Mayo 25, 2008

DA BUZZ!! Tumahimik na kayo dyan!

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(note to readers, this will be a filipino post.)

I was very annoyed by ABS-CBN’s show “The Buzz” (and the rest of Philippine “showbiz” shows, more on that later) because all of their stories are “exclusives” and follow the same spiel everytime they present a story and i just lost credibility on these shows even as an entertainment medium, its too tacky and they are laden with “misinformation” and forced promotions, then if its the truth in the case of some reporters, they hide them and they dont talk about it (im referring to Ricky Lo, can somebody please make this person speak more info when he writes about true stories and lets spy on his “DPA’s” 🙂 )

Thats it for today.

My 2 cents on the Marian Rivera Taray Youtube video, wala nang magagawa ang ch 7 sa “no Video camera” rule nyo, mga cellphone kasi ng mga artista may magandang video camera eh!  Pati na rin crew, just force them to use camera-less phones dummies!  And HDTV cameras are now cheap to do HDTV!


Abril 28, 2008

Distraction report and a Special opinion on the latest on Miley Cyrus

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Hello There again, told you i will be distracted by some “other” things! Here is a quick rundown on what im up to.

PS3: watched blu-ray movies, extra interactivity on the “Enchanted” blu-ray version gets plus brownie points on the “D-Files” game. Dolby Digital audio sounds a bit better due to a higher bitrate (640 Vs 448 on DVD). I have no idea if the DAC of the PS3 is 96khz/24bit when using the analog audio outs. I Might be getting an HDTV set this quarter or else by the end of the year. Curently playing Ratchet and Clank (my Favorite, its hard on my stage now), Guitar Hero 3 (got it at a bargain with the wireless guitar controller, second favorite game), Motorstorm (look at the racers go….when they crash!!), Eye of Judgment (the lighthing kinda makes the playstation eye miss my cards, also got at a bargain, creeping its way to unseat R&C as my fav game) and The Simpsons Game (Least fav, but i wanna finish it since its funny, bad camera angles makes the game a headache sometimes.)

Piano lessons, put on hold indefinitely. Its Hard to play the notes even though i know the letters already.

I knew it! “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds concert tour” (The concert itself with the video and the stuff) will be on Blu-ray (and DVD), a big reason why i got the PS3! 1080P video and 5.1 UNCOMPRESSED (No MP3, AAC, Old skool Dolby Digital/DTS) audio! But later in this post, im quite baffled on what Miley Is going though now, i dont know if i should feel happy, sad, annoyed, err…aroused??.

Also i got the Live recording on Compact Disc of the Miley concert and i have been enjoying that album a lot (except “G.N.O” for obvious reasons), the bonus DVD just solidifies the fact that they already have a master for the DVD and Blu-ray (YAY!) of the Concert, even the backstage footage is a teaser to a more complete one. But stay tuned on what i can say about the latest on Miley (and its not all good)

Goodbye XM satellite radio! Repetitious music and BAD (yes, BAD with the capital B!) audio quality! My cassette tapes played on an old Sony walkman sounds better than XM!, already cancelled my subscription and im selling the receiver on ebay, i wish it would sell and things will work out well. Might get the Slacker Portable radio that i might have been posted already, if not; its a cool idea but i will be a beta tester and run a risk of it being a $200 2GB MP3 player if slacker goes out of business.

Im experiencing Netflix Burnout since i dont want to watch movies (Because of the PS3!), im renting “Short Programs” (an hour or less to finish a DVD). I like Charlotte Church, she has a very beautiful voice……back then, but now i researched on whats up with Charlotte and she looks like Hilary Duff now in terms of body and possibly a Lindsay Lohan and she has a Baby now with some rugby player (not the rubber cement, the sport!).

Now, enough diversons. The real reason why i got off my Lazy butt and wrote this post you are reading now is. Bad things are happening with the Lovely Miley Cyrus. It all started with a bunch of pictures which i will let you do the finding (Google is you friend) and lets say, inappropriate for children under 13 and man she looks HOT in those pics, but who the heck is that guy staring at Miley Lying down with her…. Never mind explaning it, just search on the web but she is not in anyways, you get the idea. Bottom Line, i hated them.

