Mayo 7, 2007


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Ok im officially moblogging from my cellphone and publishing too using the mobile version of wordpress (you didnt know that too? Me either. Until earlier morning) without using the full site.

Now i wanted to take pictures of the empty parking lots of malls, good billboards, the interior of a very un-sardined! Coach, etc. But nakakahiya naman sa mga pasahero. I think (or hope) that i use the camera on celebrities hahaha.

Kagabi eh pinanood ko na yung “isang tanong” ng gma-7 recorded on my vcr (and im not watching that beauty contest on the other channel). I have not finished it but i found that trillianes was disappointing with his answers and his mission really is to get PGMA out of office. That candidate from the kapatiran party that is the doctor was humble and hindi yata gagawa ng masama. Zubiri is an enviromentalist. Galing sumagot ni Escudero. Si coseteng eh maganda rin ang mga sagot. Angara puro policies parin ang pingausapan like sa commercials nya. May part 2 pa sya but hindi ko napanood (or in my case did not set my vcr)

I did not know angelica jones will be running for public office and christoper de leon for vice-governor in laguna.

Right now im really liking this nokia 3230 cellphone. My only complaints are mono sound for mp3 files and puny 32mb mmc card. I wished it had wi-fi para free internet.

Heads up. I saw carmina v. On the MRT trainset that i rode in. She is beside the driver and i think she will operate the trainset sometime soon for the show “day off” on qtv 11. My companion on the ladies, Children and disabled told me that she actually made p.a announcements on station stops (and telling the passengers to watch “day off” and look at her billboard ads para malaman ng ibang pasahero na walang idea na sya na pala iyon) but i did not hear anything on the p.a system. Maybe they turned it off for the rest of the coaches (bad idea in an emergency) or in just not paying attention because in listening to the radio.


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  1. Cat said,

    I watched Isang tanong last Sunday, I think that was already the second part. Malalaman mo talaga kung sino may sense,sino nakakaintindi ng English.

    Baka lalabas ka sa Day Off, hehehe

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