka mamigay sila ng Xbox 360 o libreng copy ng windows vista (YEAH RIGHT!)

I have a discussion with somebody at college earlier and its about me breaking some computer software, I DID NOT DO IT!  Just because i can do it?  but i will stop for now.  hindi ko feel na pwede kong ilabas sa net yung issue sa ngayon.

Enero 23, 2007


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Because of what i did last night is running Emulators and games for Old Game Consoles (expecially The Nintendo 64 which blows off the graphics of the Playstation 1) Napuyat ako and na-late tuloy sa class ko, Ooops! And ang pangit ng experience ko when it comes to emulating Playstation 1, let’s just say na na-LUGI ako

Sa bagal ng internet ngayon (o nag-kakataon lang ako na pumapasok sa mga mabagal na shops, in the case of where i’m writing this.) I cant listen to podcasts, dati 1 hour is equivalent to 7 shows worth of podcasts, ngayon. More than an hour and still not even a single show) . Yeah, i know this is caused by that Earthquake but c’mon, conectivity has been restored.

Now since medyo antok ako this day, i’m cranky and i’m about to rant.  Pasintabi po sa mga magagasagasaan.

1 .) The “refresh” context menu when you right click on your desktop does nothing except do an icon refresh of your desktop!  So stop using it if you want to “refresh” your system.  Restart your machine instead!  I have seen a lotta people repetitively “refreshing” the desktop.

2.)  I saw somebody ignore a virus warning from the AV software.  STUPID!

3.) Ang ingay ng mga nag-lalaro ng games sa hiraman ng PC.  Oh well, mahirap na silang iwasan unless you are in a game-free zone.

4.) Kaya pala mabagal ang connection ko kanina ay dahil may gumagamit ng Limewire.  GAWIN KAYA NILA SA GABI IYAN! or “be nice” and limit your Downloads.  Yung may ari ng shop, mga customers nya kinikuhanan ng bandwidth!

Enero 11, 2007

Boring!, Okatokat sa computer rental shop

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Before i go on with this post.  Sabihin natin na sablay parin yung Voice Recognition ko based doon sa last post ko.  Even though most words come out right.  Mali-mali parin kahit isang word lang ang sinabi ko.  It turns out na yung software is designed to the american accent and there are versions for the britsh & australian accent.  Ako naman hindi perfect english kaya nag-kakamali.  Example is “Voice”, lagi nalang “boys” ang inilalagay kahit ulit-ulitin ko pa.  and frankly medto mabilis akong mag-salita and it will really misinterpret the words.

Also, i’m using a public computer sa hiraman ng PC.  Which makes me kinda nervous kaya i will change my passwords after.  Once a victim of email hacking (and i know what happened).

Now, kanina sa first class ko.  In Visual Basic class.  Inulit nanaman ang pinag-aralan na before, i said to myself, NANAMAN!  Dapat sana direct to VB na ang studies, next week pa tuloy.