Because of that, i went on a 3 day “Miley Holiday”, no “Hannah Montana” episodes, no Miley Songs on the MP3 player, no website visits, no blogging about her, even to the point of no pics and no thoughts of her. Hoping this stuff goes away, life goes on like what happened to Vanessa Anne Hudgens when she came clean on those pics worse than Miley’s and she will make a new Miley and Mandy show on youtube (The “4 Minutes” video is the best so far.).

Well, i was wrong. She posed “Inappropriately” for a 15 year old (Technically 16 if you ask me.) girl for Vanity Fair, again look it up on Google or you favorite Hollywood “News” site. I was amazed that she did that photo at a very early stage of her career. Even Hilary Duff did not do that until she was 19? 20? for Maxim, as far as i remember, but she looked like Ethel Booba to some extent, and racier too on the cover!

Then i read in the website of vanity fair, the full text of the article with those pics and there i saw more pics to be destined for the magazine and the family was there to participate in the photoshoot. I liked those pics better than the one in question but i had a hard time getting used to the one picture she did, Ok the keyword for the offending Vanity fair pic is “Backless”. I think she should think twice about that VF pic and the other photos. Judging my the photographer who took the shots (“Annie” Whoever she is) with a track record of the Nude photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono (YUCK!!!!!), oh boy, that photog has dark plans for Miley IMHO.

Im Worried on what Miley is Going though now since this is not her persona that i know. Im worried that she will be like those other girls and be the worst they can be. Im sure the parents are gaga over this now and are trying everything to do something about this.

But i might not see her in person to say “HI!” have a picture and authograph; hey! even a job as one of her entourge as the Old Miley before alll of this happened. im currently looking at the old Miley back then and im absorbing everyting about her now since tomorrow, who knows, she might be a wreck soon or just fall of the top of her career and go back to just being a teen (HEY! Thats an idea! But what about seeing her personally?)

Do you know whats a better idea, Pray and pray hard, go back to your friends, do more good things and have a great time without TMZ, Perez Hilton, ET, Access Hollywood, E!, Etc following you! She will have a Book about her, A new Album as Miley Cyrus (YAY! Will be pre-ordering that when i can unless some showstopper comes out about her.) and that Blu-Ray disc of her concert.

Nuff Said, lets see what happens. After all, she is one of the many hard to see people now and what are the chances of really working for her crew? Almost NIL! Just a concerned Netizen.

“Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds concert tour” will be coming to DVD and Blu-Ray, August 19, 2008. Her new studio album will be sometime this year (as i said earlier). The Hannah Montana Movie is currently filming and will be released around 2009 (Lizzie Mcguire anybody?).

Enero 26, 2008

The Trying Hard Gamer, Miley Cyrus’ Us Weekly cover and Poker??

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Since Having my Asus Eee PC and Netflix (and work), i have not used my Sony PSP Slim as a Game device, it more as a portable web browser/Video player/Podcast streamer over wifi and soon to be skype phone by a firmware update promised by the end of this month. Still i want to play games on it if i had the time, im waiting for the Kingdom hearts game for the PSP since i like to try out a RPG (Pokemon does not count, i did not even finish it. I let my Pokemaniac half-cousin finish it) and im into Disney.

(the small keys on my Eee is cramping my hands!)

Now i want to talk about Miley Cyrus and the way she looks now. before, she is this young girl that has a small show and she looked like this:

Miley Brown hair

And now with all the popularity she has, she looks like this:

Miley now

(Photo credits: part of

(see more examples of how she looks on

and then i saw her in the cover of Us weekly this week and oh dear, she looks older than 15 in that picture:


(Photo credit: An Article on

Photoshop gone wild

And oh, this reminds me of Hilary Duff back in the Lizzie Mcguire days, where is she?  Will i be able to see her in person?  In my office im “attending” to, one of my co-workers looks either like Hilary Duff or Ethel Booba.

