Pebrero 25, 2008

Miley Watch: Miley is on youtube.

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ahhh, she looks so proper in the oscars!

Source: ABC/ photo galery

anyways, from the website, i found this video of Miley and her Dancer Mandy

Its sooo silly and this is definitely not from Miley’s Management, but it from Miley Herself!  A tip to Miley (if you are reading this), adjust your audio levels because it is too hot (clipping) and maybe adjust your lighting, my MiniDV camera does better than that!

also look at this:


As you can see in the picture (click to enlarge), it shows a different side of Miley, something i actually missed out when i was younger.

On a side note, how can i meet Miley Cyrus?


Pebrero 24, 2008

I Bought an obsolete Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive!

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Just fresh of an ebay purchase and i got myself an Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive for around $60, shipping included. Now wait a minute you might say, am i crazy that im buying an obsolete piece of tech? Hold your horses people since i know somebody with an Xbox 360 which i can use to play those HD-DVD’s (and they are quite a lot of discs out of there) but that is not my purpose. I have an Asus Eee PC and it does not have a DVD drive and i want to watch DVD movies, i dont need disc burning since i have access to a PC with a DVD burner and an external DVD-RW drive that fits my Eee will make me $120 poorer. Also i like the fact that this is tech History and again, i can give it to somebody who has an Xbox 360 so they can watch better interactivity DVD’s.

Now that im typing this, i feel like a sucker since it will be only a DVD-ROM drive! But some people paid 70 bucks for the same deal, oh wait they include more discs, DOH!

Dont i worry since i can take the thing back to the seller anyway.

But im a techie that will try anything that i wish and oh well. I will just be wishing to meet Miley Cyrus, also go to Disneyland!

EDIT: As a kid, i have the Betamax 😛

Pebrero 18, 2008

I wanna meet Miley Cyrus, The Apple Store experience and Slacker personal radio

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I see Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) on many Magazines now and on TV, and she will be on the Oscars!  Unbelievable.  I wanna Meet Miley Cyrus soon, after i get my drivers license and go to Disneyland on a 2fer ticket (one day in Disneyland, the other in Disney california adventure, gotta ride “soarin”!)

Last Sunday i went to an undisclosed mall to go to the Apple store and i thought i will be a small place since the mall isn’t that big, i was wrong.  There were a Lot of people and the space is big.  The areas were split to the ipods, iphones, laptops and desktops.  The star of the place is the Macbook air which in my opinion can be used as a vegetable cutter at the kitchen [hehe 🙂 ] since it was thin and had “sharp” edges.  it was solid so i wont worry it breaking in half when accidentally sat on it and comparing it to the Macbook.  But since i already have an Asus Eee PC, i will pass to all apple laptops but i might get a Imac and use it as a DVD player, Tv tuner and main computer since there is now space at the house to place one.  I also Liked Apple Tv Take 2 since i saw the shows there available to download (for a fee) that im interested to, and i think this is the new Cable Box, the interface is very good and i was able to watch clips of “Hannah Montana”, Miley’s MTV “start all over”, ETC.

I noticed that the ipods are all connected to either a Bose Quiet Comfort 2 or a Bose triport!  Because of this, i got to test the Noise Cancelling of the Bose QC2.  It works without interfering with the audio quality but my Grado SR60 headphones are as good as the Bose and its cheaper!

Speaking of the Grado’s, im using them right now to Listen to Pandora….i mean Slacker Personal Radio and i wanna buy the Portable but since i got this already pointless XM radio (Pioneer Inno) that i gotta sell soon if i want to switch, i cannot get the portable slacker radio for practical reasons.  Slacker has the songs that i wanted, unlike Pandora Internet radio that plays music that i dont know or XM that plays the same stupid stuff and the sound quality, ugh!

An Update to the camcorders that i want to buy,  I settled on the Panasonic PV-GS83.  I Liked the O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilization), a good sensitive mic, powerful zoom (32X) and i got it for $200!

Pebrero 13, 2008

I just need to comment about this, Miley and Billy Ray; seatbelt-less.

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While reading my daily newspaper, i mean my laptop with my RSS feeds, i stumbled on this article:

Miley Scolded for Going Beltless

and it referred to me to this article:

Note to Hannah Montana: Seat belts are necessary not an accessory

I would like to comment that this was an oversight in the film.  From seeing this movie twice, you can add that she should also have a seatbelt when she was driving a “car” backstage and crashed (Possible property damage only, haha!).

Seriously, it was an oversight, is the scene called for that remove the seatbelts for the movie or (or dear), they dont wear seatbelts at all!?

Also, the Miley haters out there have a lot of ammo now, i mean she is the new Hilary Duff, Only Slimmer  and funnier.

Peace out!

Pebrero 8, 2008

I watched the Miley Cyrus 3D Concert movie again, second thoughts.

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I watched the movie the second time around at the same unnamed AMC theater and this time around, no lines and the theater is at “regular” load. Though i still see young girls in Hannah Montana apparel and they are more energetic than the last time i watched it.

