Marso 16, 2007

Update on COMELEC’s (Sila ba iyon?) Web blunder ala-“Hello Garci”

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The site is still up, (The Voters List) but the PDF’s are now taken down (thank goodness for me, bad news for stalkers sometimes me).

But unfortunately, if you use google to view the cached version of the PDF’s (which by the way, the PDF’s are searchable for “easy”access).  It’s still there.

And by looking at the PDF’s, the list only is up to the 2003 registrants.  So sa tingin ko na matagal na yung website na ito and only recently it has been uncovered.

Pasaway na COMELEC, Nasunog na ang Old buildin nila, “Hello Garci”, Nawala yung Automated Counting machines, sablay na sistema sa voters reg and now this!

Mamaya na ang PBB and Starstruck updates ko for Thursday and for Mamaya


Marso 15, 2007

NEWS FLASH!: Voters list for Metro Manila Available to “Everybody”!

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Heads up. This blog entry over at:

Discovered via another friend that the registered voters list for Metro Manila is Available at:

I checked it out and long and behold! Names, Addresses, Birthdays and precinct numbers. OOPS!

Marso 13, 2007

PBB, Tinamad po ako. Starstruck: Stef (OHMIGOSH!) and Paulo Eliminated, Its gets interesting & Election Related News

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Sorry if no updates sa PBB season 2 even sa Post na ito.  Tinamad lang po akong manood.

Sa Starstruck naman, last sunday, si Stef and si (paulo) ay eliminated na sa Danger 8 and ngayon Survivor 6 na ang tawag sa mga natitira.  Meron pa bang Final 4?

Anyways, i predicted that Stef or Rich ang delikadong matangal sa Girls but after talking to Rich Personally over the phone last friday, i also gave her my nod of approval and gusto ko si Rich ay “mag-tagal”, tangalin nalang natin si kris, ok lang ba?  My mom would be happy since hate nya si Kris.

Sa performances nila, yung mga boys na kumanta especially aljur, huli kong nag-lipsync!  Dati Live na Live sila with mistakes pa nga eh, then now lipsync na sila?  Not a good idea!

Sa mga girls, si Jewel, sumayaw sya sa isang Michael Jackson Song.  She cycled na kamukha nya si LJ Reyes, KC Concepcion, Ryza Cenon at isa pang local actress in certain angles (weird)  pero after removing her hat, she’s uniquely Jewel (NAKS!, actually that word was the basis for my screename and the url that this blog points to).  Si Kris naman, are you seducing the audience?  Nagkamali pa nga si Kris or yung male dance partner nya noong nahulog sa isang formation ng dance and nakalumutan ko kung ano ang performance ni Rich.

This night, pinalabas ang Bohol Provincial tour which balwarte ni Rich and ang daming people and i feel based on collective mall show footage na itong season na ito, kasing init ng Batch 1.

And may Solid date and place na ang Final Judgement night.  March 25, 2007 @ the Marikina Sports Complex.  Nood kaya ako ng live that night?

In Election related News, March ay Fire Prevention month and what a way to demonstrate the importance of fire prevention than the Old COMELEC bldg going up in flames!  Nakita ko kanina sa dyaryo and OH DEAR!  Are they covering up the evidence of election fraud (since doon pala nakatago ang records ng 2004 presidential elections, hummm!)?  Sige, sana may Backups sila.

Mayor Vilma Santos, running for Governor sa Batangas.  ANG SAYA NG MAGIGING RESULT!

Enero 5, 2007

The Finish line (COMELEC Registration day 6.), Watching an IMAX 3D Movie: A Review, now i know why there are tickets to the world pyro olympics! & The noise common to PUV’s

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After 6 days of going back and forth at their office.  I have already finished the voters registration by that delayed picture taking and biometrics.  But even though this is the final stage, there was still drama at the papers dept.  Hindi nila agad nakita ang papers ko!  Hindi na nga ako naka-pag breakfast para una ako sa pila saka 5 mins pa bago nakita ang papers ko na naihalo yata sa ibang barangay! and because of that, hindi ako inabot ng hapon and very hungry na ako.  So i ate a double sized pizza from greenwich pizza.

