Abril 30, 2008

My three years of liking Hilary Duff So much and how this applies in todays Miley World.

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My three years of liking Hilary Duff So much and how this applies in todays Miley World.

I got a confession to make, im quite obsesssed in meeting these young beautiful celebs and then following them along as they grow up. Now dont creep out on me, Hil was way older than me when i really like her, now i see Miley as my younger sister and Hilary Duff looking like ethel booba (Google is your friend)

And i kept a paper diary on those 3 years i really liked Hilary Duff and i was able to extract a lot of similarities on what Miley is going though and what events happened. For example:

December 10, 2003:
“Wow, i read yesterday that Hilary’s concert on the Jan 24 of 2004 was sold-out after 3 mins. Read on the…..hilaryfan. First evidence (actually third) that she is ultra-popular. Congratulations Hilary!”

Fast forward into today and did you notice that Mileys concert tickets sold out in minutes too. But back then, i did not remember anything about scalpers, now its the scalpers.

There is a lot more but it would take eons to extract all of the text you y’all to read, but judging by the diary, i did not see anything of a photo-shoot for a magazine that has Hilary backless and you get the picture, sorry…still cant remove the thought of that pic Miley did, better get used to it as long as its not N*ked or **Xually explicit.

Hilary back then had a much simpler life compared to Miley in which she has more people bashing on her on the net and in traditional media, IMHO. And who won the Hilary VS Lindsay feud?? I would say Hilary since who is the drunkard now? (HAHAHA!)

Now kids who might be reading this, please ignore what i said on the last paragraph.

On to more Miley related stuff, i was like watching a horror movie or im in a totalitarian govt where they show nothing but the same stuff, but in my case, CNN, TMZ, Extra, Access Hollywood, ET. All of their headlines was that one backless photo of Miley!

Less of that and MORE of this:

On to other stuff, i finaly ordered my Slacker Portable radio and what convinced me is im using the web player for quite a while now and with the XM radio disconnected, and im selling the Pioneer Inno on Ebay (going good, IMHO), im free to buy the player but i wish they wont make it a 2GB paperweight if their service goes belly-up. But Pandora (the competitor web radio player) is still up after like 3 years already and going strong. so i think slacker wont go away that fast, and they are 100% supporting the people who use their services or the hardware.

I loved the Movie “Sydney White”, i liked Amanda Bynes (A VERY GOOD EXAMPLE OF SOMEBODY WHO WAS NOT CARRIED AWAY BY SHOWBIZ and made a good transition as a member of “All That” to an actress.) and the subject of the movie, 4.5 stars (its unfair to say its 5 stars frankly)


Pebrero 18, 2008

I wanna meet Miley Cyrus, The Apple Store experience and Slacker personal radio

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I see Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) on many Magazines now and on TV, and she will be on the Oscars!  Unbelievable.  I wanna Meet Miley Cyrus soon, after i get my drivers license and go to Disneyland on a 2fer ticket (one day in Disneyland, the other in Disney california adventure, gotta ride “soarin”!)

Last Sunday i went to an undisclosed mall to go to the Apple store and i thought i will be a small place since the mall isn’t that big, i was wrong.  There were a Lot of people and the space is big.  The areas were split to the ipods, iphones, laptops and desktops.  The star of the place is the Macbook air which in my opinion can be used as a vegetable cutter at the kitchen [hehe 🙂 ] since it was thin and had “sharp” edges.  it was solid so i wont worry it breaking in half when accidentally sat on it and comparing it to the Macbook.  But since i already have an Asus Eee PC, i will pass to all apple laptops but i might get a Imac and use it as a DVD player, Tv tuner and main computer since there is now space at the house to place one.  I also Liked Apple Tv Take 2 since i saw the shows there available to download (for a fee) that im interested to, and i think this is the new Cable Box, the interface is very good and i was able to watch clips of “Hannah Montana”, Miley’s MTV “start all over”, ETC.

I noticed that the ipods are all connected to either a Bose Quiet Comfort 2 or a Bose triport!  Because of this, i got to test the Noise Cancelling of the Bose QC2.  It works without interfering with the audio quality but my Grado SR60 headphones are as good as the Bose and its cheaper!

Speaking of the Grado’s, im using them right now to Listen to Pandora….i mean Slacker Personal Radio and i wanna buy the Portable but since i got this already pointless XM radio (Pioneer Inno) that i gotta sell soon if i want to switch, i cannot get the portable slacker radio for practical reasons.  Slacker has the songs that i wanted, unlike Pandora Internet radio that plays music that i dont know or XM that plays the same stupid stuff and the sound quality, ugh!

