Enero 21, 2008

Dear naksd; Jewel Mische

Posted in Dear naksd Sa 10:07 umaga ni naksd

Well, this is a new segment on my blog that is called “Dear naksd”, where i answer your comments/suggestions.  To Contact me, use the “contact me” link on any of the pages on my blog and shoot me off an email and i will respond right now:

“aLyssa” wrote in and asked:

heLLo there! may i ask what’s your name on JeweL’s bLog?
im aLways there..
reading and posting.. : )
you can contact me by adding me on my ym..
(sorry internet creeps, no email addy to be spamed for you -naksd) : )

mei baLita ako para sa mga JeweLerz na sinasabi ng mommy ni ms. jewel mische

Well “aLyssa”, first of all, im not a pure jewel mische blog as you can see on my recent posts, but i like her and as a matter of fact, pinanood ko yung “kung ako ikaw” apperance nya sa gma pinoy tv! if you are referring to igma.tv blog of jewel, its down right now.

but please contact me again and i will post on this blog site whatever Mrs. Mische wants us to hear.

And may i please remind people that im not Jewel by any means or know her personally, but she might be lurking on my blog.  Thanks.


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