Then i was in a mood for a movie, as i promised to myself, i would like to watch “kasal, kasali, kasalo” but then again changed my mind since i don’t want to force myself in watching this movie just to give my two cents worth on the whole MMFF brouhaha.  So i did watch an IMAX 3D movie at the mall of asia (my favorite mall!) instead.  It was that dinosaur movie “T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous”.  There were many people who watched the movie at that time, puro bata! (later on i found out na field trip pala nila iyon, sosyal!)

It is not my first time watching something at the IMAX theater at MOA, i have already watched “happy feet” before.  It was supposed to be shown in 3D but for some reason, warner bros decided to release it as a standard 2D upsampled version which still looked amazing and with that giant of a screen, dinaan sa height, hindi sa width ang laki ng screen (or both ways??)

Now, this T-rex movie which i previously eluded to watch before.  Will be my first 3D movie that is “watchable”, Remember “Spy kids 3D:Game over” which you used those red and blue paper glasses to watch the movie in 3D?  Well i still remember that even though it worked, it sapped all the colors of the movie and became a Red and blue movie (R&B televisions anyone?) very unwatchable and i did remove my paper glasses once in a while for that movie.

Ngayon, dito sa IMAX 3D, “polarized glasses” na ang gamit which means the glasses are clear and it did not kill the colors on screen, only brightness since it worked like any non-corrective eyewear blocking some or most of the light coming thorough. The glasses looked dorky though and you have to return it after watching to clean them up and use them again by another unsuspecting moviegoer (i hope they clean those glasses well. if i get “red eye” within this week, you know why.)

So what actually happened???  First to kinda insult me, they showed the trailer for “happy feet” IN 3D!  Sayang since ginamit ng film yung 3D to it’s full potential since nasa Computer naman sya ginawa and madali na (yata) ipasok sa 3D system ng IMAX ang 3D info of the film.  Ang kwela ng trailer, same goes to the “open season” trailer also in 3D, also showed is a NASCAR flick.  Maganda rin, but for some reason, fast moving images did not translate to 3D very well, more of that later.

Ok, on to the film itself.  Maganda ang 3D scenes nya, in cinematography terms. Kaso yung story, parang may sira ng ulo yung girl sa movie.  Sabik kasing malaman tungkol sa t-rex.  And puro nature scenes in beautiful 3D, madalang ang dinosaurs mismo, save for the final scenes where may t-rex na maamo sa girl.

I noticed that in fast action sequences, the 3D effect blurs away.  It’s either mali ang pag-kakaadjust nila sa projector o limitation lang sya.  Hey this movie was made in 1998, at that time, hindi pa sikat ang IMAX as an entertainment platfom, puro pang science museum at expo lang.  Based on research, this movie was the first entertainment oriented IMAX film and kumita sya sa takilya!  Nag-experiment pa sila (on a side note, “Apollo 13” was the first Hollywood movie to be remastered for IMAX and the rest is history, kumita rin.)
Bottom line:  watch it for your first IMAX 3D movie, don’t watch it if you are expecting a lot of dinosaurs.

Since nadoon na rin ako sa Mall of asia, i decided to take a look at the setup for the world pyro olympics.  Nakita ko via the “5 pesos per view” na binoculars yung barge kung saan nakasetup yung mga fireworks.  Ayun, marami sila sa barge doing last-minute checks and sinara nila yung buong esplanade (yung baywalk ng MOA), you need a ticket to enter, kaya pala.  Then after watching that t-rex movie.  Sinara na nila yung bridgeway patungo doon to prevent “freeloaders” to watch the show at the bridgeway itself.  Same also sa mga restaurants at the back of the mall, facing the bay.  You need to eat there (i think, or still buy tickets).  Well, i will watch if i was given a ticket since i would bet that you can see it from afar. BTW: hindi ako nakapanood ngayon since ako lang ang nadoon, gusto ko may kasama. And other reasons and sa akin nalang iyon.

