Mayo 11, 2007

Tv shows and whatnot

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Ok, i wanna talk about tv shows.

First up is “mythbusters” on discovery channel and ang kwela ng show na ito, i might have blogged about this before but what the heck. This week, they tested if you can paint a room using just a paint can with an explosive charge dipped in it! Based on an episode of mr. Bean where he also used a bucket of paint and a firecracker to paint his room and a poor chap was caught in the crossfire (hahaha).

Back to mythbusters, i get to see stuff that i dont see everyday on discovery channel or anywhere else like blowing up stuff like cement trucks, doing stress tests, etc. To know if a myth is true or not While doing it in a funny way. Basta panonrin nyo at para may matutunan kayo.

And this next show that i wanna talk about, i came across it just the other night. “A night with an angel”, a reality show over at rpn 9. You have this government employee dude wanting to date Angel Locsin within 30 days without prior connections to anybody close to Angel. First of all, the producer might have plans to contact Angel in advance before the 30 days of this guy is up or secondly, if the producer will not be involved in this man’s quest, just documenting it. GOOD LUCK! We are talking about a celebrity here that is super busy and is one of the top celebs locally. And dapat matagal mo nang kilala si angel or nanalo ka sa fanatxt ng Gma. In short, you cannot date a celeb in that timeframe! Mga isang taon na naguusap kayo about stuff and knowing you personally, then mag date kayo!

Padagdag comments lang. Im happy if i see somebody meet their favorite celebrity for the first time na matagal na nyang gusto sya makita in person at patay na patay sila sa artista na iyon.

Before i continue, “mythbusters” is on every thursdays 9pm to 10pm. And “A night with an angel” also thursdays at 10:30pm to 11pm.

Im here now at megamall and i finally got the built-in email client on my phone to send and receive emails from my gmail account without the use of the java app they offer. The advantage of using the builtin client on my phone is that i can view messages offline and more importantly, send attachments for mobile upload to photobucket. Here is an example now:

edit: I forgot to place the picture itself! Here it is:



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  1. plumbum said,

    wahehehe..i know the “government employee dude”! he’s a friend.. sheez! may “guest appearance” ako sa dokyu na un! waaaaaaa….suportahan natin sya! hehehe

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