Hunyo 1, 2007

Latest Tech reviews (and one TV show im addicted to)

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Unahin na natin yung TV show na iyon.  “Hannah Montana” iyon and i like the Main Character “Miley Stewart” Played by Miley Cyrus which at 14 years old going 15, looks like she is 16 or 17.  I think she is next in line to Hilary Duff.  Hilary eh acting then sinaksak lang ang pagkanta sa career nya although most of her songs in her albums eh hindi ganoon kaganda, maganda lang yung singles.  Si Miley naman kumakanta na sya from the start and ang ganda ng “Best of both worlds” at “who said” sa CD, hindi ko pa na-try yung ibang songs sa CD.  Anyways, inaabangan ko na sa Disney Channel (Which i have 3, go figure why) yung episodes and natutuwa ako sa itsura nya.

Ok, got that off my chest.  Moving on to more techy matters.

Yung Windows Vista Home Basic na lagi kong nagagamit.  Iniba ko yung theme nya from the “False” aero (without the transparency effects that is designed in mind) to the Windows 2000 style and nagulat na pwedeng-pwede and bumilis pa sya on my 512 MB equipped laptop na kinain pa yung part of memory in intergrated graphics.  Parang hindi Windows Vista ang gamit ko but i find the UAC and other “safety” features like a safety net.  Basta, ok lang ang windows vista and i had it working with some obscure windows XP based program via compatibility mode.

I had a chance to try the Microsoft Zune and mas maganda ang Ipod in terms of Music Organizing, but in the video dept, seems to me na mas maganda ang zune.  Pero ipod parin ang madalas na nakikita ko next to the “MP4” players and ang pangit ng UI and hindi kayang mag-play ng totoong MP4 files with MPEG-4 video and AAC sound.

And 2 in one special.  I also got to play with the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.  yung PS3 sa store ko nasubukan and demo version of the game “Virtua fighter 5” connected to an LCD HDTV and the graphics looks real on the people and the surroundings and thats just the beginning for PS3 since first generation game sya and what will the future look like?

Meanwhile, yung Xbox 360 ay nasa bahay connected to the old CRT TV and the graphics on WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2007 is better than the PS2 counterpart but thats it.  Hindi sya nakakabit sa Internet for Xbox Live.  Hindi sya super ingay like the other people said but i hear a whine if i listen closely but its not annoying if im playing or watching an HD-DVD (if ever).


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