On the way home, dahil hindi ko nai-karga ng new songs for my MP3 player.  Pinag-tiyagaan ko nanaman yung 101.9 mhz FM (same goes to 101.1, 90.7, 95.5 and other related stations.)  I don’t want to listen to FM radio sa car stereo anymore since hindi ko malipat pag ayaw ko ang kanta, segment or commercials.  And c’mon, i always hear the same stations over and over and over again.  Now as a solution since walang FM yung MP3 player ko (bummer), i’m recording radio to my PC then make MP3’s out of them and play them while in travel.  At least i can skip the bad parts and rewind through important info, good songs, funny DJ’s (those are rare).

Disyembre 31, 2006

COMELEC SUCKS LESS, Very good! (Voter Registration Day 5.). Take Care Jennylyn Mercado. Still finding it hard to belive “Enteng Kabisote 3” won Best picture sa MMFF (ang saya naman ng controversy!), I want a free laptop too! (promise, hindi ko papaboran ang Microsoft), Philippine Online Photo Developing services (hey, they even deliver the pics to you!) & Nabitay na pala si Saddam!

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(Try naman natin yung mas madaming topics sa isang post. Happy New Year nga pala sa inyo. Ingat!)

Akala ko ngayon na matatapos ang aking COMELEC Voters registration para sa May 14, 2007 Elections (Kung matuloy 🙂 ) . Dapat nga ngayon, Picture and biometrics. I went there at around 7:30 AM and this time, kaunti pa ang mga tao. YAHOO! Then wala pa ako sa cut-off noong nag-palista ako ng name ko. Ayun, i expected nga na before mag-kagulo na sa mga kalye today, tapos na ako.

Well, merong twist na nang-yari. Yung paper na kung saan ko sinulat yung name ko ay “Unofficial” pala! Hindi nila pinatulan yung listahan! Kaya back to pila nanaman ako and risking again the cut-off for that day.

Good news, Until January 7, 2007 pa ang Picture and biometrics (yes!) pero ang mga mag-susumite pa ang documents, until today only. I opted for the January 5, 2007 (Friday) Schedule. Sana tapos na talaga ito for good. They followed #3 in my advice to COMELEC, check it out on my previous post that i made on Dec 29, 2006.

Naku, Si Jennylyn Mercado, Nag pa-check up nanaman sa St lukes’ for Bronchitis and pneumonia. She need to rest for a week (Source: ).

Ngayon si Jen, alam ko and most of the public na may sakit sya sa puso and sabihin natin na kasing fragile sya ni Megan Young (naku, panoorin nyo yung mga episode ng Season 2 ng Starstruck to see what i mean to Megan). Now because of overwork, intriga and Mark Herras (i made that last one up!), iba’t-ibang sakit na ang nag-silabasan. There is a prediction made by some psychic (forgot his/her name) na si Jen ay kailangan mag-stop sa showbiz and be back to a regular citizen. Lubusin na nya ang kanyang career and close her own issues (Yung kay Mark Herras, Alessandra de Rosi [did i spell it right?] & Ryza Cenon.)

Bakit nga kaya sinali yung “profitability” sa criteria for judging of Best Picture sa MMFF this year? Dapat lang tignan yung technical and story aspect, hindi pera. Hiwalay na award iyan like yung most profitable cinemas.

