Abril 30, 2008

My three years of liking Hilary Duff So much and how this applies in todays Miley World.

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My three years of liking Hilary Duff So much and how this applies in todays Miley World.

I got a confession to make, im quite obsesssed in meeting these young beautiful celebs and then following them along as they grow up. Now dont creep out on me, Hil was way older than me when i really like her, now i see Miley as my younger sister and Hilary Duff looking like ethel booba (Google is your friend)

And i kept a paper diary on those 3 years i really liked Hilary Duff and i was able to extract a lot of similarities on what Miley is going though and what events happened. For example:

December 10, 2003:
“Wow, i read yesterday that Hilary’s concert on the Jan 24 of 2004 was sold-out after 3 mins. Read on the…..hilaryfan. First evidence (actually third) that she is ultra-popular. Congratulations Hilary!”

Fast forward into today and did you notice that Mileys concert tickets sold out in minutes too. But back then, i did not remember anything about scalpers, now its the scalpers.

There is a lot more but it would take eons to extract all of the text you y’all to read, but judging by the diary, i did not see anything of a photo-shoot for a magazine that has Hilary backless and you get the picture, sorry…still cant remove the thought of that pic Miley did, better get used to it as long as its not N*ked or **Xually explicit.

Hilary back then had a much simpler life compared to Miley in which she has more people bashing on her on the net and in traditional media, IMHO. And who won the Hilary VS Lindsay feud?? I would say Hilary since who is the drunkard now? (HAHAHA!)

Now kids who might be reading this, please ignore what i said on the last paragraph.

On to more Miley related stuff, i was like watching a horror movie or im in a totalitarian govt where they show nothing but the same stuff, but in my case, CNN, TMZ, Extra, Access Hollywood, ET. All of their headlines was that one backless photo of Miley!

Less of that and MORE of this:

On to other stuff, i finaly ordered my Slacker Portable radio and what convinced me is im using the web player for quite a while now and with the XM radio disconnected, and im selling the Pioneer Inno on Ebay (going good, IMHO), im free to buy the player but i wish they wont make it a 2GB paperweight if their service goes belly-up. But Pandora (the competitor web radio player) is still up after like 3 years already and going strong. so i think slacker wont go away that fast, and they are 100% supporting the people who use their services or the hardware.

I loved the Movie “Sydney White”, i liked Amanda Bynes (A VERY GOOD EXAMPLE OF SOMEBODY WHO WAS NOT CARRIED AWAY BY SHOWBIZ and made a good transition as a member of “All That” to an actress.) and the subject of the movie, 4.5 stars (its unfair to say its 5 stars frankly)


Enero 27, 2008

Blu-ray VS HD-DVD (HD-DVD=Betamax), and Hannah!

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Went to the stores earlier (Circuit City, Sears) and noticed that only Blu-ray demos are up and running and the HD-DVD demos are turned off.  Also i noticed that i dont see HD-DVD players being prominently displayed while blu-ray players are left and right.  I can say that i will get a PS3 (a blu-ray player too) and an HDTV projector if i had the extra dough if i see “Enchanted” and/or the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Concert on blu-ray.  Man, those HDTV images are drool inducing.

I remember back when i was a kid, we had a Betamax player but the world is now VHS (and to some degree, Laserdisc.) and everytime i went to the video rental store.  I cringe when i see Mickey Mouse and company videos that i have not seen yet on VHS!  Thank god for DVD and Netflix!

One More week till the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Concert Movie and im excited, she’s pretty (provided she did not look older on purpose) and i want 3D