Pebrero 10, 2007

Bitag sa Minidisc. Agggghhhhh! Firefox!! & What should Starstruck do next?

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Well, i got this Minidisc Recorder and i just leave it recording from the radio so when i go out, i carry it with me when i travel (Noise coming off the radio stations which is the “favorite” of our fellow FX and jeepney drivers is really getting on my nerves!) and fast-forward though commercials and edit it down on the recorder itself, great for transfer to PC later via line-out (majority of the minidisc players/recorders do not have digital out, only digital in.)

Then i was recording from Hit FM 99.5 (formerly named RT 99.5, same Dj’s and genre, maybe new management) and when i listened to it, I caught this DJ playing the naughty version of the boy version of “unbreakable”.  Here is the audio from the broadcast last Feb 9, 2007:

Kids, do not download this audio file!

Notice that the song already went through 2 expletives (BullS**t & B*tch) before the BIG expletive, the “F” word.  There the DJ stopped the song and from the voice of the DJ he felt embarrassed.  A little moderation please next time you radio station!

And yet again, firefox crashed and hung up the PC requiring me to reach for the reset button.  and yet again, my preferences screwed up needing me to set the prefs back to where it used to be, like a million of them since it’s highly customized with extensions!  Why is firefox like that, no crash resiliance??  If IE crashed, its ok (although it might be caused by search bar gremlins) so i tried using IE 7, but i missed my extensions and finding the analogs of the extensions i use in firefox surprized me because they are charging for it in IE 7 (the eqivalents), better suffer firefox than IE.

I have intentionally skipped over 2 episodes of starstruck.  Its geting cornier and cornier this week.  (tagalog mode) paano na si Jewel Mische (GO JEWEL!)  Gusto ko mawala na si Jesi, PLEASE!  I’m voting here with my load and internet skills (you can bypass the one vote per day rule by just deleting your cookies in the browser, i dunno if that is counted as another vote if they are keeping track of IP addresses)