Recently in the blogging world, asar sila ngayon sa microsoft dahil they are “bribing” respected tech bloggers by giving them laptops with Windows Vista and Office 2007 preloaded. Anong bribing? Malamang yung mga bloggers na iyon, hindi pa nakahawak ng Vista then here is MS giving them laptops to test the OS, then sa kanila na iyon. Ang ayaw kasi nilang mangyari ay dahil doon, editorial quality will be diminished and dinaan nalang sa bagay para possibleng maganda ang review. If i were given a laptop too to review vista, i will write what i feel is to write, not based na libre na ang laptop ko. & . Sila ay nakakatuwang masubukan kung ano ang end-result ng mga pictures ko. They are online photo printing services na ang gagawin mo, you will upload your pictures to the website then they will print it and deliver it to you, prices are like in malls and if the order is 200 pesos & above (as in the case of digiprint), free delivery na sya.

In the WHOA! Dept.  Nabitay na pala si Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity.  Hindi na pinaabot sa bagong taon.  I hate saying something good to a dictator, pero tao rin sya and may he rest in peace, at least hindi na sya guguluhin ni Bush.

Disyembre 30, 2006

The MMFF Winners, WHAT!?!?!, COMELEC, I’m ready to give up (Voters registration, day 4!) & The World Pyro Olympics, Oh my!

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The winners are already announced kagabi (bakit sa Ch.5 nila pinalabas, hindi ko tuloy naumpisahan. I’m expecting it on Ch.9) sa MMFF this year, Best movie: “Enteng Kabisote 3”, NGE! Hindi nga nanalo sa ibang awards, pero Best Picture pa nadale! Yun pala, 40% for deciding kung sino ang Best Picture is based on Movie revenues, and dahil nga Mga “bata” ang manonood, dala ang magulang which dadami ang benta ng tickets. Yung “Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo” naman ay 2nd best picture and maraming nahakot na awards, including the special awards like the “Gatpuno Antonio J. Villegas Cultural Award” & “Most Gender-Sensitive film”. Mukhang maganda sya ah!, I should reconsider watching this movie even though i’m a bit judgemental on Judy Ann Santos.

Again, COMELEC Sucked even though they Suck less now dahil may mga pila na but still, hindi parin ako nakaabot sa cut-off nila for picture and biometrics! My fears might be for real that i might be stuck in firecracker street with no way out but the emergency room of the nearest hospital! Dahil babalik nanaman ako bukas for the last time before the new year.

And if you are still in one piece after the new year, why not watch more fireworks over at the SM Mall of Asia for the World Pyro Olympics ( Site was down as of this post) on January 5-7 & 12-13, 2007. Mahaba ito compared to the weekly fireworks display that SM does (yaman nila!). I Plan to go there if time permits.

Disyembre 29, 2006

COMELEC SUCKS! (Voters Registration, 3rd day. And bukas meron pa.), Enteng Kabisote 3: Save your Money & Oh Dear, Ryza Cenon’s Grammatical Error!

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Say it with me, COMELEC SUCKS!, No System, Kulang sa Machines, Ang pangit pa
ng pwesto (at least for my COMELEC OFFICE). This is my 3rd day and still no
progress, Picture and biometrics nalang, tapos na. Pero sa dami ng tao at
“First Come, First serve”, hindi ako naka pag-picture and the biometrics
(Will it reduce ghost voters?), bukas nalang daw. What?! May lakad pa ako
that day and don’t even think about going back on the 31’st. It’s too
dangerous to walk the streets with those kids throwing their firecrackers
with gusto! Sana 1.) Damihan nila tao sa COMELEC (Bakit, walang pang-sweldo, baka kay Garci pa yung pera, HOY GARCI!). 2.) Add Machines. may limit sila ng tao to be processed dahil 3 mins per person daw, Divide that with the working hours converted to minutes and you will find out that one is not enough. Gamitin kaya nila yung computer part ng Automated Counting Machines na Sinayang nila noh! 3.) Extend the voters registration or just extend the processing of the people who have submitted the application form and requirements already, now that is a viable solution diba?