Disney is good at promoting them and when they move on to other roles, its a challenge to be another character.

Better finish “The Devil Wears Prada” before going to bed.

One more thing!

How in the world did Poker become a sport?????  Sugalan iyon diba!!?!?!?!?  And dont get me started on Horse-racing

Enero 21, 2008

Procrastonation is a bad thing, Jennylyn M. and Mark H. Updates and “wowowee”‘s annoyance.

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Alam nyo ba na ang kalaban ko sa pag-blog eh ang procrastination?  I have lots of ideas floating around my head but hindi ko sila regularly be put in writing.  Plus masakit pa ulo ko sa “marimar” sa TV!

Anyway, update sa EEE PC ko, small keys kinda bug me (but then on the bigger laptop that i was borrowing all along), i can play aac+ streams from without installing another app.  I have Skype and IM on auto-start.

Jennylyn Mercado finally is knocked up by Donald Duck (a.k.a Patrick Garcia).  Ang layo pala ng edad nila and i wonder how he and she felt (place here where you know what they are doing why she is pregnant now.) Im worried (kinda) on her health as i reported last year, also bagsak ang carrer.  She needs to do a Valerie Conception at the end.

(medyo masakit nang mag type sa maliit na keyboard)

And itong si Mark herras and Lian of E.B babes.  Hindi ko type si Lian, nothing to see, gusto ko si Mae if tinanong ako.

And itong si Pokwang sa “wowowee”, Wierd.  And si willie eh nananawagan na manood nalang tayo sa TV ng Bday special nya, para hindi “magulo”

News flash!  I tried to play Multimedia streaming files on Firefox and mplayer opened and played the thing on Linux.  Nice

Ay Naku! I Have a EEE and im not afraid to use it, salamat DVR and I Love you Miley Cyrus (as a friend)

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umm, one of my impluse purchases that i made these past months since getting my “card” and buying stuff that people generally dont have that im interested too.  It’s the Asus EEE PC!  In fact, it will be the “laptop” im using right now.

The Model i bought is $350 but was jacked up to $390 due to the sales tax and shipping but it was worth it instead of waiting for a week or paying more to get it sooner at another venue (website/B&M).  It has a 900 mhz Intel celeron Mobile which is very fast for the linux installed, 512 MB of RAM which is plenty for Linux; ok for Windows XP, 4GB Flash drive that acts as the hard drive of this laptop and no moving parts to break in case of a violent shock like dropping it.  has No CD-rom/DVD reader/ (teka, may Away sa PBA!) writer built-inl but you can attach an external USB drive to it; if you need to install windows, the 7 inch screen is beautiful and i legible though challenged by some programs to display properly.  The Keyboard needs getting used to and im getting errors if i type fast due to the smaller keys.

Applications include Firefox (same function as in windows so i used the same settings and extensions), A yahoo compatible IM program (Pidgin), Skype, Openoffice (Why use MS Office if you dont have $$$???) and etc.  You can add apps to it though it has to be linux and for a beginner, can be intimidating unlike windows with a setup program. in the EEE pc’s linux, you have to open up the command line to open up a program to install or directly from the command line.

Basta, i just like it.  Sure you cant play PC games on linux without some messy elbow grease (cedega,winex), you need to manualy install Windows XP (Forget Vista) on a 4GB SSD.  But for what its doing, web, IM, Office and blogging, panalo!

Ano Itong Ratings War na kahit nasa amerika ako eh napapanood ko yung mga akusasyon nila in between commercial like it “applies” here!?!?  Buti nalang may DVR to skip them, sige na, maka CH 7 ako dahil nasa Dos si Cristy Fermin which I DONT TRUST THE MOST!!!! Basta, saan maganda, doon tayo nood.  To go off a tangent regarding Cristy, kung artista ako, matakot ako kay Ricky Lo or (to some extent) Lolit Solis pag may nasabi sila sa akin.  And dito sa amerika, ok lang mag-tirahan sa mga TV shows nila about each other.

