Pebrero 13, 2008

I just need to comment about this, Miley and Billy Ray; seatbelt-less.

Posted in Miley Cyrus, News, Opinions Sa 8:41 umaga ni naksd

While reading my daily newspaper, i mean my laptop with my RSS feeds, i stumbled on this article:

Miley Scolded for Going Beltless

and it referred to me to this article:

Note to Hannah Montana: Seat belts are necessary not an accessory

I would like to comment that this was an oversight in the film.  From seeing this movie twice, you can add that she should also have a seatbelt when she was driving a “car” backstage and crashed (Possible property damage only, haha!).

Seriously, it was an oversight, is the scene called for that remove the seatbelts for the movie or (or dear), they dont wear seatbelts at all!?

Also, the Miley haters out there have a lot of ammo now, i mean she is the new Hilary Duff, Only Slimmer  and funnier.

Peace out!


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