Abril 29, 2007

PBB 2: Delayed at nang-bibitin nanaman ang Dos! (and the housemates gets more interesting) and “Spiderman 3”

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Wow, May away na sa Bahay. Dahil sa hindi ko nasundan na mga pangyayari na involved si Nel. Nag-away si Maricris (Which i don’t like) at si Bea (Which i also don’t like). Kagabi sa “trailer” nila for this Night’s Episode, sa kusina eh nag War of the Words silang dalawa and may Force Eviciton daw na gagawin. Palalayasin kaya si Nel? (In my DREAMS!)

Sige, pag-sabong nyo muna iyang dalawa.

And si Gee-Ann pala, eh mawawalay na sa Kanyang “Pamela”. I knew this moment will happen from the start. Dahil raw sa isang “violation”, which again hindi ko nasundan. Ipamimigay sa isang batang mas nagangailangan ng Manika na iyon.

I Dunno why Gee-Ann is so connected to that doll. Dapat yata sa kanya eh totoong baby na ang alaga nya. Anyways, magiging maganda or gwapo yung kalalabasan based on my opinion that she looks nice (along with Wendy, Dionne and to some extent Saicy.)

Naipakita narin yung eksena sa Slovenian Big Brother about sa Racist remarks na ginawa ni Miha at Pero. Since yung dialog ay translated na sa tagalog, hindi ko narining ang tono ng pagsasalita nila about kay bruce but c’mon. That is bad to say to a guest even though na hindi ka nya maiintindihan dahil sa language. Halatang Bad Trip yung na force evict na si Pero noong layas na sya on the spot. Dito sa atin eh may isa pang araw ang na-force evict in the case of franzen. Sa kanila, in 10 mins you need to be outta there!

I have an idea, yung si Pero. Itapon sa PBB house in the place na ma-force evict na PBB housemate para masaya!

Also, paano kung si Bruce ang manalo sa PBB and isa sa mga prizes ay tour ng Europe. Parang trailer na iyon sa kanya ng things to expect in Europe if ever na Big Winner sya. I root for one of the Girls to snag the Big Winner Prize (1 Million Pesos rin iyon!)

Wow, i got back to blogging about PBB season 2 again.

In other topics, The movie “Spiderman 3” will open in Philippine Cinemas on May 1, Tuesday. Another Moment where you get bragging rights sa internet na napanood nyo na yung movie before most americans will be able to see it And probably they will be able to download it off Bittorent because mas-nauna tayo 🙂

I have watched the 1st and 2nd installments sa sinehan and always may line, longer pa sa Spiderman 2 (mga bata kasi eh.). The effects are great, may drama and may story that tests the character ni Peter Parker (Spiderman) doon.

And this is the first time that we will be able to watch it via Imax over at SM Mall of Asia based on the print ads on the newspapers, although i might skip the Imax version in this case since there is no 3D and it is just upconverted from 35mm film, like in the same way as you upscale a DVD from Standard-definition to High-definition using an upconverting DVD player. Native Imax Films like that Space movie in 3D (which im dying to see, maybe later i might convince somebody to let me watch it before puro Spiderman na ang ipalabas. *ngay!*) will still look better than the upconverted ones but i might be wrong. Opinions please!

And after Spiderman 3. Ang lulupit pa ng Hollywood movies that will be coming our way. harry potter, Mr Bean, (i belive) “Fantastic 4” : 2. And lots more. Tayo naman in Philippine Cinema eh sa MMFF lang maraming malulupit na pelikula lang na lumalabas na sabaysabay. Pero may Malupit pang Action Movie na sa trailer eh maganda ang effects, yung movie na “Rumbleboy”. Might see that movie if the Finance commitee and the Personal MTRCB allows me.


Abril 28, 2007

PBB 2: The “swap”. My late comments and Monitor Calibration.

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(ito, na LBM pa ako this day and im listening to “putol-putol” 24 kbit streaming audio dahil sa “Cost-Cutting” na Dial-up na ito. By the way, listening the streaming audio with Dolby Pro-logic a II and Dolby Headphone and hindi ko na muna kailangan ng Altec-Lansing! 🙂 )

Sigh, 1 week lang ang stay ni Tina and Bruce sa ibang bansa and yung stay ni Bruce ay mahirap sa kanya while Tina’s stay was fun, easy and walang issue. Naging close pa nga sila ni Nel doon kay Tina (Good luck Nel! hehehehe)

We as Filipinos are very hospitable and nai-demo natin iyon sa mga Slovenian noong palabas na si Tina sa Bahay na lahat sinamahan sya sa Confession room to get outta there. Eh yung kay Bruce, hindi man sya sinabayan sa Pinto palabas kahit isa sa kanila. Plus, dalawa sa mga housemates ng SBB, nag-racist mode pa sila. Ayun, Nominated and isa and Auto-Evict na ang isa pa. Nagalit kasi ang mga Slovenian audience doon eh, kahit liberal sila, they care for there neighbors (dala na iyon ng history nila, yata.).

