Pebrero 24, 2008

I Bought an obsolete Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive!

Posted in Asus Eee PC, tech Sa 9:48 hapon ni naksd

Just fresh of an ebay purchase and i got myself an Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive for around $60, shipping included. Now wait a minute you might say, am i crazy that im buying an obsolete piece of tech? Hold your horses people since i know somebody with an Xbox 360 which i can use to play those HD-DVD’s (and they are quite a lot of discs out of there) but that is not my purpose. I have an Asus Eee PC and it does not have a DVD drive and i want to watch DVD movies, i dont need disc burning since i have access to a PC with a DVD burner and an external DVD-RW drive that fits my Eee will make me $120 poorer. Also i like the fact that this is tech History and again, i can give it to somebody who has an Xbox 360 so they can watch better interactivity DVD’s.

Now that im typing this, i feel like a sucker since it will be only a DVD-ROM drive! But some people paid 70 bucks for the same deal, oh wait they include more discs, DOH!

Dont i worry since i can take the thing back to the seller anyway.

But im a techie that will try anything that i wish and oh well. I will just be wishing to meet Miley Cyrus, also go to Disneyland!

EDIT: As a kid, i have the Betamax 😛


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