Pebrero 7, 2008

Dear naksd; IM NOT Jewel Mische!!!!

Posted in Dear naksd, RANTS! Sa 1:02 umaga ni naksd

This is an on-going segment on my blog that is called “Dear naksd”, where i answer your comments/suggestions.  To Contact me, use the “contact me” link on any of the pages on my blog and shoot me off an email.

But in this post, i will respond to a comment from “Ate Anj” that i saw here.

hi jewel.Hope all is well with you. this is ate Anj from Baguio. I’ve been trying to contact you but ur phone is always out of coverage area. anyway, this is my only option now, im sorry….Kindly return the 2 books you borrowed esp the “Dont Waste Your Life.” I rly need it already. Here’s my address: c/o (Address deleted by yours truly -naksd) BAGUIO CITY hope to hear from u soon. thanks again!

Let me say again and again, Im Not Jewel Mische, i dont know Jewel Mische or have any connections to her (to another starstruck celeb, yes.  But thats another story that i will not talk about on this blog, EVER!)

Here is the problem, when you search on google or yahoo for “jewel mische blog”.  one of the top search results is my blog.  Now those are older entries and if you want latest info, i dont have it.  But to muddy up the search engine waters, read this. (If you are a minor, dont click it!  Hey, im looking at it rigggghhhttt now!  I should not be doing it, oh DEAR!)


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