Makes me remember the UK Big Brother were Tinira ng Isang housemate ng Racist Remarks yung Indian National (or may Bloodline) sa Bahay doon.

Further Reading on Slovenian Big Brother Forums:



Hey ABS!  Pabitin-Bitin pa kayo sa announcement kung ano ang nagyari.  Eto, isinulat ko na what happened!

I have Calibrated my Monitor Using the Adobe Gamma sa Control Panel ng Windows and some test patterns.  Mas gumanda ang pictures sa Monitor ko.  And im not using an expensive LCD monitor but those Cheap monitors.  Try it.

Here is where i got the test patterns:


(BASTOS!, NA DC (Disconnect) AKO SA DIAL-UP KO!  Di ba halatang gusto ko na ng DSL?)

Abril 26, 2007

Tinamad itong isang Juan. Ako iyon!

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Well, dapat talaga im posting to this blog every day or two. Pero since due to tinamad ako and wala akong maisip na isulat (although, i have a lot of stories) hindi ako daily mag-post. Maganda pa naman ang “viewership” ng blogsite na ito (Thanks WordPress.com!)

Anyways, ito na ang bagong post ko.

Last Sunday, i went to SM North Edsa to watch a mall show there for the new GMA-7 TV show “Fantastic Man”, went there toooooo early so nag-libot muna ako sa mall. I noticed that the 2 annexes are being torn down and there is a tarpaulin saying that there is a renovation project, it will look like Megamall in the end, may kalaban kasing mall na itinatayo across EDSA on top of the MRT rail depot. (Wait, did i blog about it before?).

And for the first time, i was able to browse “The Block”, the new Annex of the ever growing this SM Mall (that’s what they do, buy a big lot, start off with one building and the remaining land be a BIG parking lot then just tear down a part of the parking lot and make an annex building.), maganda sya and it is big (either by size or an optical illusion).

There is an art exhibit at the atrium and how i wish i can take home one of them and just post them on my 70’s green wall.

Again, went to Toy Kingdom and this time.  They have the Nintendo WII that you can play.  “WII Sports” as usual but this time its bowling, and i find it easier to play and i knew some tricks in bowling that i tried and worked, the ball does react to the way you “bowl” with the Wiimote.  FUN!

Then mall show time. Started @ 6:45 PM! Mark Herras, Ryza Cenon (Mark-Ryza, Interesting!) and Jackie  “Reheated” Rice.  Unfortunately, you wont be able to get my story on the show since i would like to keep it by myself.  Masasabi ko lang na Maganda sina Ryza Cenon (Better than on TV, although you can see the “height”) at Jackie Rice and Mark Herras is “Guwapo”.  Thanks!

I just notice that yung mga nanalo sa Starstruck season 4 eh puro Guestings palang.  Where are the shows?

Abril 21, 2007

The post that was supposed to be posted on thursday

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Ito na ang Matagal ko nang dapat na blog post, ang tagal kong hindi nag post mostly because im too lazy to write and ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng initiative to write a new one up from my notes written during the week.

Also, ang daming nangyari this week. The Julia Campbell incident, The Virginia Tech
University Mass Murder by that Psycho dude (i feel sorry for that guy and i give my
condolences to the family and friends of the ones who perished in the incident), Gringo
Honasan Bailed his way out of jail, French Elections (which why i even care???), so on and
so forth na nakalimutan ko na. I will not expound on these topics since they are better
covered by other bloggers or the mainstream media.

Ito na muna ang unang topic of interest ko, Alec Baldwin’s Insulting Voicemail message to
her beautiful 11-year-old daugther na nailabas sa internet and was even played back in its
entirity (sans profanity) on CNN. My question is, why did the message “leaked” out in the
wild, c’mon that is a voicemail message and unless inilabas ng asawa…este ex-asawa over
custody rights or galit ang anak so inilabas iyon, hindi sya madaling ma-hack ng iba. Oh i
take it back, Paris “Sl*T” Hilton’s phone account was hacked easily. Bottom Line, this is
what you get for divorce darn it!

