Enero 25, 2008

Hilary Duff, Badly made DVD’s and Camcorders

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Before i sleep, i watched “The Perfect Man”, starring Hilary Duff, et al.  I only watched the movie because i like Hilary, im supposed to watch “Material Girls”, but picked up the wrong DVD, but since this is the first time i watched it on DVD (the last time was on crummy VCD’s, are they still big there in the Philippines?) and in surround sound via Dolby Headphone, i had a decoder box for that, i watched it and i will watch it again with the directors commentary before i watch “The Devil wears Prada” starring Anne Hathaway which i like because she looked pretty in her movies except brokeback “bundok”.

Then i glanced, not watched, a recent filipino movie (One More Chance) on original Star Movies DVD and i noticed that the video quality of that DVD is very bad.  I thought they would have improved the transfer from film to DVD.  But on broadcast TV, they looked better.  My theory is that they still use equipment used in transfering VHS tapes or Laserdiscs and attach an crummy TV capture card and then using the “fast” settings on their MPEG-2 encoder.  At least the menus looked nice and professionally done.   I betcha that when they do Blu-Ray in like 10 years (HD-DVD is dead as a pre-recorded format anyway), the transfer will look like a DVD (hahahaha).

I have been browsing a video camera to just keep memories and to hack around some videos as a hobby and for my viewing pleasure.  I dont want a DVD camcorder or a HDD one.  and as much i want HD video, they are expensive and i would not settle for a $150 Aiptek “HD” camera.  So i would like to get an Mini-DV camera that has either Optical Image Stabilization or 3CCD or both!  The only cameras that have those features are the Panasonic PV-GS80, PV-GS83 and the PV-GS320.  Also considering the Sanyo Xacti (the Non-HD versions), both mini-dv tapes and SD(HC) cards are cheap these days.

Its getting late. Nite-Nite over here!


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  1. […] Update to the camcorders that i want to buy,  I settled on the Panasonic PV-GS83.  I Liked the O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilization), a good […]

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