An Update to the camcorders that i want to buy,  I settled on the Panasonic PV-GS83.  I Liked the O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilization), a good sensitive mic, powerful zoom (32X) and i got it for $200!

Enero 31, 2008

Free MS Office 2007 Coming up (for me), The Hannah 3D Concert (finally!) and HD-DVD on the way of the VCD?

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I heard about the Windows feedback program and Microsoft is giving away free stuff by monitoring your PC how you are using it, creeps?  Not concerned since im on the Eee Anyway.  When i originally signed up for it and completed the survey, i “missed” the freebies that include Vista Ultimate and MS Office 2007 ultimate, take your pick.  Then i received email from microsoft (checked everything to see that its not bogus) that said that i reached the deadline for applying that gives me the free stuff and i chose office ultimate since you get vista anyway on a Windows laptop and office is a more sensible freebie.  It will be at least 3 months before they ship out the software but i rarely use the vista laptop now.

Tomorrow is the start of the “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus:Best of Both Worlds Concert Movie in Disney Digital 3D”.  Im Excited and i will try to do a field report on the possible audiences tomorrow but i will be watching the movie on Feb 3, sunday afternoon which it might be to my advantage because of the NFL Super Bowl.  The people will be watching this game and i expect less people in theaters and i will have a good time.  Now if they release this on Blu-Ray.  I will have to get myself a PS3 and a Projector since i cannot smuggle in the house an LCD/Plasma/RPJ HDTV.

HD-DVD. At circuit city, the players are on clearance now and Best-Buy is having a buy-one-take-one of HD-DVD titles.  IMHO, HD-DVD is HD-DUD.  “sayang naman!” the cost advantage both to the consumer and the producers is more apparent than Blu-Ray in the beginning but i was thinking it will be the way of the VCD.

What is a VCD? The VCD (Video CD) is a format that was introduced in North America as a VHS replacement that Failed BIG TIME.  But caught on in Asia.  Using Philippines as an example, VCD replaced VHS for pre-recorded material, “thank” the video pirates for that (the orginal guys also did Original VCD’s too).  And now that the pirates are doing DVD, they can go HD-DVD once the format becomes less prevalent or extinct in the states and sell cheap HD-DVD Players and Discs, agree?

Enero 29, 2008

Running Windows progs on Linux and addenum for my HD-DVD VS Blu-Ray post. (WAIT! Miley News!)

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I want a small windows program “MP3DIRECTCUT” to edit my MP3 files for ringtones since Linux programs give me a hard time on dependencies. So i downloaded WINE that enables windows programs to run and was impressed to see that familiar program in my Linux Environment. But still, i would hunt down for Native Linux Apps or Linux Ports of programs before WINE-ing.

Just to add to the HD-DVD VS Blu-ray Post, i still see a lot of HD-DVD Titles on Circuit-City’s shelves but no HD-DVD titles on my local sears Store, only a lone HD-DVD player that is running a DVD demo for Toshiba’s LCD TV’s. Before at sears, i would see both HD-DVD and Blu-ray Demos playing beside each other. Now, 2 Blu-ray Demos at Sears and No HD-DVD Demo (well, its turned off as i metioned in the last post). It’s becoming clear now. And “Cars” looked sooooo good on that Samsung 46 inch LCD TV hooked up to a Samsung Dlu-Ray disc player. Yet im stuck on SDTV and DVD!

Edit:  After Posting, i found out articles that Even Popstars get tired at their own concerts:



Poor Miley.

Enero 23, 2008

Im Afraid, More Asus Eee PC Updates, My Netflix Experience so far and have i mentioned that im afraid?

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Im Afraid, i think i did something stupid but i would not know the outcome if i did not try the darn thing.  But if all goes well, it will be very rewarding at the end and if things screw-up, well i only lose $500 Bucks, BIG DEAL!  I took a lot of risks this year anyway, some i regretted, most did something good for me.  Also i need a Drivers License ASAP!

Now My Asus Eee PC is better than ever and thank goodness that i steered away from the Cheaper 2G version because it has less memory and its sluggish on various reviews.  And Im spending late nights playing with this thing!  I finally did pair it up with my data enabled phone and got internet access that way.

A good resource for all things Eee is eeeuser.com, They have been helpful with the stuff i wanted to do the with Eee and the Wiki beats the user manual supplied hands-down!

I have this beef with Netflix, the online DVD rentals by mail which totally rocks if they dont arrive late, recently my movies come late or shipped the next day after they received my DVD at home, not the night they received it.  and since i signed up for the service for the last 2 months, i haven’t received the movie “Ratatouille” because

a.)  Its the year of the Rat on the lunar calendar.

b.)  This movie is waaaay good.

c.)  Its Pixar, for some reason, ALL of their movies are Very good and i like them all.

