Hello, This blog is started on a christmas afternoon since nobody is online and i wanna say something. Blogs ay malakas na kagamitan para sa gusto kong mang-yari. (Blogs are a powerful tool in making stuff that i wanna happen)

Basta may magandang topics. Meron ako dito (wala lang pong bad and shady topics except computer hacking 🙂 ) [When there are Good Topics to talk about, i have it here]

This is like my own comment box that you find in websites and other peoples blogs, but i also post comments on other peoples blogs mind you.

About me (list is updated on a regular basis):

I like:

I hate:

I HAVE A ASUS EEE PC AND IM NOT AFRAID TO USE IT! Macbook Air, Meh! Get a Macbook Pro Instead!

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