Now speaking of amerika, I Really like Miley Cyrus that if i had a chance (and a ticket and time to boot), pinanood ko yung Concert nya though mabibingi ako sa daming girls at ma-susufocate sa fireworks like in this video:

BTW, If you played the video.  It is for the 3D Movie which im telling you, sulit ang 3D movies (pag maganda ang story of course!).  In Fact, i have ordered Tickets last December 2007 for a 3:00PM, Feb 3, 2008 screening.  Baka maubusan ng ticket eh like sa mismong concert.  Felling ko sa mag-kakaroon ng stand-by lines para sa mga late kumuha ng tickets.

At masarap mag-blog muli.

Setyembre 14, 2007

Ok, ok! New stuff. I got the PSP, Britney or MTV Blows, Filipino channels on Directv and A girl

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Fine, i got some ideas already and here it is.

Before i begin, Starting now.  With Laptop in Lap.  I will spend one hour or less writing a new article about tech, work life (later next year nalang ang school life, last chance BTW.) etcetera.

I have been wanting a Sony PSP since launch and having played with it at Sony exhibits at malls TWICE!  I wanted one. Before arriving in the states.  I saw more kids with PSP’s than Nintendo DS’s.  And finally after my first paycheck, i was psyched to have a PSP of my own (No Pirated….umm i mean homebrew friendly firmware and hacking) but then the slimmer PSP was announced, great!  i gotta hold that purchase till the first week of september.

Now its September 13.  It has been 4 days since i finally got my own PSP, it is the new silver one.  Slimmer indeed.  I was surprised how light it is, lighter than the Nintendo DS lite, which i also have for Pokemon Diamond.  It costs $216 with tax and it comes with the “Daxter” game which is fun but frustrating, a Family Guy UMD video disc which sana ay simpsons nalang (ok, more tagalog in the coming sentences) and the most important of all, a 1 gigabyte memory stick duo.  If have have purchased the core slim PSP in black and buy the MS separately, lugi ako dahil wala pa yung Daxter na laro.

Graphics on this thing looks like the PS2 console, the web browser is better than the Nintendo DS browser on the DS, I was able to download podcasts (or any other file) directly to the PSP and have i mentioned the graphics

I wanted to have these games,  A tony hawk game, crazy taxi and Gran turismo 4 which sana naman ay lumabas na next year since pwede na ang 333 mhz ng PSP.

Now going to Pwitney Jeers! (A.K.A, “Hit me baby one more time” of fame)  Kadiri sya sa VMA’s ng MTV.  Hindi pa ba sya nag pa lipo or something?  Anyways, i never wanted britney anyway.  I don’t find her “Hot”.  Maybe Vanessa Anne Hudgens na lumabas ang BOLD pics nya sa internet is hotter.  Kawawa naman is Vanessa  and i will side with her pero pag nag-ala Lindsay lohan sya, i will rant her out like britney.

High School Musical and High School Musical 2 is still unwatched on my Directv DVR which keeps on having problems, now and then demanding a reset.  which brings me to the Filipino channels on the Telly.  Weird, strange and reduces homesickness.  I got the Whole package, not just the ABS-CBN stuff.  And thank goodness for the DVR since nasa work nga ako and i can watch my shows when i come home or on the weekends and when my lolo watches Horse racing (ang nagpamahal ng monthly ko sa Directv) marathons.

Pardon the less than stellar character spacing since ngayon lang muli akong nagtype.

Now advice naman please, i like this Girl at work but noong nakasabay ko sya noong pag-uwi namin from work, nakita ko sa cellphone wallpaper nya na may guy with her in the pic.  Maybe it is her brother or maybe the Boyfriend.  She is nice towards me as she is also nice to me, she is just one year older than me.  I am not really rushing for a relationship but i would like more time with her since she is in another dept in the office.  Now what?


Agosto 13, 2007

Guys, im still here!

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Dahil sa bagong trabaho (with rewards i will expand on future posts.), hindi ko nagalaw ang blog ko na authority na sa ibang mga bagay sa google search.