Moving on, after that Danged visit. I decided to watch an MMFF movie, since
i liked Enteng Kabisote 2, i figured i watch Enteng Kabisote 3. Before i settled on that, i also chose between that “zathurna” flick (Oh dear, Rustom Padilla is really Gay!) or “Super Noypi”. I read negative reviews on “zathurna” and even though positive naman sa “Super Noypi”, Nandoon si Jennylyn Mercado. So “Enteng” i decided.

first screening ang napanood ko (i like early since umaga ako pumunta ng COME-HECK!) and marami nang nanood, majority Kids with their parents. nag-simula na ang film, ano ba ito “Star wars”? since may lightsabers doon eh. Then Ang daming Product Placements doon!, Parang may commercial pa tuloy
sa pelikula! Examples are from PLDT myDSL sa scene sa hiraman ng PC which
was not used in the story, PLDT Budget Card sa scene na nakipagusap si Enteng
sa kaibigan sa Ibang Bansa, wala nanaman sa Storya. Si Jose Manalo, Bumili
sa Julie’s Bakeshop na wala namang dinagdag sa story. If you have seen the
Ariel detergent commercial recently na may Enteng Kabisote 3, yung scene
doon, nasa pelikula pa! Basta, parang Eat bulaga, ANG DAMING COMMERCIALS.
And if you enjoyed EK 2. You will be disappointed, unless bata ka. Wala na
masyadong outdoor scenes, puro sets na. Yung mga kalokohan nila, paso na for
the franchise.
The Movie has its Strong Points too, Family ties and paano dapat ang
relationships between family members, Yung scene ni Joey de Leon, oh! You
gotta watch that! Then the effects were better than previous films.
Overall, if you have watched EK 2 and liked it, ok go watch this. If not,
stay away, unless your kids like to see it. It’s safe to watch for the kids.

Ang nag-lalaban sa pila that morning is EK3 VS KKK (Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo).

“Matakot ka sa karma” and “SRR 8”. No horror films for me.

Wala ang “Ligalig” sa sinehang pinuntahan ko.

I love StarStruck since it started, recently while watching StarStruck 4.
Merong isang scene doon na si Ryza Cenon, yung nanalo sa batch 2 na babae.
Namali downright sa grammar nya. She said “kulang sa confident” while
commenting on one of the girls on SS4. Dapat “kulang sa Confidence” ang
sinabi nya! Bakit ba ganoon yung girl na iyon, she is “bulol” magsalita?
Kahit tagalog na nga, bulol parin. Get her a speech coach! (and you Jen
fans who will bad mouth Ryza on this post. SHUT UP! Mas-marami pang
personal na problem iyang si Jen!). Si Jackie Rice, puro lalaki ang intriga.

Moving away from the winners aleady, i like Jewel Mische (kamukha nya si KC
Concepcion, minus the chubbiness) & Jean de Castro (wala lang!)

Disyembre 28, 2006

Title: COMELEC ComeHECK! (Voter Registration Day 2), Pimping my desktop & Solid state Video cameras

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The 2nd day, i need to go the comelec office (again) to register after
getting my birth certificate copy. My goodness, the lines were very long.
Longer than “Enteng Kabisote 3″‘s line at the box office (i bet they are that
long at SM cinemas). And it’s hot and there is no order. Went there at
around 1:30 PM, was out 4:45 PM. I was there standing in line and with not
enough chairs around. Babalik pa ako bukas (nanaman!) for the Picture and
biometrics. sana umaga lang ako doon, hindi aabutan ng hapon.

I have pimped my desktop after being tired of the “Luna” blue theme, the one
that comes on Windows XP by default. I switched first to the Vista Theme
that i downloaded on the net, it was soooo fake, i did not like it, wala yung
aero glass eh! saka XP ang ginagamit ko, not vista (same dislike goes to the
people with Nokia 3210’s that uses the x-press on covers to make their phones
look something like the later models!). Then i switched to the Zune theme
which Microsoft provided, i liked it. Then, i found this piece of software
called “objectdock” which “emulates” the MAC OS X Dock. I liked it since it
can replace my desktop, but not my windows taskbar which i placed on top and
“auto-hidden”. After that, i have this software called “wallmaster” which
changes wallpapers every n number of minutes, it had an option to hide all
desktop icons. Then i turned it on and ang linis ng desktop ko. Take a