Since this is the second time i watched the “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of both worlds concert movie in Disney Digital 3D”, i will do an in-depth, second look review, i feel that this review is redundant, but i don’t care! As a warning, this is not a spoiler-free review.

I noticed that Tish Cyrus (her Mother) makes a regular appearance on the movie and she is always around more than Billy Ray.

She is still pretty and i noticed more her body figure and face. The movie itself really looked organic in the sense that you are there and the sound is mixed just right, the band and herself in the front, the crowds (The Jet plane takeoff sound level of screaming kids as described by one of the backstage people in the movie) are in the surrounds.

I again saw the Miley Body double switch that is very clear in the movie even by the best efforts to conceal it in the movie. But they acknowledged that double in the beginning of the movie as i said before.

The songs in order are “Rockstar”, this is her opening song and they way she performed it is just good for opening the movie, the she performed “Life’s what you make it” which is ok. I dont like “Just like you” because she looked like she had a hard time performing this song. Next is “I Got Nerve”, she redeems herself from that last song and then “We got the party” with the Jonas Brothers, here we see a very energetic Miley and the camera shots and angles are good, and we see that infamous Body Double.

And the stage is for the Jonas Brothers for 2 songs, that new single and “Year 3000”, if you are a girl, you might be captivated, but as a guy myself, im for the lyrics and the way they sing. No big deal.

After them, Miley Appears as Miley herself and the song “Start all Over” is the first song, very rockstar like with wind effects like she is rockin out on stage, had quite a hard time performing this song too. “See you again”, it ok too. “Lets Dance”, I see Miley do a ballroom dance and she’s hot. “I Miss you”, here you appreciate the 3D effects as the camera does not move as much and she is sitting down with an acoustic guitar with no vocal backups and in one scene, you get a sense of a big stage. “G.N.O: Girls Night Out”, the song did not catch on for me for obvious reasons but i liked they way she danced to the song and finally “Best of Both Worlds”, i liked the way they showed Hannah on one side and Miley on the other on the video monitors stage. The film ends with Miley decending down the stage, fade to black, roll credits to the tune of “if we were a movie”. No hidden surprises at the end of the movie.

I wish Disney will release this on DVD/Blu-ray with the concert in its entirety, ala “Director’s Cut” edition, the mouse will make a killing like they did with this movie and on my previous post here that I i said “I Smell Clever Marketing”. I found an article from the Associated Press on titled “Kids duped into seeing ‘Hannah Montana’ film?” and to quote the article:

““When you have a successful franchise, setting the time table and controlling the distribution just develops an appetite for more,” said Michael Kupinski, media analyst and head of research at Noble Financial Group. “No one is as good at this as Disney.””

You bet! These Disney Guys are Geniuses at this thing, remember Lizzie Mcguire? Or Hilary Duff if you cant remember. Hilary did a concert tour, sold out too. A lot of album sales, movies and of course Lizzie. BTW, where is Hilary now, in the cover of a mens mag????

back to the article, i also want to quote this:

“The movie ran on all of the country’s 683 public screens equipped to handle 3D films, and averaged $45,534 per screen over the weekend. A typical blockbuster opens in 3,000 theaters and averages about $7,000 at each, according to industry statistics.”

Unbelivable! Try that Bono!

Ok, enough of this movie, i have spent my movie allowance for this. As Much as i wanna see it for the 3rd time or until they stop the screenings, i can hear Miley’s Voice and i can see Miley’s Face on this Eee PC’s LCD screen. So that’s it for the Movie, lets move on to other things.

Edit:  Saw this article on

and Miley on the 50th grammys, bring it on!

Pebrero 7, 2008

Dear naksd; IM NOT Jewel Mische!!!!

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This is an on-going segment on my blog that is called “Dear naksd”, where i answer your comments/suggestions.  To Contact me, use the “contact me” link on any of the pages on my blog and shoot me off an email.

But in this post, i will respond to a comment from “Ate Anj” that i saw here.

hi jewel.Hope all is well with you. this is ate Anj from Baguio. I’ve been trying to contact you but ur phone is always out of coverage area. anyway, this is my only option now, im sorry….Kindly return the 2 books you borrowed esp the “Dont Waste Your Life.” I rly need it already. Here’s my address: c/o (Address deleted by yours truly -naksd) BAGUIO CITY hope to hear from u soon. thanks again!

Let me say again and again, Im Not Jewel Mische, i dont know Jewel Mische or have any connections to her (to another starstruck celeb, yes.  But thats another story that i will not talk about on this blog, EVER!)

Here is the problem, when you search on google or yahoo for “jewel mische blog”.  one of the top search results is my blog.  Now those are older entries and if you want latest info, i dont have it.  But to muddy up the search engine waters, read this. (If you are a minor, dont click it!  Hey, im looking at it rigggghhhttt now!  I should not be doing it, oh DEAR!)

Pebrero 4, 2008

I was part of Movie History.

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(Sigh, bad news i read on the net before reading the good news i wanted to talk about)

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Concert movie (Here we go again) made #1 at the weekend box office and it made a lots of record-breaks in movie history, beating a LOT of records including records held by “Borat” and “Titanic” (Just see this article from the La Times)

This really shows the “enteng kabisote” effect, kids+parents=$$$ but i should revise it for this case. kids+parents+”Sold out concerts with jacked-up ticket proces from scalpers”+”Pretty Miley”=$$$$$$$.

