Pebrero 4, 2008

I was part of Movie History.

Posted in Miley Cyrus, Opinions, Usapang Amerika Sa 8:47 umaga ni naksd

(Sigh, bad news i read on the net before reading the good news i wanted to talk about)

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Concert movie (Here we go again) made #1 at the weekend box office and it made a lots of record-breaks in movie history, beating a LOT of records including records held by “Borat” and “Titanic” (Just see this article from the La Times)

This really shows the “enteng kabisote” effect, kids+parents=$$$ but i should revise it for this case. kids+parents+”Sold out concerts with jacked-up ticket proces from scalpers”+”Pretty Miley”=$$$$$$$.

Im Happy for Miley and the crew who made this and this shows that 3D Movies are better in sales than the regular counterparts which if i have a good HT setup at home, why would i go to the theater to watch regular movies?  Now the films are in 3D and there is no way in a reasonable price range i can do the same thing at home, for now.


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