Mayo 5, 2008

Enough already, moving on, nothing to see here, this is already an archive piece (and im talking about Miley)

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(editors note: This post was supposed to be for last week, but since new stuff happened and it would be a shame to trash what is written for that day, so i recycled it and made it relevant.)

Its day 8 for Miley’s nightmare at the Vanity Fair (Copyright by “naksd”) and the news does seem to calm down and as a result, there isnt new candids for miley taken by the photogs or ordinary folk. There is no news about her before and whats she is up to and i heard that Mickey Mouse (Disney) ordered her and the gang to stay low and dont show up until this whole thing is back to normal and we can see her again. well, last weekend or so, she went to Disney World over at Florida (will go there after i tackle Disneyland) to “participate” at the Disney Channel Games, but not as a team member of any team but just to perform her new album pieces which after this blogger finishes posting what you are reading now, will go on the net to listen to the new songs so i wont tell yet if they are good or not.

Ok, that Backless pic is my Cellphone wallpaper and im used to it, but its cropped just to see Miley’s Face up to like 1/8’ths of her body.

i wanted to see her, back in action (no pun intended) away from this mess and i would say, lets move on. This is no more than a “Protein Spill” over at Disneyland (look it up!, “Inside the Magic” Podcast is where i heard that) but made by an actress and people have all the ammo they can throw at her. When she is Physically hurt, quits showbiz or worse, then we really be worried.

More of this and less of that!

(insert video of Miley and Mandy)

Hey, any mention of GTA IV over the news? Overshadowed by Miley eh? I would not play it when my cousins are awake. Im still annoyed by the fact that in the Philippines, GTA is treated as a kids game and i see kids as young as 5 playing it mistaken to Gran Turismo.

The Slacker Portable Radio, i got it already but im having a headache using USB to update the songs and almost wrecked the office network due to Internet connection sharing, but using the devicescape feature and i have a monthly subscription to a network of wifi hotspots since no DSL at home and cannot use Cellphone data on some internet things, i was glad that the slacker connected to mcdonalds (cheaper than Starbucks and brighter lights too!) and is now updating the songs and channels as im typing this. i read on forums that it sounds like XM radio, yipes! But that was on earlier units, i also read that SQ increased over time and i would say again, AAC-HE V2 sounds better than WMA or any other below 128kbit solution out there. And the unit does not dissapoint, the tracks have very good stereo separation and they dont exhibit a lot of compression artifacts unlike the dreaded XM radio. Search this blog for my short review of AAC-HE V2. For the record, XM uses AAC-HE V1 but the bitrates are too low even for AAC-HE V1 at 32 to 40 kbps, the target bitrate In my opinion for V1 is 64kbps to sound like a 128kbps MP3, and Slacker for the portable uses AAC-HE V2 at around 40kbps.

Some other things on the Slacker radioas a service, if you create a station instead of using the pre-made stations, expect a lot of repeats that i thought they were too thoughtful to repeat songs that i like but its annoying so i just loaded a lot of pre-made stations and just left 2 stations that i made myself, i KIIS Clone and a Radio Disney Clone that does not play any Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Songs! Darn Licensing, though the Song “See You Again” plays on the KIIS clone i did. Slacker, please dont crash and burn!

Oh boy! They are talking about the successors to Miley Cyrus already!

For example, Selena Gomez. I look at her as the Contra-Miley, she can do 99% of the stuff Miley can do and if the mouse really wants, they can develop Selena and her show “Wizards of Waverly Palace” to overtake “Hannah Montana” in kids hearts (and mine). She also uses youtube to have a show with Demi Lovato who i dont know much about her so i dont care!.

Aly & AJ, are you kidding me! They are a different league and i dont see them as “Miley Replacements!”

And watch out for Demi Lovato and those Jonas Brothers when the movie “camp rock” premieres, i have no idea if they can crush HSM or HM.

darn it, now im thinking if Miley did the shoot because she wanted to or she was tricked by that Annie “Le-boo-boo” (dunno her real last name), just watch the April 30 airing of the tonight show by Jay Leno’s monologue on (i think its available there) or your favorite internet video site and he made fun of Annie in relation she wanted to “undress” Queen Elizabeth! Words cant describe what i saw tonight, i was laughing off the floor and jay leno did not make fun of Miley, he is good to her.

Back to Annie the photog which i still dont remember her last name, she actually did some wholesome shots of celebs for Disneyland/Disney World which is ironic since Disney was quite angry with the VF Photos, see here (insert photos of annie for Disney)

Ok, enough of the Backless issue already and can we talk about when she will be perky like the past couple of weeks? If only i met her in those times at the coffee shop and out and about in town…

Now im happy that i can use the internet anywhere there is a hotspot that i have been paying for already instead of $2.95 to an insane $10.00 per session! Monthly is cheaper and im on a no contract subscription is this will be temporary and when we get back DSL at the house, i might use free wifi hotspot use or a small add-on that they offer if they have it.


Abril 30, 2008

My three years of liking Hilary Duff So much and how this applies in todays Miley World.

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My three years of liking Hilary Duff So much and how this applies in todays Miley World.

