Mayo 20, 2007

ang lakas mang-ingit ng apple inc! And megamall.

Posted in Computer, Daily Life, Opinions Sa 10:19 umaga ni naksd

You know that apple iphone, it is that ipod, cellphone, gadget of envy (if you can get it to work in the philippines since it is probably sim locked to cingular). And now it has been approved by the FCC (the equivalent of the NTC here) and oh my gosh! Pa-confidentiality agreement pa sila sa agency na iyon about the test results, pics and features! I think other cellphone manufacturers dont care what the agency releases. them this apple, ayaw nilang mag karoon ng leaks about this toy and as the title says, gusto nilang mangingit.

Look, i find the iphone cool (and one of the people i know want one even if she had a new phone just recently!) but i think that it is too expensive and just for those people like me who wants the latest and greatest. Tapos yun pala eh wala kwenta ang interface although i know apple designs their products very well. I will try to be the first to have an hands-on of this phone (yeah! Good luck!)

ok, for some mall observations now. Why do girl ice skaters tend to be more beautiful on ice? I think because of their moves and the clothes they wear. And the 2nd floor of the sm department store at megamall, i liked how it looks after they had renovated it. In fact, the sales man told me that they cannot sell sale items on that floor because its newly renovated. Silly but true. I will have pics soon


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  1. cat said,

    uhmmm, latest gadgets? I avoid talking about stuff I don’t know anything about, hehehe
    anyways, kindly update your links naksd, I’ve moved to another site.thanks

    naksd’s response:
    Link updated!

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