Abril 28, 2008

Distraction report and a Special opinion on the latest on Miley Cyrus

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Hello There again, told you i will be distracted by some “other” things! Here is a quick rundown on what im up to.

PS3: watched blu-ray movies, extra interactivity on the “Enchanted” blu-ray version gets plus brownie points on the “D-Files” game. Dolby Digital audio sounds a bit better due to a higher bitrate (640 Vs 448 on DVD). I have no idea if the DAC of the PS3 is 96khz/24bit when using the analog audio outs. I Might be getting an HDTV set this quarter or else by the end of the year. Curently playing Ratchet and Clank (my Favorite, its hard on my stage now), Guitar Hero 3 (got it at a bargain with the wireless guitar controller, second favorite game), Motorstorm (look at the racers go….when they crash!!), Eye of Judgment (the lighthing kinda makes the playstation eye miss my cards, also got at a bargain, creeping its way to unseat R&C as my fav game) and The Simpsons Game (Least fav, but i wanna finish it since its funny, bad camera angles makes the game a headache sometimes.)

Piano lessons, put on hold indefinitely. Its Hard to play the notes even though i know the letters already.

I knew it! “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds concert tour” (The concert itself with the video and the stuff) will be on Blu-ray (and DVD), a big reason why i got the PS3! 1080P video and 5.1 UNCOMPRESSED (No MP3, AAC, Old skool Dolby Digital/DTS) audio! But later in this post, im quite baffled on what Miley Is going though now, i dont know if i should feel happy, sad, annoyed, err…aroused??.

Also i got the Live recording on Compact Disc of the Miley concert and i have been enjoying that album a lot (except “G.N.O” for obvious reasons), the bonus DVD just solidifies the fact that they already have a master for the DVD and Blu-ray (YAY!) of the Concert, even the backstage footage is a teaser to a more complete one. But stay tuned on what i can say about the latest on Miley (and its not all good)

Goodbye XM satellite radio! Repetitious music and BAD (yes, BAD with the capital B!) audio quality! My cassette tapes played on an old Sony walkman sounds better than XM!, already cancelled my subscription and im selling the receiver on ebay, i wish it would sell and things will work out well. Might get the Slacker Portable radio that i might have been posted already, if not; its a cool idea but i will be a beta tester and run a risk of it being a $200 2GB MP3 player if slacker goes out of business.

Im experiencing Netflix Burnout since i dont want to watch movies (Because of the PS3!), im renting “Short Programs” (an hour or less to finish a DVD). I like Charlotte Church, she has a very beautiful voice……back then, but now i researched on whats up with Charlotte and she looks like Hilary Duff now in terms of body and possibly a Lindsay Lohan and she has a Baby now with some rugby player (not the rubber cement, the sport!).

Now, enough diversons. The real reason why i got off my Lazy butt and wrote this post you are reading now is. Bad things are happening with the Lovely Miley Cyrus. It all started with a bunch of pictures which i will let you do the finding (Google is you friend) and lets say, inappropriate for children under 13 and man she looks HOT in those pics, but who the heck is that guy staring at Miley Lying down with her…. Never mind explaning it, just search on the web but she is not in anyways, you get the idea. Bottom Line, i hated them.

Because of that, i went on a 3 day “Miley Holiday”, no “Hannah Montana” episodes, no Miley Songs on the MP3 player, no mileyfans.net website visits, no blogging about her, even to the point of no pics and no thoughts of her. Hoping this stuff goes away, life goes on like what happened to Vanessa Anne Hudgens when she came clean on those pics worse than Miley’s and she will make a new Miley and Mandy show on youtube (The “4 Minutes” video is the best so far.).

Well, i was wrong. She posed “Inappropriately” for a 15 year old (Technically 16 if you ask me.) girl for Vanity Fair, again look it up on Google or you favorite Hollywood “News” site. I was amazed that she did that photo at a very early stage of her career. Even Hilary Duff did not do that until she was 19? 20? for Maxim, as far as i remember, but she looked like Ethel Booba to some extent, and racier too on the cover!

Then i read in the website of vanity fair, the full text of the article with those pics and there i saw more pics to be destined for the magazine and the family was there to participate in the photoshoot. I liked those pics better than the one in question but i had a hard time getting used to the one picture she did, Ok the keyword for the offending Vanity fair pic is “Backless”. I think she should think twice about that VF pic and the other photos. Judging my the photographer who took the shots (“Annie” Whoever she is) with a track record of the Nude photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono (YUCK!!!!!), oh boy, that photog has dark plans for Miley IMHO.

Im Worried on what Miley is Going though now since this is not her persona that i know. Im worried that she will be like those other girls and be the worst they can be. Im sure the parents are gaga over this now and are trying everything to do something about this.

But i might not see her in person to say “HI!” have a picture and authograph; hey! even a job as one of her entourge as the Old Miley before alll of this happened. im currently looking at the old Miley back then and im absorbing everyting about her now since tomorrow, who knows, she might be a wreck soon or just fall of the top of her career and go back to just being a teen (HEY! Thats an idea! But what about seeing her personally?)

Do you know whats a better idea, Pray and pray hard, go back to your friends, do more good things and have a great time without TMZ, Perez Hilton, ET, Access Hollywood, E!, Etc following you! She will have a Book about her, A new Album as Miley Cyrus (YAY! Will be pre-ordering that when i can unless some showstopper comes out about her.) and that Blu-Ray disc of her concert.

Nuff Said, lets see what happens. After all, she is one of the many hard to see people now and what are the chances of really working for her crew? Almost NIL! Just a concerned Netizen.

“Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds concert tour” will be coming to DVD and Blu-Ray, August 19, 2008. Her new studio album will be sometime this year (as i said earlier). The Hannah Montana Movie is currently filming and will be released around 2009 (Lizzie Mcguire anybody?).


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