Mayo 16, 2007

the election aftermath & ugly characters in tv shows.

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well, the elections in our precincts were orderly and peaceful. There are still those people who hand out sample ballots that are considered campaign materials which means they are bad. I ignored those people. Inside my precinct, there were 5 other voters and i was facilitated properly by the teachers, they got my thumbmark and placed indelible ink (which is really indelible) in my index finger and i voted.

I voted for chiz escudero, joker arroyo, ed angara, gringo honasan, migz zubiri and others. Sana 80% which i voted for makapasok in the senate.

In the local level. I voted for the incumbent mayor and vice-mayor but replaced the congressman and the councilors.

Naku dear, prehistoric parin tayo sa bilangan ng voto. Mas mabilis pa nga sa mga quick count ng mga himpilan ng tv and NAMFREL. Kasi nga, gusto nila madali ang daya and get away with it. One more thing, there are a lot of people in some municipalities in canvassing votes which leads to more chances in cheating.

And notice based on the quick counts that the candidates whom spent a lot of money in advertising either in television, radio, print and littering (the posters and streamers in public places) did not reach the top 12. Trillianes (which i did not vote, i belive that honasan can do the job better) on the other hand is in the 8-11th place even though he is in jail and only his supporters are campaining for him. Times have changed for the voting public. Also look at the governor votes, they are not voting for the same person or family member again unless they did a good job and not a mediocre or a corrupt job.

Lets see what we can do in the 2010 presidential elections. Computerize the counting (maybe those automated counting machines that are gathering dust, still works), replace the COMELEC commissioner and his gang, educate the voters more (i belive that we are smarter now than before), give the cheaters a taste of their own medicine.

Im annoyed that some people needed to kill other people just to get their corruption and power seats and exploit the heck out of its citizens. How can we get rid or minimize their effects?

In other non-election related topic. Jewel Mische plays an ita native in “magic kamison” on gma-7 and oh dear, ang hilig nilang mag papangit ng talent for their shows. Take for example, ryza cenon which was “uglified” not once but twice (in now and forever:”mukha” and love-to-love:”stuck in love” isama ko na dyan si LJ reyes.), Mark herras in love to love:”love ko si urok”, sunshine dizon in “bakekang”, and there is a new show that also involves uglifying some of the cast. Not even ch 2 gets away in it, anne curtis in “kampanerang kuba” and numerous shows over there. Well, dunno why ang hilig nila sa ganyan. And going back to jewel, gaganda rin yung character nya in one point and notice also that KC concepcion, dumami ang magazine covers and endorsements nya, parehong good looking sina jewel and KC and medyo pareho sila ng ugali and both of them have blogs!

Ang haba na ng post na ito and i typed this all in my cellphone, thank predictive text entry and pasensya na sa punctuation marks and spacing if they are inconsistent since may limitation ang built-in text editor of the phone (the built in “notes” app.)


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  1. Selah said,

    GO jewel!

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