Marso 9, 2008

Im Busy and distracted, so this post and the video embedded in this post

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(Editors note, this posting was written March 9, 2008 but was posted on April 28, 2008. Things have really changed since then.)

I did not write my thoughts and opinions recently due to laziness (enemy #1) and im distracted by many things. Netflix DVD rentals which you can see on my sidebar whats playing and whats coming soon on my queue. Unwatched TV shows on my DVR. NBA Live 08 & elite beat agents on the PSP and the DS respectively. A new Work schedule (you cant cut my time suckers!!!). Miley Cyrus and my attempt to play the piano and i want to play songs from Miley that i bought Foilios of her albums so i can play her songs, so far im on the treble clef and i have a hard time playing the bass clef notes on my left hand. Coming soon, Driving Lessons (FINALLY!)

Speaking of Miley, she and her friend keeps on putting out youtube vids like this latest one:

According to people magazine, she recently got a laptop with a built-in camera and she went ahead and posted stuff which BTW, totally not under the managements control so she can do things like comment on the latest paparazzi photos, doing silly things that make me smile. Gosh, i wanna see her personally, she is about and about these days.

I wanna Discontinue my XM satellite radio service since they always keep on repeating songs (i heard “See You again” by Miley 3 times within 15 mins on 3 different statons!) and they lack variety. Im looking to upgrade to Slacker (i did write a review about that one before).

And in audio related topics, i bought a DVD-audio disc (santana), A Dual Disc (Simple Plan) and a CD+DVD-Audio (Beatles:LOVE). Out of the 3, i liked the Beatles album since they sound great with none of the audio processing crap they put in todays albums (Miley’s albums included). Also the surrounds via Dolby Headphone is wonderful with all 3 discs. Makes me wanna get a DVD-audio player at ebay!

And still i wanna meet Miley Cyrus. Already pre-ordered the concert album of hers (wonder how will it sound?) but i want the whole thing on DVD or better yet Blu-Ray, Mickey Mouse (who is pretty much demoted to Disneyland and toddlers now) will make a killing (in profits) when they release this on Blu-Ray. HD-DVD is DEAD, right? And im ripping an audio CD using the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive with no problems.

Speaking of Disneyland, i will go there! Again!


Pebrero 18, 2008

I wanna meet Miley Cyrus, The Apple Store experience and Slacker personal radio

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I see Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) on many Magazines now and on TV, and she will be on the Oscars!  Unbelievable.  I wanna Meet Miley Cyrus soon, after i get my drivers license and go to Disneyland on a 2fer ticket (one day in Disneyland, the other in Disney california adventure, gotta ride “soarin”!)

Last Sunday i went to an undisclosed mall to go to the Apple store and i thought i will be a small place since the mall isn’t that big, i was wrong.  There were a Lot of people and the space is big.  The areas were split to the ipods, iphones, laptops and desktops.  The star of the place is the Macbook air which in my opinion can be used as a vegetable cutter at the kitchen [hehe 🙂 ] since it was thin and had “sharp” edges.  it was solid so i wont worry it breaking in half when accidentally sat on it and comparing it to the Macbook.  But since i already have an Asus Eee PC, i will pass to all apple laptops but i might get a Imac and use it as a DVD player, Tv tuner and main computer since there is now space at the house to place one.  I also Liked Apple Tv Take 2 since i saw the shows there available to download (for a fee) that im interested to, and i think this is the new Cable Box, the interface is very good and i was able to watch clips of “Hannah Montana”, Miley’s MTV “start all over”, ETC.

I noticed that the ipods are all connected to either a Bose Quiet Comfort 2 or a Bose triport!  Because of this, i got to test the Noise Cancelling of the Bose QC2.  It works without interfering with the audio quality but my Grado SR60 headphones are as good as the Bose and its cheaper!

