Pebrero 3, 2008

Miley Day! A Review of the “Hannah Montana/MIley Cyrus 3D Concert Movie”

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I have a lot to say about Miley (Ray) Cyrus today on this post because im from a screnning of the “Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour in Disney Digital 3D” And it was a fun time though i forgot to drink water from all the walking i did before the show went on felt a bit tired, forgot some scenes but there is a lot of memorable moments on the film, I Might even see the movie again next week since its official, it will run longer than a week.

Audiences Want More ‘Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert;’

Before i continue, im using a full sized keyboard on my Eee PC since this will be a long post and due to a lot of work and a lot of papercuts associated with it, The Small keyboard would not do the task.

Ok, it started around 2:30 PM at an undisclosed AMC theater location and i thought i should wait around 3:00 PM before entering, but when the Sold Out Sign flashed on their schedule board, i went in and i asked the usherette how is the first day of screening went, she said that the lines formed outside the entrance and it was sold out (but i checked the website and it appeared ok at that time).  I got my 3D glasses and went to theater 5, WHOA!  A line and i was at the back.  There were obviously a lot of young girls in Hannah Montana apparel and accessories but i did not feel out of place in general since i saw a bunch of teens and grown-ups W/Out kids.

A lot of trailers followed and when it came to the 3D trailers, i saw the “U23D” trailer and i said, oh my “gosh” what did i go into??  The trailer did give me a sense that im at the U2 concert and since im watching the Hannah Concert, i will feel the same way.

And sure enough, THE MOVIE IS A BLAST/FUN/EXCITING TO WATCH, Miley looked different and prettier in 3D, you can see her body figure, the stage have a sense of depth.

Do you know what, i cannot keep my thoughts in place about this movie so bear with me if i go off tangent on the following paragraphs.

A lot of times, the camera is always moving to show a lot of the stuff on stage and the angles do repeat due to a limitation on where to place the cameras, especially over the drummer. but in one song (I miss you), the camera is steady and you can appreciate the depth of the movie.  I see the different cameras and cellphones being used to photograph her on stage.

I thought the 74 mins runtime will be short but i did not notice that, the concert is not the full concert but a selection of songs is adequate.

On the content itself, they like throwing stuff at people like a guitar pick, a drum stick (Miley Trew that) and confetti, made me dodge the stuff.

There was controversy involving a body double at the “we got the party” song with the Jonas Brothers that spread on youtube but it was clarified in a statement that they did that on purpose.  And i saw that in the movie, Miley was wisked away from the stage and the double did come up but the camera focused instead on the JoBro and the double disappeared off the stage as the JoBro went to perform 2 songs before Hannah Went to Miley.

The Backstage scenes included the rehearsal, Miley and Her Mom and Dad on separate interviews, The backstage of the Concert itself and the audience reactions.  All are in 2D, inconsistent.

Miley on stage was aware of the camera and she always made gestures at the camera like she winks and smiles when she is on screen and in one song, puts the mic infront of our audience, nice touch.  And she sang live, the result is sometimes she cannot keep up with her music and you can hear that, but that is sometimes.

I would recommend this movie to everyone to have a good time, except if you are critical of her music.

That’s it for now, next week i want to see the Macbook Air at an Apple Store and i would like to watch the Movie again.  I Wish they release this on DVD/Blu-ray in a Directors cut or the Whole Show!

P.S:  I Would like to remind everyone that the capital of Montana (The state) is Not “Hannah”, Taken from a recent episode of the Simpsons.


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