Honestly i dont know where to start on what i should blog.   Ok i will tell you that i have a Nintendo DS lite and i like the web browser functionality via the Ds web browser, i would not use it to blog (im on a laptop as im writing this.) or to view youtube.  And oh, i like Pokemon.

In september, i will buy the Sony PSP (finally!), why september rather than now?  Because of the redesign of a slimmer and video out enabled PSP.  Sulit pa since for $200 may game ka na, may 1Gb memory stick duo ka pa.  Sobra na yung Family guy na video UMD (mas maganda parin ang simpsons, haven’t watched the Movie yet.

Now, to some homeland showbiz opinions.  Pasaway na Angel Locsin na ito, lumipat sa ABS-CBN na parang ganon lang.  Pakana lang ni Becky A.  her “manager”.  Now, what will happen.  Its either she will sink down to the bottom while Marian Whatever the lastname is, rising to the top over there.  Or she will prosper more like Toni Gonzaga.

Ok, i will kwento about life over here (sulit!  with some caveats.).  Till next post.  Thanks for not spamming my blog 🙂

Hunyo 1, 2007

Latest Tech reviews (and one TV show im addicted to)

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Unahin na natin yung TV show na iyon.  “Hannah Montana” iyon and i like the Main Character “Miley Stewart” Played by Miley Cyrus which at 14 years old going 15, looks like she is 16 or 17.  I think she is next in line to Hilary Duff.  Hilary eh acting then sinaksak lang ang pagkanta sa career nya although most of her songs in her albums eh hindi ganoon kaganda, maganda lang yung singles.  Si Miley naman kumakanta na sya from the start and ang ganda ng “Best of both worlds” at “who said” sa CD, hindi ko pa na-try yung ibang songs sa CD.  Anyways, inaabangan ko na sa Disney Channel (Which i have 3, go figure why) yung episodes and natutuwa ako sa itsura nya.

Ok, got that off my chest.  Moving on to more techy matters.

Yung Windows Vista Home Basic na lagi kong nagagamit.  Iniba ko yung theme nya from the “False” aero (without the transparency effects that is designed in mind) to the Windows 2000 style and nagulat na pwedeng-pwede and bumilis pa sya on my 512 MB equipped laptop na kinain pa yung part of memory in intergrated graphics.  Parang hindi Windows Vista ang gamit ko but i find the UAC and other “safety” features like a safety net.  Basta, ok lang ang windows vista and i had it working with some obscure windows XP based program via compatibility mode.

I had a chance to try the Microsoft Zune and mas maganda ang Ipod in terms of Music Organizing, but in the video dept, seems to me na mas maganda ang zune.  Pero ipod parin ang madalas na nakikita ko next to the “MP4” players and ang pangit ng UI and hindi kayang mag-play ng totoong MP4 files with MPEG-4 video and AAC sound.

And 2 in one special.  I also got to play with the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.  yung PS3 sa store ko nasubukan and demo version of the game “Virtua fighter 5” connected to an LCD HDTV and the graphics looks real on the people and the surroundings and thats just the beginning for PS3 since first generation game sya and what will the future look like?

Meanwhile, yung Xbox 360 ay nasa bahay connected to the old CRT TV and the graphics on WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2007 is better than the PS2 counterpart but thats it.  Hindi sya nakakabit sa Internet for Xbox Live.  Hindi sya super ingay like the other people said but i hear a whine if i listen closely but its not annoying if im playing or watching an HD-DVD (if ever).

Mayo 24, 2007

I wanna get this off my Chest! One Rocks and One Sucks!

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Ok, i have been using Windows Vista Home Basic and Home Premium (Yung tapos na) on Two Different Laptops and i have to say after using it in reality rather than in a Microsoft Promo in Mall of Asia (you can search for my post about it last Febuary.) that if you have it, stick with it.  Using Internet Explorer 7 (have not installed Firefox yet, have to ask for permission.), Yahoo Messenger, Itunes, Limewire.  They all work fine.  I cant say its true for all users.