I got a confession to make, im quite obsesssed in meeting these young beautiful celebs and then following them along as they grow up. Now dont creep out on me, Hil was way older than me when i really like her, now i see Miley as my younger sister and Hilary Duff looking like ethel booba (Google is your friend)

And i kept a paper diary on those 3 years i really liked Hilary Duff and i was able to extract a lot of similarities on what Miley is going though and what events happened. For example:

December 10, 2003:
“Wow, i read yesterday that Hilary’s concert on the Jan 24 of 2004 was sold-out after 3 mins. Read on the…..hilaryfan. First evidence (actually third) that she is ultra-popular. Congratulations Hilary!”

Fast forward into today and did you notice that Mileys concert tickets sold out in minutes too. But back then, i did not remember anything about scalpers, now its the scalpers.

There is a lot more but it would take eons to extract all of the text you y’all to read, but judging by the diary, i did not see anything of a photo-shoot for a magazine that has Hilary backless and you get the picture, sorry…still cant remove the thought of that pic Miley did, better get used to it as long as its not N*ked or **Xually explicit.

Hilary back then had a much simpler life compared to Miley in which she has more people bashing on her on the net and in traditional media, IMHO. And who won the Hilary VS Lindsay feud?? I would say Hilary since who is the drunkard now? (HAHAHA!)

Now kids who might be reading this, please ignore what i said on the last paragraph.

On to more Miley related stuff, i was like watching a horror movie or im in a totalitarian govt where they show nothing but the same stuff, but in my case, CNN, TMZ, Extra, Access Hollywood, ET. All of their headlines was that one backless photo of Miley!

Less of that and MORE of this:

On to other stuff, i finaly ordered my Slacker Portable radio and what convinced me is im using the web player for quite a while now and with the XM radio disconnected, and im selling the Pioneer Inno on Ebay (going good, IMHO), im free to buy the player but i wish they wont make it a 2GB paperweight if their service goes belly-up. But Pandora (the competitor web radio player) is still up after like 3 years already and going strong. so i think slacker wont go away that fast, and they are 100% supporting the people who use their services or the hardware.

I loved the Movie “Sydney White”, i liked Amanda Bynes (A VERY GOOD EXAMPLE OF SOMEBODY WHO WAS NOT CARRIED AWAY BY SHOWBIZ and made a good transition as a member of “All That” to an actress.) and the subject of the movie, 4.5 stars (its unfair to say its 5 stars frankly)

Marso 9, 2008

Im Busy and distracted, so this post and the video embedded in this post

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(Editors note, this posting was written March 9, 2008 but was posted on April 28, 2008. Things have really changed since then.)

I did not write my thoughts and opinions recently due to laziness (enemy #1) and im distracted by many things. Netflix DVD rentals which you can see on my sidebar whats playing and whats coming soon on my queue. Unwatched TV shows on my DVR. NBA Live 08 & elite beat agents on the PSP and the DS respectively. A new Work schedule (you cant cut my time suckers!!!). Miley Cyrus and my attempt to play the piano and i want to play songs from Miley that i bought Foilios of her albums so i can play her songs, so far im on the treble clef and i have a hard time playing the bass clef notes on my left hand. Coming soon, Driving Lessons (FINALLY!)

Speaking of Miley, she and her friend keeps on putting out youtube vids like this latest one:

According to people magazine, she recently got a laptop with a built-in camera and she went ahead and posted stuff which BTW, totally not under the managements control so she can do things like comment on the latest paparazzi photos, doing silly things that make me smile. Gosh, i wanna see her personally, she is about and about these days.

I wanna Discontinue my XM satellite radio service since they always keep on repeating songs (i heard “See You again” by Miley 3 times within 15 mins on 3 different statons!) and they lack variety. Im looking to upgrade to Slacker (i did write a review about that one before).

And in audio related topics, i bought a DVD-audio disc (santana), A Dual Disc (Simple Plan) and a CD+DVD-Audio (Beatles:LOVE). Out of the 3, i liked the Beatles album since they sound great with none of the audio processing crap they put in todays albums (Miley’s albums included). Also the surrounds via Dolby Headphone is wonderful with all 3 discs. Makes me wanna get a DVD-audio player at ebay!

And still i wanna meet Miley Cyrus. Already pre-ordered the concert album of hers (wonder how will it sound?) but i want the whole thing on DVD or better yet Blu-Ray, Mickey Mouse (who is pretty much demoted to Disneyland and toddlers now) will make a killing (in profits) when they release this on Blu-Ray. HD-DVD is DEAD, right? And im ripping an audio CD using the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive with no problems.

Speaking of Disneyland, i will go there! Again!

Pebrero 24, 2008

I Bought an obsolete Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive!

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Just fresh of an ebay purchase and i got myself an Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive for around $60, shipping included. Now wait a minute you might say, am i crazy that im buying an obsolete piece of tech? Hold your horses people since i know somebody with an Xbox 360 which i can use to play those HD-DVD’s (and they are quite a lot of discs out of there) but that is not my purpose. I have an Asus Eee PC and it does not have a DVD drive and i want to watch DVD movies, i dont need disc burning since i have access to a PC with a DVD burner and an external DVD-RW drive that fits my Eee will make me $120 poorer. Also i like the fact that this is tech History and again, i can give it to somebody who has an Xbox 360 so they can watch better interactivity DVD’s.

Now that im typing this, i feel like a sucker since it will be only a DVD-ROM drive! But some people paid 70 bucks for the same deal, oh wait they include more discs, DOH!

Dont i worry since i can take the thing back to the seller anyway.

But im a techie that will try anything that i wish and oh well. I will just be wishing to meet Miley Cyrus, also go to Disneyland!

EDIT: As a kid, i have the Betamax 😛