Speaking of the Grado’s, im using them right now to Listen to Pandora….i mean Slacker Personal Radio and i wanna buy the Portable but since i got this already pointless XM radio (Pioneer Inno) that i gotta sell soon if i want to switch, i cannot get the portable slacker radio for practical reasons.  Slacker has the songs that i wanted, unlike Pandora Internet radio that plays music that i dont know or XM that plays the same stupid stuff and the sound quality, ugh!

An Update to the camcorders that i want to buy,  I settled on the Panasonic PV-GS83.  I Liked the O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilization), a good sensitive mic, powerful zoom (32X) and i got it for $200!

Enero 23, 2008

Im Afraid, More Asus Eee PC Updates, My Netflix Experience so far and have i mentioned that im afraid?

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Im Afraid, i think i did something stupid but i would not know the outcome if i did not try the darn thing.  But if all goes well, it will be very rewarding at the end and if things screw-up, well i only lose $500 Bucks, BIG DEAL!  I took a lot of risks this year anyway, some i regretted, most did something good for me.  Also i need a Drivers License ASAP!

Now My Asus Eee PC is better than ever and thank goodness that i steered away from the Cheaper 2G version because it has less memory and its sluggish on various reviews.  And Im spending late nights playing with this thing!  I finally did pair it up with my data enabled phone and got internet access that way.

A good resource for all things Eee is, They have been helpful with the stuff i wanted to do the with Eee and the Wiki beats the user manual supplied hands-down!

I have this beef with Netflix, the online DVD rentals by mail which totally rocks if they dont arrive late, recently my movies come late or shipped the next day after they received my DVD at home, not the night they received it.  and since i signed up for the service for the last 2 months, i haven’t received the movie “Ratatouille” because

a.)  Its the year of the Rat on the lunar calendar.

b.)  This movie is waaaay good.

c.)  Its Pixar, for some reason, ALL of their movies are Very good and i like them all.

But Netflix gives me the flexibility to rent any movie i want without worrying that the movie will suck, if it sucks, return and nothing is lost.  And i cant drive myself to a Blockbuster (Video City in the Philippine Equivalent) video store!

A quick movie review, “Shanghai Kiss” is a movie if you want to see Shanghai, China;  If you are a fan of Hayden Panettiere and are into Independent films that dont feature an F-word every 10 seconds.  Hayden Panettiere is Hot and Sexy but her manners inside might not be up to snuff to my standards.

Alright, i hope the “mistake” might not be a mistake at the end.

Enero 22, 2008

“Juno”, More Eee PC Updates and pagod sa work

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First of all, i want to see this movie (but not on movie theaters, its on my Netflix Queue):

Nominated for Best Picture in the upcoming Oscars

With that out of the way, My Asus Eee PC is now on Advanced Desktop mode, what it means is that instead of the default tabbed interface, i get the full desktop and its just like windows (except its no Microsoft windows).  I even installed Beryl to get a 3D desktop and special effects, but its on manual mode, meaning dont start it up everytime since its memory hungry and slow in some of its effects due to the hardware.

Continuing on my free content post since i dont have notes, Tickets for some 3D concert Movie (clue: Hannah Montana) are reportely hard to find already buti nalang eh meron na akong tickets and dapat early ako sa sinehan or else baka ibigay nila sa iba yung pwesto ko.

My work is tiring and im pulling my own weight since puro errors yung co-worker ko and lagi nalang ako, ako at ako ang napapagalitan.  Pero malakas ako sa boss if i do things right.

Looking at my stats, there is some strange searches like: “Free hindi films song from saan” and “paki 3d animation”.  Clearly i dont target the hindi speaking audience, welcome the the WWW.

Agosto 13, 2007

Guys, im still here!

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Dahil sa bagong trabaho (with rewards i will expand on future posts.), hindi ko nagalaw ang blog ko na authority na sa ibang mga bagay sa google search.

Honestly i dont know where to start on what i should blog.   Ok i will tell you that i have a Nintendo DS lite and i like the web browser functionality via the Ds web browser, i would not use it to blog (im on a laptop as im writing this.) or to view youtube.  And oh, i like Pokemon.

