Abril 26, 2007

Tinamad itong isang Juan. Ako iyon!

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Well, dapat talaga im posting to this blog every day or two. Pero since due to tinamad ako and wala akong maisip na isulat (although, i have a lot of stories) hindi ako daily mag-post. Maganda pa naman ang “viewership” ng blogsite na ito (Thanks WordPress.com!)

Anyways, ito na ang bagong post ko.

Last Sunday, i went to SM North Edsa to watch a mall show there for the new GMA-7 TV show “Fantastic Man”, went there toooooo early so nag-libot muna ako sa mall. I noticed that the 2 annexes are being torn down and there is a tarpaulin saying that there is a renovation project, it will look like Megamall in the end, may kalaban kasing mall na itinatayo across EDSA on top of the MRT rail depot. (Wait, did i blog about it before?).

And for the first time, i was able to browse “The Block”, the new Annex of the ever growing this SM Mall (that’s what they do, buy a big lot, start off with one building and the remaining land be a BIG parking lot then just tear down a part of the parking lot and make an annex building.), maganda sya and it is big (either by size or an optical illusion).

There is an art exhibit at the atrium and how i wish i can take home one of them and just post them on my 70’s green wall.

Again, went to Toy Kingdom and this time.  They have the Nintendo WII that you can play.  “WII Sports” as usual but this time its bowling, and i find it easier to play and i knew some tricks in bowling that i tried and worked, the ball does react to the way you “bowl” with the Wiimote.  FUN!

Then mall show time. Started @ 6:45 PM! Mark Herras, Ryza Cenon (Mark-Ryza, Interesting!) and Jackie  “Reheated” Rice.  Unfortunately, you wont be able to get my story on the show since i would like to keep it by myself.  Masasabi ko lang na Maganda sina Ryza Cenon (Better than on TV, although you can see the “height”) at Jackie Rice and Mark Herras is “Guwapo”.  Thanks!

I just notice that yung mga nanalo sa Starstruck season 4 eh puro Guestings palang.  Where are the shows?


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  1. Cat said,

    lately, hindi na ako nakakapunta ng Sm North. Dba ang daming boutiques sa annex? Nandon ba sila sa the block? hehehe, tinanong pa kita, hehehe, nevermind:)

    siguro ang mga nanalo sa starstruck eh for exposure lang muna sila, pero my mga waiting shows na sila. Fans ka talaga nila ano!

    naksd’s answer:

    well, i noticed that some of the shops at the annex moved to “The Block”

    And yes, im a fan of the Starstruck expect if pasaway sila or P-A-N-G-I-T sila 🙂

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