Enero 27, 2008

Blu-ray VS HD-DVD (HD-DVD=Betamax), and Hannah!

Posted in Electronics, Miley Cyrus, Opinions, Usapang Amerika Sa 11:24 hapon ni naksd

Went to the stores earlier (Circuit City, Sears) and noticed that only Blu-ray demos are up and running and the HD-DVD demos are turned off.  Also i noticed that i dont see HD-DVD players being prominently displayed while blu-ray players are left and right.  I can say that i will get a PS3 (a blu-ray player too) and an HDTV projector if i had the extra dough if i see “Enchanted” and/or the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Concert on blu-ray.  Man, those HDTV images are drool inducing.

I remember back when i was a kid, we had a Betamax player but the world is now VHS (and to some degree, Laserdisc.) and everytime i went to the video rental store.  I cringe when i see Mickey Mouse and company videos that i have not seen yet on VHS!  Thank god for DVD and Netflix!

One More week till the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Concert Movie and im excited, she’s pretty (provided she did not look older on purpose) and i want 3D


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