“Good times with Mo Twister”, lagi kong naabutan yung show na wala si Dj MO. Last wendsday
ako nag tune in for “forbidden questions” (first time kong narinig ‘to) and wala nanaman si
Mo that morning. And i don’t know their guest kung sino sya but interesting yung mga
tanong and sagot sa kanya.

Sugapa talaga sa “campaigning” or what i wanted to call it “promotion” yung mga local
candidates namin sa area of responsibility ko (Congressman, Mayor down to the councilors).
I don’t even hear from the opposition or there is no opposition. Yesterday, i saw in
action in bright day light, some teenagers tieing up a political ad for a councilor at the
back of a house without permission from the owner. Sarap sunugin yung ad noong kandidato na iyon. From a first time voter’s perspective, im excited to vote but i have told you that baka hindi na ako makaboto due to some other reasons that i might not post here in this site due to other reasons nga.

And init ng panahon ngayon! Yun lang.

And on to tech related paragraphs.

Ayaw ko nang mag-tambay sa intenet na naka dial-up lang, too slow kahit na naka-off na ang image, flash and Java loading. Kasi naman, artificial slowdown kasi ang ginagawa ng mga prepaid internet cards, fast @ 5.70 kbits/sec to silly at <3.60 kbits/sec. It’s ticking me off (and walang youtube, waaahhhh!)

And forget MP3, go AAC instead. Especially consider the HE-AAC variant (also called AAC+) which on my tests, sounds like 128kbit MP3 on only 48 Kbit HE-AAC. WMA claiming “CD quality” at 64 kbits is a joke pero ang HE-AAC is not kidding at the claim of CD quality at 64 kbits and even lower. Tested it at 32 kbits and still sounded fine, lower than that you sacrifice high frequency quality.

Abril 19, 2007

I cannot blog……

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Well, i have NO IDEA what to post now.

Maybe  Tomorrow, i will put a long post summarizing what should i post.

Basta, My Dial-up Sucks yet again.  Only good for Text!

Abril 16, 2007

Manny Paqcuiao VS (name) Solis, Pacman Really Rides again! & Nintendo WII

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(Hey, First Sports Related Post here!)

He has done it again, Sa 8th round na Knock-out ni “Pac-Man” si Solis, Kahit may pressure sa eleksyon (hehe) eh panalo parin, Unang Talo ni Solis Courtey of Manny 🙂  too bad na hindi mababalatuhan ni Manny yung mga kababayan nya sa Gen San sa ngayon due to “COMELEC” rules. hindi ko pa papapanood sa TV (Sugapa kayo sa Commercials!) yung Knock-out moment at sinundan ko lang yung laban sa Radyo.  Unlike Previous Matches, iisa lang ang nag-cover na Istasyon ng radyo ng Live from the Ring, “Super Radyo DZBB” Yung Iystation ng GMA-7 (Ano ba, Sugapa nanaman iyan.).

Pero sa Laban ni Brian Villoria at (Insert name of Mexican Here), Its obvious that Villoria is being Pwned by that Mexican Boxer, ang daming pinakawalang suntok yung Mexicano and yet si Villoria eh receiving end sya lagi at hindi nya na-iilagan.  Tibay nya no?

Last Sunday, I was at SM Dept Store Makati and napasya ko na that i pay a visit to Toy Kingdom there because the last time na pumunta ako ng Toy Kingdom, eh nakapaglaro ako ng Guitar Hero 2 ng Libre, With Matching Guitar Controller pa iyon!  Noong Pagpasok ko, unang nag-“greet” sa akin ay Isang Nintendo WII at habang ang isang American na Bata with his Father ay Inilalaro ang “WII Sports” (Kasama na sa Purchase mo ng WII na 22,000+ PHP, yung larong iyon.) Pinanood ko yung Golf game which is one of the sports you can play on WII Sports, natawa ako sa Kid na ang lakas nya laging pumalo ng Bola, anyways you need to hold the “Wiimote” (The controller, thats what they call it.) like you are holding a golf club and you swing it like a golf club too.  Noong ako na, i tried and i noticed na hindi masyadong nag-react the way that i wanted to the controller, maybe because of the lights or hindi maayos ang calibration but as i played the game, i see na mag-eenjoy akong laruin yung game na ito at home.  Sure, pwede nga akong tawaging Sira-ulo infront of the TV but its better than sitting down your chair Shooting Aliens and stuff, right?