In september, i will buy the Sony PSP (finally!), why september rather than now?  Because of the redesign of a slimmer and video out enabled PSP.  Sulit pa since for $200 may game ka na, may 1Gb memory stick duo ka pa.  Sobra na yung Family guy na video UMD (mas maganda parin ang simpsons, haven’t watched the Movie yet.

Now, to some homeland showbiz opinions.  Pasaway na Angel Locsin na ito, lumipat sa ABS-CBN na parang ganon lang.  Pakana lang ni Becky A.  her “manager”.  Now, what will happen.  Its either she will sink down to the bottom while Marian Whatever the lastname is, rising to the top over there.  Or she will prosper more like Toni Gonzaga.

Ok, i will kwento about life over here (sulit!  with some caveats.).  Till next post.  Thanks for not spamming my blog 🙂

Hulyo 4, 2007

Grey in L.A. So far….

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No Work, Stuck in the house.

I want to work just to have money for the stuff that i want (did i mention that already in an earlier post?). Long-term plans in my book is within 3 years, when i go to college, when i have my own car (if i pass the test and not hit anybody :p ).

I have applied at Different stores online, Apple (No response yet, now that’s the place i want to be, FREE IPHONE!), AT&T (Rejected by employer, at least you use an Iphone there.) and other tech related stores. Also applied at the likes of Wal-mart as a last resort.

This is the only time that settled down to gather my thoughts and write it in this post.

Before i begin, this is an all-english post. Tagalog postings maybe in the next post and im typing faster than before but slower on touch typing (the type that you don’t look at the keyboard.)

I want to get A Sony PSP when i get a job and i have worked for a month and a half, i think. So i can play games, go online and listen to podcasts, watch Videocasts. Maybe by the time i can buy one. Sony might have released a revision of the PSP ala Nintendo DS Lite.

We drove by Hollywood and saw the chinese theater with the footprints, the Hollywood sign, The walk of fame. Also drove by Beverly Hills and saw rodeo dr, the Hotel used in Pretty woman. I will go back to those places except Beverly Hills since the goods are pretty expensive there and i care more on the actors/actresses than what they wear.

Great, no more stuff coming off my head. Oh wait. Miley Cyrus!

She is the next Hilary Duff and my goodness, A New CD, a tour that i think will be sold-out and at the age of 14, she looks and acts like a 16 year old or even older! (and again, i think i have posted this before.) Lets see if i can see her in person within this year.

The executive summary:

And let’s also see what will happen of the fourth of july tommorrow.

(I wanted Google adsense in my blog but won’t allow this, whaaaa! And Beatriz won PBB season 2, WHAAAAAAA! Why? WHY!!!)

Hunyo 23, 2007

Anong Kaguluhan ito!

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While “standing-by” dito sa states and enjoying my Miley Fix.  Biglang nag-spike ang hits ko sa Post about Mo Twister.  Bakit, merong bang Big issue that i might comment on?

In the meantime, nakapunta na ako sa Disneyland (is very nice and the rides are thrilling.)  Iyon kaya ang i-blog ko.  I will give a review of the park and the rides.

Mayo 20, 2007

ang lakas mang-ingit ng apple inc! And megamall.

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You know that apple iphone, it is that ipod, cellphone, gadget of envy (if you can get it to work in the philippines since it is probably sim locked to cingular). And now it has been approved by the FCC (the equivalent of the NTC here) and oh my gosh! Pa-confidentiality agreement pa sila sa agency na iyon about the test results, pics and features! I think other cellphone manufacturers dont care what the agency releases. them this apple, ayaw nilang mag karoon ng leaks about this toy and as the title says, gusto nilang mangingit.

