Enero 22, 2008

“Juno”, More Eee PC Updates and pagod sa work

Posted in Announcement, Computer, Daily Life Sa 10:08 hapon ni naksd

First of all, i want to see this movie (but not on movie theaters, its on my Netflix Queue):

Nominated for Best Picture in the upcoming Oscars

With that out of the way, My Asus Eee PC is now on Advanced Desktop mode, what it means is that instead of the default tabbed interface, i get the full desktop and its just like windows (except its no Microsoft windows).  I even installed Beryl to get a 3D desktop and special effects, but its on manual mode, meaning dont start it up everytime since its memory hungry and slow in some of its effects due to the hardware.

Continuing on my free content post since i dont have notes, Tickets for some 3D concert Movie (clue: Hannah Montana) are reportely hard to find already buti nalang eh meron na akong tickets and dapat early ako sa sinehan or else baka ibigay nila sa iba yung pwesto ko.

My work is tiring and im pulling my own weight since puro errors yung co-worker ko and lagi nalang ako, ako at ako ang napapagalitan.  Pero malakas ako sa boss if i do things right.

Looking at my stats, there is some strange searches like: “Free hindi films song from saan” and “paki 3d animation”.  Clearly i dont target the hindi speaking audience, welcome the the WWW.


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