The Aero glass looks cool, but unnecessary. (Bakit walang transparency ang menus [MAC OS X], puro borders lang at start menu?)

You will need Home Premium if you want Media center and those other Media features, but so far from using Home Basic right now as i type, Parang Windows Xp lang sya.

Basta, ok sya.

Pero ito ay hindi ok, Hiwalay na pala si Ogie Alcasid sa Asawa nyang australian and gusto nya si Regine Velasquez, YUCK!  Dahil parang binalewala nya si Michelle van Eimiren (Correct me if i murdered the name) and he likes Regine Velasquez???  Pa-secret-secret pa kayo dyan and for “protection” of the family pa ang rason yung bakit this june pa ilalabas sa Yes! Magazine, gusto lang yata ng publicity para oks na oks sa people yung kay Reg, Basta YUCK! this rates as much as that Kris-james-Hope Hoopla on the Irrelevant and Pointless stuff to talk about and thats something that i wanna say.

How in the world that Actors/Actresses make fun of themselves, in particular Janno Gibbs na puro lait sa sarili and i think totoo ang intriga sa kanya.  It makes them low, Mga Graduweyt ng StarStruck, huwag nyo silang gayahin.

Mayo 16, 2007

the election aftermath & ugly characters in tv shows.

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well, the elections in our precincts were orderly and peaceful. There are still those people who hand out sample ballots that are considered campaign materials which means they are bad. I ignored those people. Inside my precinct, there were 5 other voters and i was facilitated properly by the teachers, they got my thumbmark and placed indelible ink (which is really indelible) in my index finger and i voted.

I voted for chiz escudero, joker arroyo, ed angara, gringo honasan, migz zubiri and others. Sana 80% which i voted for makapasok in the senate.

In the local level. I voted for the incumbent mayor and vice-mayor but replaced the congressman and the councilors.

Naku dear, prehistoric parin tayo sa bilangan ng voto. Mas mabilis pa nga sa mga quick count ng mga himpilan ng tv and NAMFREL. Kasi nga, gusto nila madali ang daya and get away with it. One more thing, there are a lot of people in some municipalities in canvassing votes which leads to more chances in cheating.

And notice based on the quick counts that the candidates whom spent a lot of money in advertising either in television, radio, print and littering (the posters and streamers in public places) did not reach the top 12. Trillianes (which i did not vote, i belive that honasan can do the job better) on the other hand is in the 8-11th place even though he is in jail and only his supporters are campaining for him. Times have changed for the voting public. Also look at the governor votes, they are not voting for the same person or family member again unless they did a good job and not a mediocre or a corrupt job.

Lets see what we can do in the 2010 presidential elections. Computerize the counting (maybe those automated counting machines that are gathering dust, still works), replace the COMELEC commissioner and his gang, educate the voters more (i belive that we are smarter now than before), give the cheaters a taste of their own medicine.

Im annoyed that some people needed to kill other people just to get their corruption and power seats and exploit the heck out of its citizens. How can we get rid or minimize their effects?

In other non-election related topic. Jewel Mische plays an ita native in “magic kamison” on gma-7 and oh dear, ang hilig nilang mag papangit ng talent for their shows. Take for example, ryza cenon which was “uglified” not once but twice (in now and forever:”mukha” and love-to-love:”stuck in love” isama ko na dyan si LJ reyes.), Mark herras in love to love:”love ko si urok”, sunshine dizon in “bakekang”, and there is a new show that also involves uglifying some of the cast. Not even ch 2 gets away in it, anne curtis in “kampanerang kuba” and numerous shows over there. Well, dunno why ang hilig nila sa ganyan. And going back to jewel, gaganda rin yung character nya in one point and notice also that KC concepcion, dumami ang magazine covers and endorsements nya, parehong good looking sina jewel and KC and medyo pareho sila ng ugali and both of them have blogs!

Ang haba na ng post na ito and i typed this all in my cellphone, thank predictive text entry and pasensya na sa punctuation marks and spacing if they are inconsistent since may limitation ang built-in text editor of the phone (the built in “notes” app.)

Susunod na Pahina