Marso 9, 2008

Im Busy and distracted, so this post and the video embedded in this post

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(Editors note, this posting was written March 9, 2008 but was posted on April 28, 2008. Things have really changed since then.)

I did not write my thoughts and opinions recently due to laziness (enemy #1) and im distracted by many things. Netflix DVD rentals which you can see on my sidebar whats playing and whats coming soon on my queue. Unwatched TV shows on my DVR. NBA Live 08 & elite beat agents on the PSP and the DS respectively. A new Work schedule (you cant cut my time suckers!!!). Miley Cyrus and my attempt to play the piano and i want to play songs from Miley that i bought Foilios of her albums so i can play her songs, so far im on the treble clef and i have a hard time playing the bass clef notes on my left hand. Coming soon, Driving Lessons (FINALLY!)

Speaking of Miley, she and her friend keeps on putting out youtube vids like this latest one:

According to people magazine, she recently got a laptop with a built-in camera and she went ahead and posted stuff which BTW, totally not under the managements control so she can do things like comment on the latest paparazzi photos, doing silly things that make me smile. Gosh, i wanna see her personally, she is about and about these days.

I wanna Discontinue my XM satellite radio service since they always keep on repeating songs (i heard “See You again” by Miley 3 times within 15 mins on 3 different statons!) and they lack variety. Im looking to upgrade to Slacker (i did write a review about that one before).

And in audio related topics, i bought a DVD-audio disc (santana), A Dual Disc (Simple Plan) and a CD+DVD-Audio (Beatles:LOVE). Out of the 3, i liked the Beatles album since they sound great with none of the audio processing crap they put in todays albums (Miley’s albums included). Also the surrounds via Dolby Headphone is wonderful with all 3 discs. Makes me wanna get a DVD-audio player at ebay!

And still i wanna meet Miley Cyrus. Already pre-ordered the concert album of hers (wonder how will it sound?) but i want the whole thing on DVD or better yet Blu-Ray, Mickey Mouse (who is pretty much demoted to Disneyland and toddlers now) will make a killing (in profits) when they release this on Blu-Ray. HD-DVD is DEAD, right? And im ripping an audio CD using the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive with no problems.

Speaking of Disneyland, i will go there! Again!


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