Pebrero 8, 2008

I watched the Miley Cyrus 3D Concert movie again, second thoughts.

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I watched the movie the second time around at the same unnamed AMC theater and this time around, no lines and the theater is at “regular” load. Though i still see young girls in Hannah Montana apparel and they are more energetic than the last time i watched it.

Since this is the second time i watched the “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of both worlds concert movie in Disney Digital 3D”, i will do an in-depth, second look review, i feel that this review is redundant, but i don’t care! As a warning, this is not a spoiler-free review.

I noticed that Tish Cyrus (her Mother) makes a regular appearance on the movie and she is always around more than Billy Ray.

She is still pretty and i noticed more her body figure and face. The movie itself really looked organic in the sense that you are there and the sound is mixed just right, the band and herself in the front, the crowds (The Jet plane takeoff sound level of screaming kids as described by one of the backstage people in the movie) are in the surrounds.

I again saw the Miley Body double switch that is very clear in the movie even by the best efforts to conceal it in the movie. But they acknowledged that double in the beginning of the movie as i said before.

The songs in order are “Rockstar”, this is her opening song and they way she performed it is just good for opening the movie, the she performed “Life’s what you make it” which is ok. I dont like “Just like you” because she looked like she had a hard time performing this song. Next is “I Got Nerve”, she redeems herself from that last song and then “We got the party” with the Jonas Brothers, here we see a very energetic Miley and the camera shots and angles are good, and we see that infamous Body Double.

And the stage is for the Jonas Brothers for 2 songs, that new single and “Year 3000”, if you are a girl, you might be captivated, but as a guy myself, im for the lyrics and the way they sing. No big deal.

After them, Miley Appears as Miley herself and the song “Start all Over” is the first song, very rockstar like with wind effects like she is rockin out on stage, had quite a hard time performing this song too. “See you again”, it ok too. “Lets Dance”, I see Miley do a ballroom dance and she’s hot. “I Miss you”, here you appreciate the 3D effects as the camera does not move as much and she is sitting down with an acoustic guitar with no vocal backups and in one scene, you get a sense of a big stage. “G.N.O: Girls Night Out”, the song did not catch on for me for obvious reasons but i liked they way she danced to the song and finally “Best of Both Worlds”, i liked the way they showed Hannah on one side and Miley on the other on the video monitors stage. The film ends with Miley decending down the stage, fade to black, roll credits to the tune of “if we were a movie”. No hidden surprises at the end of the movie.

I wish Disney will release this on DVD/Blu-ray with the concert in its entirety, ala “Director’s Cut” edition, the mouse will make a killing like they did with this movie and on my previous post here that I i said “I Smell Clever Marketing”. I found an article from the Associated Press on titled “Kids duped into seeing ‘Hannah Montana’ film?” and to quote the article:

““When you have a successful franchise, setting the time table and controlling the distribution just develops an appetite for more,” said Michael Kupinski, media analyst and head of research at Noble Financial Group. “No one is as good at this as Disney.””

You bet! These Disney Guys are Geniuses at this thing, remember Lizzie Mcguire? Or Hilary Duff if you cant remember. Hilary did a concert tour, sold out too. A lot of album sales, movies and of course Lizzie. BTW, where is Hilary now, in the cover of a mens mag????

back to the article, i also want to quote this:

“The movie ran on all of the country’s 683 public screens equipped to handle 3D films, and averaged $45,534 per screen over the weekend. A typical blockbuster opens in 3,000 theaters and averages about $7,000 at each, according to industry statistics.”

Unbelivable! Try that Bono!

Ok, enough of this movie, i have spent my movie allowance for this. As Much as i wanna see it for the 3rd time or until they stop the screenings, i can hear Miley’s Voice and i can see Miley’s Face on this Eee PC’s LCD screen. So that’s it for the Movie, lets move on to other things.

Edit:  Saw this article on

and Miley on the 50th grammys, bring it on!


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