But Netflix gives me the flexibility to rent any movie i want without worrying that the movie will suck, if it sucks, return and nothing is lost.  And i cant drive myself to a Blockbuster (Video City in the Philippine Equivalent) video store!

A quick movie review, “Shanghai Kiss” is a movie if you want to see Shanghai, China;  If you are a fan of Hayden Panettiere and are into Independent films that dont feature an F-word every 10 seconds.  Hayden Panettiere is Hot and Sexy but her manners inside might not be up to snuff to my standards.

Alright, i hope the “mistake” might not be a mistake at the end.

Enero 22, 2008

“Juno”, More Eee PC Updates and pagod sa work

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First of all, i want to see this movie (but not on movie theaters, its on my Netflix Queue):

Nominated for Best Picture in the upcoming Oscars

With that out of the way, My Asus Eee PC is now on Advanced Desktop mode, what it means is that instead of the default tabbed interface, i get the full desktop and its just like windows (except its no Microsoft windows).  I even installed Beryl to get a 3D desktop and special effects, but its on manual mode, meaning dont start it up everytime since its memory hungry and slow in some of its effects due to the hardware.

Continuing on my free content post since i dont have notes, Tickets for some 3D concert Movie (clue: Hannah Montana) are reportely hard to find already buti nalang eh meron na akong tickets and dapat early ako sa sinehan or else baka ibigay nila sa iba yung pwesto ko.

My work is tiring and im pulling my own weight since puro errors yung co-worker ko and lagi nalang ako, ako at ako ang napapagalitan.  Pero malakas ako sa boss if i do things right.

Looking at my stats, there is some strange searches like: “Free hindi films song from saan” and “paki 3d animation”.  Clearly i dont target the hindi speaking audience, welcome the the WWW.

Enero 21, 2008

Procrastonation is a bad thing, Jennylyn M. and Mark H. Updates and “wowowee”‘s annoyance.

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Alam nyo ba na ang kalaban ko sa pag-blog eh ang procrastination?  I have lots of ideas floating around my head but hindi ko sila regularly be put in writing.  Plus masakit pa ulo ko sa “marimar” sa TV!

Anyway, update sa EEE PC ko, small keys kinda bug me (but then on the bigger laptop that i was borrowing all along), i can play aac+ streams from pinoy-radio.com without installing another app.  I have Skype and IM on auto-start.

Jennylyn Mercado finally is knocked up by Donald Duck (a.k.a Patrick Garcia).  Ang layo pala ng edad nila and i wonder how he and she felt (place here where you know what they are doing why she is pregnant now.) Im worried (kinda) on her health as i reported last year, also bagsak ang carrer.  She needs to do a Valerie Conception at the end.

(medyo masakit nang mag type sa maliit na keyboard)

And itong si Mark herras and Lian of E.B babes.  Hindi ko type si Lian, nothing to see, gusto ko si Mae if tinanong ako.

And itong si Pokwang sa “wowowee”, Wierd.  And si willie eh nananawagan na manood nalang tayo sa TV ng Bday special nya, para hindi “magulo”

News flash!  I tried to play Multimedia streaming files on Firefox and mplayer opened and played the thing on Linux.  Nice

Ay Naku! I Have a EEE and im not afraid to use it, salamat DVR and I Love you Miley Cyrus (as a friend)

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umm, one of my impluse purchases that i made these past months since getting my “card” and buying stuff that people generally dont have that im interested too.  It’s the Asus EEE PC!  In fact, it will be the “laptop” im using right now.

The Model i bought is $350 but was jacked up to $390 due to the sales tax and shipping but it was worth it instead of waiting for a week or paying more to get it sooner at another venue (website/B&M).  It has a 900 mhz Intel celeron Mobile which is very fast for the linux installed, 512 MB of RAM which is plenty for Linux; ok for Windows XP, 4GB Flash drive that acts as the hard drive of this laptop and no moving parts to break in case of a violent shock like dropping it.  has No CD-rom/DVD reader/ (teka, may Away sa PBA!) writer built-inl but you can attach an external USB drive to it; if you need to install windows, the 7 inch screen is beautiful and i legible though challenged by some programs to display properly.  The Keyboard needs getting used to and im getting errors if i type fast due to the smaller keys.

Applications include Firefox (same function as in windows so i used the same settings and extensions), A yahoo compatible IM program (Pidgin), Skype, Openoffice (Why use MS Office if you dont have $$$???) and etc.  You can add apps to it though it has to be linux and for a beginner, can be intimidating unlike windows with a setup program. in the EEE pc’s linux, you have to open up the command line to open up a program to install or directly from the command line.

