Mayo 24, 2007

I wanna get this off my Chest! One Rocks and One Sucks!

Posted in Computer, Opinions, Showbiz Sa 6:22 umaga ni naksd

Ok, i have been using Windows Vista Home Basic and Home Premium (Yung tapos na) on Two Different Laptops and i have to say after using it in reality rather than in a Microsoft Promo in Mall of Asia (you can search for my post about it last Febuary.) that if you have it, stick with it.  Using Internet Explorer 7 (have not installed Firefox yet, have to ask for permission.), Yahoo Messenger, Itunes, Limewire.  They all work fine.  I cant say its true for all users.

The Aero glass looks cool, but unnecessary. (Bakit walang transparency ang menus [MAC OS X], puro borders lang at start menu?)

You will need Home Premium if you want Media center and those other Media features, but so far from using Home Basic right now as i type, Parang Windows Xp lang sya.

Basta, ok sya.

Pero ito ay hindi ok, Hiwalay na pala si Ogie Alcasid sa Asawa nyang australian and gusto nya si Regine Velasquez, YUCK!  Dahil parang binalewala nya si Michelle van Eimiren (Correct me if i murdered the name) and he likes Regine Velasquez???  Pa-secret-secret pa kayo dyan and for “protection” of the family pa ang rason yung bakit this june pa ilalabas sa Yes! Magazine, gusto lang yata ng publicity para oks na oks sa people yung kay Reg, Basta YUCK! this rates as much as that Kris-james-Hope Hoopla on the Irrelevant and Pointless stuff to talk about and thats something that i wanna say.

How in the world that Actors/Actresses make fun of themselves, in particular Janno Gibbs na puro lait sa sarili and i think totoo ang intriga sa kanya.  It makes them low, Mga Graduweyt ng StarStruck, huwag nyo silang gayahin.


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