My Desktop

(Click Image for a more complete view)

CD-R king, the place to go for cheap CD-R/RW’s, DVD-+R/RW’s, PC accessories
and even Digital Cameras!. they started offering this 5,000+ peso Digicam
that records video in MPEG-4 (it said on the box) and saves into SD cards. I
have read and heard on the internet that these taiwan made cameras leaves a
lot to be desired, sub-par image and video quality, interpolated megapixels
(Example: one camera boasts 12 megapixels, closer inspection in the box
revealed only a 3.2 MP CMOS sensor. Yun lang ang importante.).

I also read online about the Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1A. It records High-def 720P
Video on SD cards also, WOW. Image quality talo pa yung mga DV cameras pag

Why Meron akong post na ganito, imagine having a video camera in your pocket
ready for action most of the time. Pwede sana ang Digital Still camera, but
limited lang ang video capabilities nya.

Para may video and/or photo posts naman dito!

Disyembre 27, 2006

Net connection suffers after Taiwan quake, “Firecrackers”: Whoops, there goes the hands, the limbs, the feet, Dang! even the house is on fire!. COMELEC registration & May you rest in peace James Brown.

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There was a 6.8 and a 6.4 magnitude earthquake over at southern Taiwan. Paano ako naapektuhan?, my internet connection is varied from just ok to cannot connect to a website or service. May news na nasira yung underwater cables running through taiwan and it will take about 3 weeks to fix it. Kaya pala kanina, nahirapan to the point na wala nang calls or internet connection yung mga call center natin, said my source. Let’s hope na maayos na ang internet natin and also bumangon ang mga naapektuhan na mga tao sa Taiwan. That island is very volatile don’t cha think?

Can somebody teach those kids not to use their Firecrackers in public places? Almost hit by a “Picolo” here. Akala ko Sigarilyong ubos na, biglang “BAM!”. Bakit ba gannon sila, may mga taong nag-lalakad then they will throw it na wala silang paki? Kinausap ko yung bata but to no avail na nagsalita sya, wala talagang paki!

Now, may mga balita na May nasunog na department store dahil sa isang bata na nag-sindi ng “picolo” at naihagis sa display ng mga paputok!, ayun 25 people dead!. Sa Marikina Naman, mga bahay, sunog! Dahil nanaman sa paputok raw! Dumami na raw ang bilang na kailangan na itakbo sa ospital dahil sa paputok ayon sa DOH! (legal man o bomba na kung ituring ang ginamit.). I said it before and i will say it again, just watch the fireworks displays instead. The people who set it up know their stuff, they have licenses to boot and they are way better looking than just noise.

Also, i don’t give a D*mn on people saying the new cannon (“Boga”) is safer than your average, If you point it at somebody, sunog sila! Also daladala mo yung PVC pipe na iyan! I remember seeing a “potato gun” on “The Screen savers” at the now defunct “Tech TV” Channel That is frankly the same as those “Boga”‘s that we are using (and pinasisikat as an “alternative”). It uses hair spray as the fuel (it has butane as it’s propellant), a steel pipe and a potato is stuck in it’s bore. The person who made it said that “It is a PG-13 kind of project” where adult supervision is a must and the thing is not designed to be a noise maker. But i see kids using it by themselves and sige sila, pag-nasunog sila diyan.

Basta, Happy New Year kayo dyan and Good Luck!

COMELEC (Comission on Elections), is it still transparent? O puro daya behind-the-scenes nalang diyan? Anyways, nag-parehistro ako to vote. Yun lang.

Nagulat ako nang Namatay na si “James Brown”, the father of soul music, recently discovered via a cassette tape that i found at home and started listening to it. Namatay pa on Christmas day, My condolences to the Family and friends of James Brown.