Enero 21, 2008

Procrastonation is a bad thing, Jennylyn M. and Mark H. Updates and “wowowee”‘s annoyance.

Posted in Computer, RANTS!, Showbiz Sa 8:51 hapon ni naksd

Alam nyo ba na ang kalaban ko sa pag-blog eh ang procrastination?  I have lots of ideas floating around my head but hindi ko sila regularly be put in writing.  Plus masakit pa ulo ko sa “marimar” sa TV!

Anyway, update sa EEE PC ko, small keys kinda bug me (but then on the bigger laptop that i was borrowing all along), i can play aac+ streams from pinoy-radio.com without installing another app.  I have Skype and IM on auto-start.

Jennylyn Mercado finally is knocked up by Donald Duck (a.k.a Patrick Garcia).  Ang layo pala ng edad nila and i wonder how he and she felt (place here where you know what they are doing why she is pregnant now.) Im worried (kinda) on her health as i reported last year, also bagsak ang carrer.  She needs to do a Valerie Conception at the end.

(medyo masakit nang mag type sa maliit na keyboard)

And itong si Mark herras and Lian of E.B babes.  Hindi ko type si Lian, nothing to see, gusto ko si Mae if tinanong ako.

And itong si Pokwang sa “wowowee”, Wierd.  And si willie eh nananawagan na manood nalang tayo sa TV ng Bday special nya, para hindi “magulo”

News flash!  I tried to play Multimedia streaming files on Firefox and mplayer opened and played the thing on Linux.  Nice


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