Mayo 2, 2007

Pbb 2: Maricris force evicted! My nokia 3230 ang dj mo

Posted in Daily Life, Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, RANTS!, Showbiz Sa 11:32 umaga ni naksd

as per kuya’s decision because of maricris’ violent behavior to herself. She was force evicted and i actually felt sorry for her because before the decision was given to her. She and bea ay nagkabati na. Kung bitter parin sya, fine! Get her outta there! But i really felt sorry for her now. Si maricris eh may problems sa father nya so ganoon ang ugali nya.

And wendy, dionne & saicy are up for eviction. Malamang si dionne or si saicy ang ma-evict. Wendy, nah! Im rooting for her (for now 😉 )

you might notice that my capitalizations and punctuation spacing is a little different because im writing this post in a cellphone. A nokia 3230. And i use opera mini for visiting my wordpress admin to publish this blog. Do you know what, i liked that cellphone browser because it loads pages fast, i can read sites better than the built-in web browser and i dont even know if the built-in browser will open up the sites that opera mini can.

Ok, my review of this nokia 3230 cellphone. I like the screen, i needed to lower the screen brightness because thats how bright it is. The interface is snappy. The fm radio rocks but when in a moving vehicle it constantly switches from stereo to mono, its not that good in reception kaya ganon. Keypad is good, but not great.

My apps that are installed on my phone is of course, opera mini. Gmail. And Fexplorer.

Ok, since i have an fm radio on my phone. I listened to good times with mo twister and again, i dont know who in the world is the guest but interesting otherwise. But one caller got a lot of attention. This guy called in and said that the gay people are sick of an mental illness or something and he cursed a word on air. The f word if you want to know. This caused a furry of calls to the station bashing the gay basher. Personally, i have nothing against the pink population, they are good people.


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