Enero 31, 2008

Free MS Office 2007 Coming up (for me), The Hannah 3D Concert (finally!) and HD-DVD on the way of the VCD?

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I heard about the Windows feedback program and Microsoft is giving away free stuff by monitoring your PC how you are using it, creeps?  Not concerned since im on the Eee Anyway.  When i originally signed up for it and completed the survey, i “missed” the freebies that include Vista Ultimate and MS Office 2007 ultimate, take your pick.  Then i received email from microsoft (checked everything to see that its not bogus) that said that i reached the deadline for applying that gives me the free stuff and i chose office ultimate since you get vista anyway on a Windows laptop and office is a more sensible freebie.  It will be at least 3 months before they ship out the software but i rarely use the vista laptop now.

Tomorrow is the start of the “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus:Best of Both Worlds Concert Movie in Disney Digital 3D”.  Im Excited and i will try to do a field report on the possible audiences tomorrow but i will be watching the movie on Feb 3, sunday afternoon which it might be to my advantage because of the NFL Super Bowl.  The people will be watching this game and i expect less people in theaters and i will have a good time.  Now if they release this on Blu-Ray.  I will have to get myself a PS3 and a Projector since i cannot smuggle in the house an LCD/Plasma/RPJ HDTV.

HD-DVD. At circuit city, the players are on clearance now and Best-Buy is having a buy-one-take-one of HD-DVD titles.  IMHO, HD-DVD is HD-DUD.  “sayang naman!” the cost advantage both to the consumer and the producers is more apparent than Blu-Ray in the beginning but i was thinking it will be the way of the VCD.

What is a VCD? The VCD (Video CD) is a format that was introduced in North America as a VHS replacement that Failed BIG TIME.  But caught on in Asia.  Using Philippines as an example, VCD replaced VHS for pre-recorded material, “thank” the video pirates for that (the orginal guys also did Original VCD’s too).  And now that the pirates are doing DVD, they can go HD-DVD once the format becomes less prevalent or extinct in the states and sell cheap HD-DVD Players and Discs, agree?


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