Pebrero 3, 2008

Miley Watch: Will see 3D concert movie.

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Ok, this post will be Miley Cyrus Related since im going to the 3D concert movie that im talking about a couple of days ago.  I Hope the Sniffles (A.K.A:  The Colds) wont stop me watching this.

My Only Disappointment before watching it is the running time which is a confirmed 74 mins.  IT WILL NOT CONTAIN THE FULL CONCERT!  Bummer, but better than not seeing it live in concert.

Time constraints from my (S******) work (environment) prevented me to covering the first day of screening but one thing is certain, the shows sold out, particularly at the Downtown Disney AMC theater (I would personally not watch a movie there since c’mon!  Disneyland!  Only a Monorail ride away from the Theater!)  a quick visit to the el capitan theater (A.K.A, The Disney Theater) website reveals it is much worse, but i also discovered that the movie will be there for a month! There is even a special Valentine screening (a date with Miley, WE WISH!!!).  Check it out, it is in the front page

Further Investigation reveled at the  & websites that theaters listed the movie’s show times beyond the 1 week Disney gave this film.  I Smell Clever Marketing here from the Mouse that foiled a lot of people to buy tickets early (me included).


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