Nobyembre 10, 2007

Im (REALLY) back! “Marimar” is violent and Xm satellite Radio.

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Ok, with a new theme and a new attitude (promise!).  I want my online presence to be heard again.  I hope Google does not demote my pagerank with them.  And lately i have been receiving comments regarding Jewel Mische.  Im not Jewel or Related to her.  And her “official” blog is down at the moment.

I hate the show “Marimar” on GMA7 (or in my case, GMA Pinoy TV.)  I think it is the most violent telenovela i have ever seen.  The villains are so sadistic and the only thing missing is that i get a Light gun for those Gun video games and shoot them down (Please?) I cant get satisfaction in watching this show, i lose my appetite when i see somebody get hurt physically and emotionally.  Thanks goodness i have XM satellite radio with me to drown-out the audio from the TV which is a segue (Segway for those people who know the electric scooter) to my next topic which is my New Pioneer Inno which receives XM Satellite Radio service.

I got the MP3 playing, portable satellite radio receiver for $199.99 +tax at Best Buy, it was on sale from the price of $250.  I got 3 months free and free activation provided i pay up 3 months in advance and i like it!  FM radio Sucks in song content.  The Hits station (102.7 KIIS FM) is like an hip-hop/R&B station with repetitious music from African-American artists (though i have nothing against them.).  This Sat radio of mine is the solution.  The downside of it is the Sound Quality (which is the problem of XM, not the Inno), acceptable but could be better.  The SQ was worse before, i read on the forums.

and yeah, it replaced my MP3 player since it plays them and organizes well.  And you will never hear from me that i bought an Ipod Shuffle-Nano-Classic-Touch.  An exception is the iphone which when my current phone breaks, i want to replace it with this (will have to keep up with the Sim-unlock scene since Apple keeps closing the SIM Unlocks on a regular basis now.  Expensive AT&T!)