Pa-extra lang before i move on. Kanina, i saw more kids with Sony PSP’s than Kids with Nintendo DS’es Although Pinakamarami parin ang naka Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP.  Mga kids, Sabihin nyo kay Daddy or Kuya na palagyan ng Cartoons yung PSP nyo dahil pwede kang manood ng Cartoons sa PSP mo, kaya ba iyan ng Nintendo DS mo? (Without Add-ons.).  Mga Magulang at Mga Kuya, huwag nyong kargahan ng Malalaswang Palabas yung PSP ang anak or bunso mo, isara nyo rin yung Web Browser nya if you are using i higher firmware version than v1.5.  A Public Service announcement from naksd.  (And PS3 will rule once we get the pirated discs, “Sigh!-yippe!”)

Abril 13, 2007

Don’t Defrag unless you need to. KSP yung iba nating pulitiko and Pinoy Big Brother 2. Ang swerte ng isang housemate, why? Read on.

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Kanina, i tried to defrag my hard drive since its six months since i had the fresh install of Windows XP and ang tagal!  I almost finsished watching the movie “Employee of the Month” at hindi parin tapos yung defrag and im not using the built in defrag tool in Windows but a sysinternals tool “Contig”.  My Advice, unless you really need disk speed like in video capture where you dont want to drop frames.  Reformat and Reinstall Windows if you feel its slow, or watch your system tray and see some 10+ programs running and taking your 256MB of RAM thats slowing you down.  Padagdag ko lang, pet peeve ko lang sa mga nagbebenta ng PC na Bnew na Dual-Core na PC nga from intel those core 2 duo’s pero 256MB lang ng RAM ang inilalagay and small HDD (i have no prob with small 80GB HDD, but the speed?).  WHAT???

While blog surfing on this hot and boring afternoon, i came across this blog posting:


Titled “In memory of Mr. Senator and his wife… who are still very much alive today.” which is pointing to Howie Severino’s Blog:


Titled “How to name a public school after yourself”

that pinakita na merong “Sen. Ralph Recto Type School Building” na name ng school sa batangas.  Now how KSP is that politician?

Naicomment ko nga sa gantokasiyun.wordpress.com na baka sa type ng puntod sa sementeryo ng mga “people passed away” in Batangas yung “recto type”.

Umm, how about voting for the Underdogs?  Now how’s that?

Well, i watch PBB season 2 on an on-off basis and hindi ako obliged sa sarili ko to react and blog about it, but this topic will.  I read on http://www.retzwerx.com that yung BB ng Slovenia kukuha ng isa sa PBB housemates and he/she will live there for a week and merong taga Slovenia na dito sa Pinas mag stay sa BB, same deal.


Swerte (or malas) sa mapipili dito to go to that other country na “nakakulong” ka parin 🙂  Sana naman prize na pag nakalabas ka na ng Bahay ni Kuya eh you win a trip to Slovenia, same goes to that slovenian na trip to Philippines naman sya.

The WORST Prepaid Card that i ever used! And Showbiz Peace Offerings.

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In the past few days, hindi ako nakapag post ng new entries since i don’t want to spew junk into my site and i dont want to repost something that is found in other venues unless i have something to say about it (kaya nga “I have something to say” ang motto ko sa header ng site, although you cannot see it.)

Now i have something to say, NEGATIVELY.

Im frustrated with dial-up that i have turned off image loading and javascript except for selected sites (now, you might wonder why turn off javascript, i feel its a bit faster and im protected from XSS [Cross site scripting] from various sites that might steal cookies or whatever personal goodies from me). Most of The prepaid internet cards that i have used do not go 56 kbps all the time. Half of the time, it just goes 33.6 kbps as measured by file downloads and by looking at the task manager under the networking tab, its not using 100% of the capacity. I think they do that so you will spend more time connected and waiting, para maubos ang 100+ something hours sa card mo.

But the worst i have ever used is ISPx Bonanza, But since im frugal at the moment, binili ko yung 30 pesos nila na card @ 5 hours and i dont like the service. Connections just fail even you are still connected to the ISP, They show “service Advisories” at random while browsing, dati nga mga “S*m M*l*y” ads ng Unisilver nga eh! (I HATE THOSE ADS, buti nalang wala pa so far) and less hours if comparing 100 pesos card values of competitors. (20 hours VS 30 hours with other prepaid internet cards)

I see a solution by ditching dial-up and go Broadband but at 1000PHP a month, no thanks!

I noticed that recently, marami ang nagkabati na sa local showbiz and one sa foreign showbiz.

Let’s start off with Ryza Cenon And Jennylyn Mercado. There is an article na Nagkabati na sila sa isang taping ng “All Star K!” which guests sila doon. Ngayon, galing kay Ryza yung statement na iyon along na manager nya na raw si Manay Lolit Solis (which somebody told me that it is a misquote, under parin sya ng GMA Artists Center.), where is Jen’s own statement? Im subscribed to different Showbiz blogs but i dont see an article na bati na nga sila coming from Jen’s mouth.