Basta, i just like it.  Sure you cant play PC games on linux without some messy elbow grease (cedega,winex), you need to manualy install Windows XP (Forget Vista) on a 4GB SSD.  But for what its doing, web, IM, Office and blogging, panalo!

Ano Itong Ratings War na kahit nasa amerika ako eh napapanood ko yung mga akusasyon nila in between commercial like it “applies” here!?!?  Buti nalang may DVR to skip them, sige na, maka CH 7 ako dahil nasa Dos si Cristy Fermin which I DONT TRUST THE MOST!!!! Basta, saan maganda, doon tayo nood.  To go off a tangent regarding Cristy, kung artista ako, matakot ako kay Ricky Lo or (to some extent) Lolit Solis pag may nasabi sila sa akin.  And dito sa amerika, ok lang mag-tirahan sa mga TV shows nila about each other.

Now speaking of amerika, I Really like Miley Cyrus that if i had a chance (and a ticket and time to boot), pinanood ko yung Concert nya though mabibingi ako sa daming girls at ma-susufocate sa fireworks like in this video:

BTW, If you played the video.  It is for the 3D Movie which im telling you, sulit ang 3D movies (pag maganda ang story of course!).  In Fact, i have ordered Tickets last December 2007 for a 3:00PM, Feb 3, 2008 screening.  Baka maubusan ng ticket eh like sa mismong concert.  Felling ko sa mag-kakaroon ng stand-by lines para sa mga late kumuha ng tickets.

At masarap mag-blog muli.

Hulyo 2, 2007


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If only unlocked sya to work with T-mobile (My current cellphone provider dito sa amerika), Globe, Smart, Sun. Sulit ang $500 something mo.

I saw one not in the Apple store (which sana ay may trabaho ako doon, rumor has it na lahat ng employee nila kahit sales person ka lang, libre iphone ka.) but in a mall (yes, they have malls, not as populated though except for the movie theater this weekend.) ko sya nakita and 1/4 ko lang nakita. Ang Ganda!

In the web, yung mga vids. Maganda sya. Now if only i can type in that on-screen keyboard. Mabilis na nga ako sa T9 ng Nokia 3230 ko.

Maraming kwentong amerika pero hindi ko sila ma-condense sa iisang post na walang mawawala (and i should write more English only posts to make me accustomed to the language more even.) More to come.

Hunyo 1, 2007

Latest Tech reviews (and one TV show im addicted to)

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Unahin na natin yung TV show na iyon.  “Hannah Montana” iyon and i like the Main Character “Miley Stewart” Played by Miley Cyrus which at 14 years old going 15, looks like she is 16 or 17.  I think she is next in line to Hilary Duff.  Hilary eh acting then sinaksak lang ang pagkanta sa career nya although most of her songs in her albums eh hindi ganoon kaganda, maganda lang yung singles.  Si Miley naman kumakanta na sya from the start and ang ganda ng “Best of both worlds” at “who said” sa CD, hindi ko pa na-try yung ibang songs sa CD.  Anyways, inaabangan ko na sa Disney Channel (Which i have 3, go figure why) yung episodes and natutuwa ako sa itsura nya.

Ok, got that off my chest.  Moving on to more techy matters.

Yung Windows Vista Home Basic na lagi kong nagagamit.  Iniba ko yung theme nya from the “False” aero (without the transparency effects that is designed in mind) to the Windows 2000 style and nagulat na pwedeng-pwede and bumilis pa sya on my 512 MB equipped laptop na kinain pa yung part of memory in intergrated graphics.  Parang hindi Windows Vista ang gamit ko but i find the UAC and other “safety” features like a safety net.  Basta, ok lang ang windows vista and i had it working with some obscure windows XP based program via compatibility mode.

I had a chance to try the Microsoft Zune and mas maganda ang Ipod in terms of Music Organizing, but in the video dept, seems to me na mas maganda ang zune.  Pero ipod parin ang madalas na nakikita ko next to the “MP4” players and ang pangit ng UI and hindi kayang mag-play ng totoong MP4 files with MPEG-4 video and AAC sound.

And 2 in one special.  I also got to play with the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.  yung PS3 sa store ko nasubukan and demo version of the game “Virtua fighter 5” connected to an LCD HDTV and the graphics looks real on the people and the surroundings and thats just the beginning for PS3 since first generation game sya and what will the future look like?

Meanwhile, yung Xbox 360 ay nasa bahay connected to the old CRT TV and the graphics on WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2007 is better than the PS2 counterpart but thats it.  Hindi sya nakakabit sa Internet for Xbox Live.  Hindi sya super ingay like the other people said but i hear a whine if i listen closely but its not annoying if im playing or watching an HD-DVD (if ever).

Susunod na Pahina