Look, i find the iphone cool (and one of the people i know want one even if she had a new phone just recently!) but i think that it is too expensive and just for those people like me who wants the latest and greatest. Tapos yun pala eh wala kwenta ang interface although i know apple designs their products very well. I will try to be the first to have an hands-on of this phone (yeah! Good luck!)

ok, for some mall observations now. Why do girl ice skaters tend to be more beautiful on ice? I think because of their moves and the clothes they wear. And the 2nd floor of the sm department store at megamall, i liked how it looks after they had renovated it. In fact, the sales man told me that they cannot sell sale items on that floor because its newly renovated. Silly but true. I will have pics soon

Mayo 2, 2007

Pbb 2: Maricris force evicted! My nokia 3230 ang dj mo

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as per kuya’s decision because of maricris’ violent behavior to herself. She was force evicted and i actually felt sorry for her because before the decision was given to her. She and bea ay nagkabati na. Kung bitter parin sya, fine! Get her outta there! But i really felt sorry for her now. Si maricris eh may problems sa father nya so ganoon ang ugali nya.

And wendy, dionne & saicy are up for eviction. Malamang si dionne or si saicy ang ma-evict. Wendy, nah! Im rooting for her (for now 😉 )

you might notice that my capitalizations and punctuation spacing is a little different because im writing this post in a cellphone. A nokia 3230. And i use opera mini for visiting my wordpress admin to publish this blog. Do you know what, i liked that cellphone browser because it loads pages fast, i can read sites better than the built-in web browser and i dont even know if the built-in browser will open up the sites that opera mini can.

Ok, my review of this nokia 3230 cellphone. I like the screen, i needed to lower the screen brightness because thats how bright it is. The interface is snappy. The fm radio rocks but when in a moving vehicle it constantly switches from stereo to mono, its not that good in reception kaya ganon. Keypad is good, but not great.

My apps that are installed on my phone is of course, opera mini. Gmail. And Fexplorer.

Ok, since i have an fm radio on my phone. I listened to good times with mo twister and again, i dont know who in the world is the guest but interesting otherwise. But one caller got a lot of attention. This guy called in and said that the gay people are sick of an mental illness or something and he cursed a word on air. The f word if you want to know. This caused a furry of calls to the station bashing the gay basher. Personally, i have nothing against the pink population, they are good people.

Abril 26, 2007

Tinamad itong isang Juan. Ako iyon!

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Well, dapat talaga im posting to this blog every day or two. Pero since due to tinamad ako and wala akong maisip na isulat (although, i have a lot of stories) hindi ako daily mag-post. Maganda pa naman ang “viewership” ng blogsite na ito (Thanks!)

Anyways, ito na ang bagong post ko.

Last Sunday, i went to SM North Edsa to watch a mall show there for the new GMA-7 TV show “Fantastic Man”, went there toooooo early so nag-libot muna ako sa mall. I noticed that the 2 annexes are being torn down and there is a tarpaulin saying that there is a renovation project, it will look like Megamall in the end, may kalaban kasing mall na itinatayo across EDSA on top of the MRT rail depot. (Wait, did i blog about it before?).

And for the first time, i was able to browse “The Block”, the new Annex of the ever growing this SM Mall (that’s what they do, buy a big lot, start off with one building and the remaining land be a BIG parking lot then just tear down a part of the parking lot and make an annex building.), maganda sya and it is big (either by size or an optical illusion).

There is an art exhibit at the atrium and how i wish i can take home one of them and just post them on my 70’s green wall.

Again, went to Toy Kingdom and this time.  They have the Nintendo WII that you can play.  “WII Sports” as usual but this time its bowling, and i find it easier to play and i knew some tricks in bowling that i tried and worked, the ball does react to the way you “bowl” with the Wiimote.  FUN!

Then mall show time. Started @ 6:45 PM! Mark Herras, Ryza Cenon (Mark-Ryza, Interesting!) and Jackie  “Reheated” Rice.  Unfortunately, you wont be able to get my story on the show since i would like to keep it by myself.  Masasabi ko lang na Maganda sina Ryza Cenon (Better than on TV, although you can see the “height”) at Jackie Rice and Mark Herras is “Guwapo”.  Thanks!

I just notice that yung mga nanalo sa Starstruck season 4 eh puro Guestings palang.  Where are the shows?

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