Then we move on to Claudine And Gretchen Baretto. (did i spell the family name right?) Bati na rin sila. I find it weird na sa Grocery sila nag-kabati, eh public place iyon and kahit pa sabihin natin na Rustans or some “exclusive” Grocery Store iyon na walang witnesses to the event??? Anyways, good to know at Buntis pa naman si Claudine, that will help her. Now how’s that Kris Aquino! (Ay, sorry po!)

Back to Jennylyn but this time with Alessandra de Rossi. Nag-pansinan naman sila although ewan kung bati na, dati kasi isnab kung isnab pero noong magkasama sila sa taping ng “Super Twins”, Sabi ni Jen na nagkausap sila.

Even in the foreign Showbiz, Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan na Pinagawayan nila si Aaron Carter. Bati na rin and now they say are dissing Paris “S*ut” Hilton, Bad Influence kay Linday Lohan. I liked Linday since “The Parent Trap” pa.

Ok, inaantok na ako but before i close this entry. Going back to the ISPx Bonanza Rant. Gawin ko kaya ito sa opisina nila:

Photo taken from this news article:
“Upset with his cell phone service Kim Smashes Mercedes S500 into Cell Phone Office”


Abril 10, 2007

Freakin Local Political Ads, campaigns, etcetera! & More Windows 3.11 usage.

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The Political Campaign for the Mayorial, Vice, Congressman and Councilors is messier than i thought.  Sila lang ang may madaming “kalat” sa daan both in paper and in noise.

In the Paper category, they circumvent the big poster rule by flooding us with a lot of small ads and they also tie up cloth ads like streamers only it is as big as a 1/4 sheet of paper.  Wala silang pinipiling bahay pag nasa high traffic area ka (im inside a subdivision and bawal sa loob ang political ads without permission 🙂 )

In the Road Noise category, i have heard no less than 15 political jingles for Councilors alone!  karamihan na hindi ko maintindihan ang lyrics dahil ang pangit ng sound system and walang originality, puro Novelty songs para maganda ang “recall” (Screw 90.7 FM and its affiliates!)

And hindi ko feel na may ginawa ang mga councilors ko, so with our congressman.  Mayor lang at Vice Mayor ang magaling in my opinion.

Pero baka hindi na ako makaboto due to some other reasons.  Observer nalang muna ako.

And again, im typing this blog entry in Windows 3.11 using Notepad.  I save in a diskette (it cannot read the Hard Drive of the Host Operating System) and copy-paste it into wordpress.

So far, puro typing lang and change wallpaper lang ang nagawa ko.  Have not tried installing old windows or DOS games that i have lying around here.

And if i want to fool somebody that i can play MP3’s in Windows 3.11 (yes, i know you can play MP3’s in Windows 3.11 using old software, but it will be limited and slow back in those days!) while doing something heavy.  I play MP3’s in Windows XP and full-screen the Windows 3.11 session.

Abril 9, 2007

Old Windows OS, SM North Edsa and Guitar Hero II

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(click for a full view)

Im writing this Blog entry in Windows 3.11 (remember that?)

What i did is i have the installation floppies of windows 3.11 and i installed them via QEMU, its like VMware that it creates a virtual machine to run other OSes while still running (and more importantly to me, not touching) the Host OS, in my case, the Modern Windows XP.

I cannot surf the web, play games, view pics in high or true color. But it’s still great at documents. And believe it or not, newbie friendly 🙂

Anyways, last Black Saturday, i went along with my cousin to SM North Edsa and i noticed that the 2 annex buildings are being demolished and a billboard was put up showing they are going to build a better annex and in the end of the renovation project. They will look like the Megamall.

So after we parked the car (Traffic was non-existent and i believe that the Metro Manila Roads were designed for that amount of cars anyway), we went inside the new Annex building called “The Block” and it looks like the Megamall outside, the Mall of Asia inside!

We needed to buy something at Toy Kingdom and while waiting for the others to finish off. Me and my cousin played with Guitar Hero II for the Playstation 2 with the Guitar Controller. It was open for play and i was not scolded by the salesladies around (they encouraged free-play as long as the controllers are around and you give way to others. They hid the controller for the Nintendo Wii which was running Wii Sports while we are there). Ang sayang laruin! I have never experienced this kind of gameplay before and the songs are familiar to me but since the difficulty setting was set to medium by the last player, we only reached half of the song before we were “song failed”.

By the way, Happy Easter and GO BACK TO WORK! (HEHEHE)

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