Im Happy for Miley and the crew who made this and this shows that 3D Movies are better in sales than the regular counterparts which if i have a good HT setup at home, why would i go to the theater to watch regular movies?  Now the films are in 3D and there is no way in a reasonable price range i can do the same thing at home, for now.

Pebrero 3, 2008

Miley Day! A Review of the “Hannah Montana/MIley Cyrus 3D Concert Movie”

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I have a lot to say about Miley (Ray) Cyrus today on this post because im from a screnning of the “Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour in Disney Digital 3D” And it was a fun time though i forgot to drink water from all the walking i did before the show went on felt a bit tired, forgot some scenes but there is a lot of memorable moments on the film, I Might even see the movie again next week since its official, it will run longer than a week.

Audiences Want More ‘Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert;’

Before i continue, im using a full sized keyboard on my Eee PC since this will be a long post and due to a lot of work and a lot of papercuts associated with it, The Small keyboard would not do the task.

Ok, it started around 2:30 PM at an undisclosed AMC theater location and i thought i should wait around 3:00 PM before entering, but when the Sold Out Sign flashed on their schedule board, i went in and i asked the usherette how is the first day of screening went, she said that the lines formed outside the entrance and it was sold out (but i checked the website and it appeared ok at that time).  I got my 3D glasses and went to theater 5, WHOA!  A line and i was at the back.  There were obviously a lot of young girls in Hannah Montana apparel and accessories but i did not feel out of place in general since i saw a bunch of teens and grown-ups W/Out kids.

A lot of trailers followed and when it came to the 3D trailers, i saw the “U23D” trailer and i said, oh my “gosh” what did i go into??  The trailer did give me a sense that im at the U2 concert and since im watching the Hannah Concert, i will feel the same way.

And sure enough, THE MOVIE IS A BLAST/FUN/EXCITING TO WATCH, Miley looked different and prettier in 3D, you can see her body figure, the stage have a sense of depth.

Do you know what, i cannot keep my thoughts in place about this movie so bear with me if i go off tangent on the following paragraphs.

A lot of times, the camera is always moving to show a lot of the stuff on stage and the angles do repeat due to a limitation on where to place the cameras, especially over the drummer. but in one song (I miss you), the camera is steady and you can appreciate the depth of the movie.  I see the different cameras and cellphones being used to photograph her on stage.

I thought the 74 mins runtime will be short but i did not notice that, the concert is not the full concert but a selection of songs is adequate.

On the content itself, they like throwing stuff at people like a guitar pick, a drum stick (Miley Trew that) and confetti, made me dodge the stuff.

There was controversy involving a body double at the “we got the party” song with the Jonas Brothers that spread on youtube but it was clarified in a statement that they did that on purpose.  And i saw that in the movie, Miley was wisked away from the stage and the double did come up but the camera focused instead on the JoBro and the double disappeared off the stage as the JoBro went to perform 2 songs before Hannah Went to Miley.

The Backstage scenes included the rehearsal, Miley and Her Mom and Dad on separate interviews, The backstage of the Concert itself and the audience reactions.  All are in 2D, inconsistent.

Miley on stage was aware of the camera and she always made gestures at the camera like she winks and smiles when she is on screen and in one song, puts the mic infront of our audience, nice touch.  And she sang live, the result is sometimes she cannot keep up with her music and you can hear that, but that is sometimes.

I would recommend this movie to everyone to have a good time, except if you are critical of her music.

That’s it for now, next week i want to see the Macbook Air at an Apple Store and i would like to watch the Movie again.  I Wish they release this on DVD/Blu-ray in a Directors cut or the Whole Show!

P.S:  I Would like to remind everyone that the capital of Montana (The state) is Not “Hannah”, Taken from a recent episode of the Simpsons.

Miley Watch: Will see 3D concert movie.

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Ok, this post will be Miley Cyrus Related since im going to the 3D concert movie that im talking about a couple of days ago.  I Hope the Sniffles (A.K.A:  The Colds) wont stop me watching this.

My Only Disappointment before watching it is the running time which is a confirmed 74 mins.  IT WILL NOT CONTAIN THE FULL CONCERT!  Bummer, but better than not seeing it live in concert.

Time constraints from my (S******) work (environment) prevented me to covering the first day of screening but one thing is certain, the shows sold out, particularly at the Downtown Disney AMC theater (I would personally not watch a movie there since c’mon!  Disneyland!  Only a Monorail ride away from the Theater!)  a quick visit to the el capitan theater (A.K.A, The Disney Theater) website reveals it is much worse, but i also discovered that the movie will be there for a month! There is even a special Valentine screening (a date with Miley, WE WISH!!!).  Check it out, it is in the front page

Further Investigation reveled at the  & websites that theaters listed the movie’s show times beyond the 1 week Disney gave this film.  I Smell Clever Marketing here from the Mouse that foiled a lot of people to buy tickets early (me included).